Peter’s Italian Restaurant Kitchen Nightmares Update – Open Or Closed?

Is Peter's Italian Restaurant still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 1 | View All Season 1 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: September 19, 2007
Peter's Italian Restaurant Address: 132 W Main St Babylon, NY 11702
Peter's Italian Restaurant Kitchen Nightmares update

Episode Recap

Peter’s Italian Restaurant was a Babylon, New York restaurant featured on season 1 of Kitchen Nightmares.

In fact, it was the first ever Kitchen Nightmares episode to air all the way back in September 2007.

In this episode of Kitchen Nightmares Chef Gordon Ramsay takes us to family owned restaurant, Peter’s Italian Restaurant, in Babylon, New York.

Upon arrival,  we meet the owner Tina Pellegrino, and the restaurant’s namesake, Tina’s brother, Peter Pasta Pellegrino, who is the restaurant’s host.

Tina Pellegrino the owner of Peter's Italian restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares

We quickly get a view of Peter’s out of control ego when Peter claims that he would rather buy a new suit instead of buying new equipment to keep the restaurant running smoothly.

Tina, who is struggling to deal with her brother Peter, claims that Peter’s obsession with his self image and inability to control his emotions is the restaurant’s core problem.

Gordon Ramsay arrives at the restaurant and meets the family, Chef Robert, and Peter’s friends Jerry and Jerry.

Peter Pellegrino the manager of Peter's Italian restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon then sits down to order food off the menu: a crab cake and lobster ravioli.

The salad that comes with the crab cake has rotten bits hidden within.

The crab cake is cold and and it is apparent to Chef Ramsay that the crab meat is far from fresh.

Finally, the lobster ravioli resembles baby food and is smothered with parsley.

When these issues are brought to the kitchen’s attention a huge argument breaks out where no one can get a word in without having someone speak over them.

The next day Chef Ramsay inspects the restaurant’s kitchen and discovers mold, rotten produce, a walk-in set at the wrong temperature, and a broken freezer.

Gordon Ramsay inspecting Peter's Italian Restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares

It is obvious to Chef Ramsay that no money has been invested in the restaurant’s kitchen and that things desperately need to change.

Gordon has Peter and his father run the kitchen during a dinner rush to get a feel for how the kitchen operates.

Disaster quickly ensues when it becomes obvious that Peter has no idea what he is doing in the kitchen, causing an hour delay in the food being delivered to customers’ tables.

There’s also huge problem – with Peter getting in a fight and going crazy.

Peter Pellegrino fight on Kitchen Nightmares

The next day Gordon reveals the new appliances he had installed in the restaurant’s kitchen, new plates, and a new refrigerator.

However, the biggest change was the change made to the menu, where Chef Ramsay changed the focus to family style dining with a lasagna special, grilled flank steak, capellini and a more appetizing lobster ravioli.

As guests start to arrive, the kitchen caves under pressure and Peter struggles to manage the restaurant by being more concerned with his needs and not paying attention to the needs of the restaurant.

But, after working out a few kinks the food starts to arrive from the kitchen and the relaunch becomes a success.

Peter's Italian Restaurant Update - What Happened Next?

Unfortunately, the changes made to the restaurant were too late, and the restaurant closed its doors in December of 2008.

After the restaurant closed, its space was taken over by the restaurant next door.

It was revealed in a blog post on Cosa Nostra News that Peter did in fact have mafia connections to the Bonanno family, a discovery that was too hard for the restaurant to come back from.

It makes sense that Peter acted like a mobster then because he really did have connections to the mob!

As of 2022, the old Peter’s Italian Restaurant location has been merged into the space occupied by the Post Office Cafe.

In this Google Maps Street view shot, you can see that the property has been combined:

The old Peter's Italian Restaurant Babylon location

What happened to Peter Pellegrino from Peter’s Italian Restaurant?

There was a bunch of drama surrounding Peter Pellegrino and his mob connections.

According to the last news we could find, Peter had a falling out with the mob and we’re not sure what’s happened to him since then.

What happened to Tina Pellegrino from Peter’s Italian Restaurant?

We can’t find any detailed information about what happened to Tina after Peter’s Italian Restaurant closed.

However, according to her Facebook page, it seems like she’s moved to New York City. We hope she’s doing well.

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  1. Peter of peter’s Italian restaurant is a spoiled child wanna be mobster. He care nothing about anything or anyone! He just cared for his ugly face self ! I mean you watch the episode for five minutes and see Peter and know the Restaurant is going to go down ! Why didn’t his sister get rid of him? I hope the mob dumped him in the East river !

    • He’s a cry baby. The reason the restaurant is closed is because of him! This episode couldn’t have been real. No one can be that stupid! I wonder what he does now?

      • No one knows got a bad feeling because nobody can find them I bet he’s dead you don’t screw over the mafia ever and frankly I think if Peter wasn’t there the restaurant would still be open because the mob ties to him is what destroyed his sister’s business and I don’t think that’s fair I feel for the sister I do hope she’s better in New York City

    • If she didn’t have the guts to stand up to her father to NOT to name HER restaurant after her brother (which is just confusing), she wouldn’t have the guts to get rid of him.

      • Had she known her brother earned $15k per week, she might have asked why they had a malfunctioning kitchen and fridge – why they had to rely on charitable handouts. No wonder the real crime families rejected him. He’s a narcissistic,
        all-round loser.

  2. Just so everyone is clear Peter is alive and well, spotted in Middle Village, Queens looking healthy and not a day over 50 !

  3. wow this is awesome to see the update just watched the episode to see how it was sadly its closed I figured all Gordons hard work went down the drain it seems my thoughts on the family hopefully Peter is okay and learned from his lessons but im guessing he’s homeless on drugs Tina is definitely okay in New York im guessing from her hard work ethic thanks for the update….

  4. Peter’s father got knocked down in that ridiculous fight (what are you, a teenager??), and Peter practically trampled him, on the ground, trying to attack that other guy! How old is his father? 70? Come on!

  5. According to his FB page, which has not been updated in a while, Peter Pasta is a Special Events Coordinator at Gansevoort Hotel Group, Former Owner-operator at Peter’s Pasta Specialties, Went to West Babylon Senior High School, Lives in Astoria, From Ozone Park. This is what he posted about his new relationship in 2016: “When I said you were the most beautiful girl in Howard Beach I really meant it. Li you are so beautiful in and out. I feel like you are me in a female version.” He is in love with the female version of himself!!!

  6. Peter’s father that got knocked down during the street fight, is dead. I doubt Peter even went to the funeral. He was such a selfish, nasty guy.

  7. Very interesting character that Peter. He wore a mask. He wasn’t really tough. Scared maybe. I been around alot if wannabe gangsters and can tell the fake ones.

  8. Ramsay should have brought over from the UK a gang of convicts from his prison chef show (Gordon Behind Bars), to beat up on bad chefs and owners. It would have been nice to see Peter crawling around and begging for mercy.

    Peter looked like a fake tough guy. He pushed his own Dad in front of a car when he was fighting with a bill collector. Low class all the way!!

    • Yes! I saw that! He was pushing his father out the way to get to the guy. And then he got mad when the debt collector was actually trying to help the father up!🔝

  9. Omg tbh I had been thinking about this episode & ironically enough it’s playing on TV. I forgot how scandalous & messy Peter was. He was definitely a character, I mean you could tell he had something to do with the mob by the crazy arguments he had outside of the restaurant & the expensive clothes & car he had. You could tell he wasn’t getting his money just from the restaurant but it was destined to close. I mean it was better off because it was too toxic, Peter didn’t want to spend on helping the restaurant, too many fights & Tina was miserable. So them owning a restaurant was a terrible idea but he did entertain me with his shenanigans. I mean Sebastian irritated me more than Peter so watching the episode again had me again entertained. I hope they’re doing well now since it’s been years & I hope they’re successful in their lives.


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