Ever wondered if those bars you see on Bar Rescue were able to turn it around or not? Jon Taffer may know his way around the bar industry, but there’s only so much you can do with dysfunctional owners. Here’s a look at the failure rate for the various bars he tried to rescue…

Bar Rescue Closings by The Numbers...

Total Bar Rescues Attempted
Total Closures

That Means Jon Taffer's Success Rate Is...

Jon's Success Rate for Saving Bars

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About Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue is a reality TV series host by bar expert, Jon Taffer. In the show, Jon visits struggling bars and tries to fix them so that they can keep the doors open.

He only has a few days to fix each bar, so the pressure is on.

Despite the limited time, Jon has a fairly good success rate as far as reality TV shows go. He manages to keep the majority of bars open (you can see the exact percentage by viewing our update tracker).

Bar Rescue originally aired on Spike TV on July 27, 2011. Currently, it’s in its fifth season, with no signs of cancellation any time soon.