Bar Rescue Updates – Full Open or Closed List in 2022

Ever wondered if those bars you see on Bar Rescue were able to turn it around or not?

Jon Taffer may know his way around the bar industry, but there’s only so much you can do with dysfunctional owners.

In our full Bar Rescue open or closed list, we take a look at the failure rate for the various bars he tried to turn on around as of 2022…

I’ll share the statistics at the top – keep reading to find detailed Bar Rescue where are they now updates for every single bar from the show.

At the bottom, I also have a Bar Rescue locations map that lets you view every single bar on an interactive map, along with the open or closed status for each bar.

Bar Rescue Open or Closed Statistics

Total Bar Rescues
Total Closures

Bar Rescue success rate


As of 2022, Jon Taffer’s Bar Rescue success rate is 47%. 101 of the bars from Bar Rescue are still open while the remaining 113 bars have closed as of 2022.

🟢 How Many Bars from Bar Rescue are still open?

As of 2022, 101 of the 214 bars featured on Bar Rescue are still open. That means that roughly 47% of the Bar Rescue bars are still successful today.

You can click the button below to view all of the Bar Rescue bars that are still open.

🔴 Which Bars from Bar Rescue Failed?

As of 2022, 113 of the 214 bars featured on Bar Rescue have failed. That means that roughly 53% of the Bar Rescue bars closed after Jon Taffer’s visit.

You can click the button below to view all of the Bar Rescue bars that are closed.

👉 All Bar Rescue updates 2022

If you want to see an update for a specific bar featured on Bar Rescue, you can use the links below. We’ve divided the bars by season to make it easier for you to find the right bar.

Bar Rescue season 9 updates

Bar Rescue locations map

Below, you can find our full Bar Rescue locations map, which shows the status and location for every bar from the show.

I’ve used green to mark Bar Rescue bars that are still open, while red means that the bar has closed since the episode aired.

You can also use the filters on the side to only view the bars from a specific season.

That wraps up our Bar Rescue updates for 2022. While around half of the bars have closed and there are plenty of Bar Rescue failures, there are also a lot of Bar Rescue success stories and Jon Taffer has one of the best success rates of any reality TV rescue show.

If you have any thoughts or comments that you’d like to share with me, please let me know in the comments below.

If you want to share your thoughts about a specific Bar Rescue episode, please go to the full update for that episode and leave your comment there.

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    • Which bars? I don’t see any missing. If you let me know the bar I will add it, but I should have them all covered now. The only one I didn’t cover is the UNLV college episode because he didn’t really rescue a “bar” in that.

  1. I can’t find the 1st show on Extremes/Second Base, but I’m reading about the Second Base rescue now. Something titled Bikini Bust?
    I am really enjoying this site, reading along or checking after I finish an episode!

    • Glad you like it! I only put up one post for each bar, even if the bar was featured twice. So there’s only one page for Extremes/Second Base even though there were two rescues at it:

      I need to update that page though as the update is pretty short and not very detailed right now. I’ll add it to the list and make it more detailed.

  2. Any thoughts on why so many bars close after taffer leaves? He and his crew do wonderful rescues, train bartenders and cooks. Get owners off the booze while working, clean the bars…. Yet almost half fail after all the help. Any thoughts on why?

    • First off, a lot of these bars are already deep in debt. So even if Taffer fixes everything and the bar is starting to be profitable, it still might not be enough to escape the debt.

      Second, a lot of owners have ditched Jon’s advice/concept after he leaves, which usually has poor results. Taffer can’t force them to keep doing things his way and some owners are beyond saving.

      Third, Covid-19 killed a decent number of bars that had been successful after Taffer’s visit until the health restrictions.

      Finally, in a few cases, Jon Taffer really did get it wrong and put in a bad concept. Or the Bar Rescue producers didn’t get the proper permits and it screwed over the bar. Those cases are a really small percentage, though. Most of the failures were for the first few reasons.

  3. Thanks for the site! Fun to follow up on some of these places we have been to and see what some of these crazy owners have done.

  4. What is the percentage of bars closed after sticking with Tapper’s changes? To say 52% closed is a misleading statistic. How many of those 52% fell back into their failing ways after Tapper’s crew left? That would be a more accurate representation. I’m willing to bet the bars that embraced change, education and technology are thriving and owners that slid back into their filing comfort zones are the majority of closures.

    • I think that gets subjective because not that many bars stick 100% with Jon Taffer’s changes – it’s often a mix of the old with the new. E.g. maybe they keep Taffer’s name but they still bring back some/all of their old menu.

      I also haven’t really noticed any trends either way. There are plenty of bars that kept Taffer’s name/concept and still ended up closing (and plenty that went back to their old ways and closed, of course).

      A lot of times the bars are in so much debt that even if they totally embrace Taffer’s changes it might not be enough to save them.

  5. Thanks so much for working so hard on these detailed recaps, updates , & random notes on the episodes. I usually only catch the older ones, & often wonder where they are now. Couple questions:
    1. Given all the additional info as to why they closed or additional information, & a roughly 50-50 success rate seems not to good. ie if someone has a 50-50% chance of living, that doesn’t seem good 😬But it you are a “half glass full” kind of person (I get it!)😉
    2. It’s not clear to me who is writing this post. Is it someone’s hobby?
    3. Do you have any thoughts/ideas on how restaurants/bars are chosen?
    Keep up the entertaining posts😊

  6. I think it’s sad so many of Jon’s renovations have closed. I love watching this show. There’s a lot of time and money goes into these renovations. I’m sure there are reasons for closure. At least he gave them a second chance. What they do with it is on them. I’ve enjoyed this site to find out what happened to the renovated places.

  7. Most of the owners are alcoholics and drink for free. And, they party and give the bar away. No experience in bar business. Food ignorant. Spoiled food, Nasty Kitchens. Lazy Management & Employees. Not changing over night. Even after changes they’re not capable of keeping them up. The only way for ABSOLUTE Success is new owners, management and STAFF.. Trust Me, 30yrs of Restaurant Experience here!! I do restaurant consultation as well. The successful restaurants have actually embraced the knowledge of the experts and Jon Taffer. Thank God they have!!! I have visited 2 of the bars in Georgia where I live and actually went a spoke to the owners. Helped one with his kitchen. Selling some equipment he wasn’t using. One has added pizza to his menu and has increased foot traffic because of Bar Rescue!!!

  8. Tropica Bar in Peachtree Corners has Closed. Went yesterday and the outside and inside are bare. Haven’t asked Scott the owner what happened?? It’s for Lease now.

    • Could you share a picture or something if you have it? I checked the bar’s Facebook page and they’re still posting regular updates as if the bar is open. The Tropica website also has events scheduled for all through December 2022.


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