Piratz Tavern / Corporate Bar & Grill Update – Bar Rescue – Open or Closed?

Is Piratz Tavern still open?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 2 | View All Season 2 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: July 29, 2012
The Bar's Original Name Was: Piratz Tavern
Piratz Tavern Address: 8402 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Episode Recap

Piratz Tavern was an oddly pirate themed bar opened by Tracy Rebelo in 2007. Located in Silver Springs, Maryland, Piratz Tavern was filled with swashbuckling employees and patrons.

All the employees wore pirate costumes and spoke with cringey pirate lingo.

Unfortunately, Tracy wasn’t quite at good at managing as she was theming, which is why Piratz Tavern was losing massive money when they called in Jon Taffer to help save the bar.

In the tests, Nicole Taffer noticed revealing costumes and poor staff quality.

When Jon met Tracy, he criticized the bar’s nearly inedible food and drinks, as well as the staff’s ridiculous costumes.

Then, to help turn things around, Jon called in Josh Capon and Elayne Duke, as well as staff trainer Jessie Barnes.

In addition to the experts, Jon also wanted to rip out the pirate theme and get the staff into regular clothes.

With that out of the way, Jon ran his trademark stress test…to very poor results. Patrons were waiting 30+ minutes for drinks and the whole night was just generally a massive disaster.

As part of the rebranding, Jon renamed Piratz Tavern to Corporate Bar and Grill which, if you think about is, is about as big of a change as he could’ve possible made.

Not surprisingly, Tracy hated the rebranding and wanted nothing to do with it. Which had a lot to do with what happened next…

Piratz Tavern Update - What Happened Next?

A few weeks after Jon made his changes to the bar and changed the name to Corporate Bar and Grill, Tracy closed the bar, redecorated it, and reopened it as Piratz Tavern again.

The staff went out of their way to get rid of all the changes that Jon made. Even going as far as burning some of the decor added by the Bar Rescue team (hilarious!).

They even made a more hilarious Piratz Revenge music video that documents some of the burning (and also showcases them calling Jon Taffer a bastard lol).

Piratz Tavern operated under its original pirates branding until 2015, when it closed its doors for good.

While Piratz Tavern in Maryland is no longer open, the Rebelos did move down to Melbourne, Florida where they opened Bar Refuge.

Tracy went on record saying that Bar Refuge was named that way because it was their refuge from Bar Rescue.

At the time of this post, Bar Refuge in Florida is still alive and kicking. Bar Refuge has solid Yelp Reviews, with a 4.5-star rating on its 28 reviews.

The reviews all seem positive. So it seems that while Piratz Tavern was a failure, the Rebelos do know a thing or two about running a successful bar (at least in Florida).

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8 thoughts on “Piratz Tavern / Corporate Bar & Grill Update – Bar Rescue – Open or Closed?”

  1. I feel the owner was a big kid that never grew up. And her childess husband was a big kid running around playing Pirate. They were on there way to make alot of money had they had grownup mentality. Sorry, but they needed to fail. That Pirate freak show was going under anyway.

  2. Well I’m glad they finally started making money. If they didn’t do that STUPID pirate theme they’ll probably do alright. Hopefully, they left their creepy stupid staff back home.

  3. When these people don’t follow John’s advice, does he get some of his money back? He should make them sign a contract, and take back any equipment he put into their bar.!!!Vernon Lamica

  4. I can understand their frustration. I think Taffer dropped the ball on this one but nonetheless, his ideas were good based on the clientele area. Change is good usually but from pirates to corporate is just too big of a jump and people get enough of CORPORATIONS. Most people want to run the hell away from them and not have to deal with work when going out to eat.

  5. Oh my god what can I say about the owner of piratz tavern/corporate bar. It was so obvious to me Tracy only wanted Jon to come in and give her a brand new bar. I knew by her behavior that once he left she was going to put everything back the way it was before. Failing was her only option because she refuses to grow up act like an adult and run her business as such. At her age living in her mothers basement broke and in major debt but still refuses to grasp on the reality. Very sad……

  6. She belongs on some less than savory
    Beach in Florida
    I still feel sympathy n respect for Mike
    Wonder if he moved
    Put a Piratz bar in a place where Women and Men wear Suits? Not the right environment
    Who thinks of her daughter? Not her.
    Jon Taffer is all Class, he could have saved them from the basement wow we hat a choice selfish selfish


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