Hotel Hell Open or Closed Stats – Full Update List for 2024

Ever wondered if those hotels you see on Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell are open or closed?

While Gordon Ramsay knows his way around a restaurant, hotels aren’t quite his specialty, beyond the hotel restaurants. So was he able to make it work? Well, that’s what our Hotel Hell where are they now post is all about.

In our full Hotel Hell open or closed list, we take a look at the failure rate for the various hotels he tried to save as of 2024.

You can also click to view filter by Hotel Hell hotels that are still open, as well as closed. Beyond that, I have detailed updates for every episode of the show, along with a map that shows all of the hotels’ current statuses.

Hotel Hell Open or Closed Statistics

Total Hotels
Total Closures

Overall Hotel Hell success rate


As of 2024, Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell success rate is 45%. 9 of the hotels from Hotel Hell are still open while the remaining 11 hotels have closed as of 2024.

This makes the Gordon Ramsay Hotel Hell success rate higher than Kitchen Nightmares, but slightly lower than 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

Hotel Hell success rate by season

Here are the Hotel Hell success rates broken down by each season:

SeasonSuccess Rate
Season 120%
Season 250%
Season 357%

Hotel Hell success rate by Length of Survival

Here’s a look at how long the hotels stayed open after their episode aired on TV.

These numbers are from the episode air date, which was usually anywhere from a few months to over a year after the actual visit from Gordon Ramsay.

Overall, 65% of the hotels that Gordon Ramsay rescued survived for more than five years after the episode aired on TV, while only 10% failed in less than a year.

Here are the full numbers…

Length of Survival From Air Date% of Hotels
Less Than 1 Year10%
1-2 Years5%
3-4 Years20%
More Than 5 Years65%

🟢 How Many Hotels from Hotel Hell are still open?

As of 2024, 9 of the 20 hotels featured on Hotel Hell are still open. That means that 45% of the Hotel Hell hotels are still successful today.

You can click the button below to view all of the Hotel Hell hotels that are still open as of today.

đź”´ How Many Hotels from Hotel Hell Failed?

As of 2024, 11 of the 20 hotels featured on Hotel Hell have failed. That means that 55% of the Hotel Hell hotels closed after Gordon Ramsay’s visit.

You can click the button below to view all of the Hotel Hell hotels that are closed as of today.

👉 All Hotel Hell updates

If you want to see the full update for a specific hotel from Hotel Hell, you can use the links below. The hotels are divided by season and ordered by their episode number.

I also have a short Hotel Hell where are they now summary for each hotel on this page, but I encourage you to read the full update for all of the details.

Hotel Hell Season 1 Where Are They Now

Hotel Hell Season 1 updates
Episode # Details
1 Juniper Hill Inn - CLOSED
3 Cambridge Hotel - CLOSED
4 The Keating Hotel - OPEN
5 River Rock Inn - CLOSED
6 The Roosevelt Inn - OPEN

Juniper Hill Inn closed in April 2013, just a year after the episode.

The hotel closed because it was foreclosed on by the bank due to the large debt incurred by Robert and Ari.

It was eventually purchased by new owners and currently operates as the Windsor Mansion Inn.

After Juniper Hill Inn closed, Robert and Ari moved down to Florida.

Cambridge Hotel closed in June 2012, which was before the Hotel Hell episode even aired on TV.

It was foreclosed on for failing to pay its $486,000 mortgage and the property was later purchased at auction by a different bank for $299,000.

The old Cambridge Hotel location is no longer a hotel – it’s now occupied by an assisted living home named The Cambridge Assisted Living.

Gordon Ramsay did pay for Scooter’s schooling and Scooter graduated from the Culinary Arts program at Schenectady County Community College.

However, Scooter has not opened his own bakery yet.

The Keating Hotel seemed to be succesful after the visit from Gordon Ramsay, staying open for years with average reviews.

However, it closed in March 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It stayed closed for multiple years with zero updates from the owners.

However, as of August 2023, The Keating Hotel seems to have re-opened again, though with much lower prices than before.

Before re-listing the hotel on booking platforms like, Ed also seemed to be listing a room from the building on Airbnb, even though he was not marketing that room as being part of The Keating Hotel.

River Rock Inn closed in December 2014 because the original property owners foreclosed on the property due to unpaid debts.

After regaining control of the property, the original owners reopened it under their own branding.

For a time, it did business as Laurel Villa Country Inn. However, the hotel part has now been closed and rebranded again.

As of 2023, it’s just operating as a Mexican restaurant named La Posada & Felix Cantina.

The Roosevelt Inn is still open and serving customers as of 2023.

John and Tina Hough have tried to sell The Roosevelt Inn multiple times.

However, while they had potential deals in 2021 and 2022, both of those deals seem to have fallen through.

As of 2023, the Houghs are still the Roosevelt Inn owners and the hotel is still running regular mystery events.

Overall, this one is a definite Hotel Hell success story.

Hotel Hell Season 2 Where Are They Now

Hotel Hell Season 2 updates
Episode # Details
1 Meson De Mesilla - OPEN
2 Monticello Hotel - CLOSED
3 Applegate River Lodge - OPEN
4 Hotel Chester - OPEN
5 Calumet Inn - CLOSED
6 Four Seasons Inn - CLOSED
7 Curtis House Inn - CLOSED
8 Murphys Hotel - OPEN

Meson De Mesilla is still open as of 2023, but it’s operating under new ownership and slightly different branding.

In 2014, Cali brought in a new 50/50 partner for the hotel restaurant and opened a new concept named NM Grille & Bar.

Then, in 2017, Cali completely sold the hotel to new owners.

The new owners have kept the hotel open, but slightly tweaked the name to Hacienda De Mesilla (in large part because they wanted to distance themselves from how the hotel appeared on Hotel Hell).

Cali has retired to Florida where she’s still singing and performing using the name Cali McCord (read the full update to see some recent video of her performances).

Monticello Hotel closed in 2017, around three years after the episode aired on TV.

The property has changed hands a number of times since then, most recently being sold for $8.22 million 2020.

It’s now operating as apartments, though the Monticello Hotel sign is still on the building.

Phillip Lovingfoss has had some issues with the law, including an alleged DUI and hit and run, as well as a 90-day term in jail for intimidating the Cowlitz County judge who was handling his case.

Applegate River Lodge is still open as of early 2023.

However, the hotel was sold to new owners in late 2022 who have plans to eventually rebrand it into The Lindsay Lodge.

The sale price was a little bit under $3 million, so they definitely got a nice chunk of money for it.

Overall, this one is still a Hotel Hell success because it stayed open for almost a decade and the owners were able to sell it for a lot of money.

Hotel Chester is still open and serving customers as of 2023.

Davie and Sukie are still the Hotel Chester owners and they seem to be doing much better financially.

They’ve also leaned into marketing around the university, which has really helped their weekend business.

Overall, Hotel Chester is one of the top Hotel Hell success stories.

Calumet Inn closed in May 2022 due to a dispute with the local city council.

The building that housed the hotel was originally condemned in 2020, but the Calumet Inn owners were able to make necessary repairs and reopen it shortly thereafter.

However, the hotel building was condemned again in 2022, forcing the hotel to close and it remains closed to this day.

The Calumet Inn owners are very upset and seem to feel that the city council’s decision is unfair – you can learn more about it in the full update (linked above).

Layla’s Riverside Lodge closed in 2022 as a result of Sandy’s health problems.

Before that, the hotel seemed to be succesful and kept Gordon Ramsay’s concept/name.

Sandy moved down to South Carolina, where he has a large property and still raises dogs.

Sandy sold the old Layla’s Riverside Lodge property to a new owner who reopened it as a brand new concept named Sugar Maple Inn.

Curtis House Inn closed in late 2018, around four years after the episode aired on TV.

It closed because it was sold to new owners for somewhere around ~$800,00.

It was originally rebranded as Evergreen Inn and Tavern.

However, that brand also closed and it’s currently doing business as 1754 House Inn and Restaurant as of 2023.

Murphys Hotel is still open and serving customers as of 2023.

As far as I can tell, it’s doing so under the same ownership that you saw on Hotel Hell.

Reviews are ok but not great, with a 3.5 star rating on TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Hotel Hell Season 3 Where Are They Now

Hotel Hell Season 3 updates
Episode # Details
1 Angler's Lodge - OPEN
2 Vienna Inn - CLOSED
3 Town's Inn - OPEN
5 Lakeview Hotel - CLOSED
6 Brick Hotel - OPEN
7 Beachfront Inn and Inlet - CLOSED
8 Landoll's Mohican Castle - OPEN

Angler’s Lodge is still open and serving customers as of 2023.

Dave and Dede are still the Angler’s Lodge owners – the same couple you saw on the Hotel Hell episode.

Reviews are good but not great, with a 3.5 star rating on TripAdvisor. Prices range from ~$100 for a room to ~$600 for a full cabin.

Overall, the business seems to be doing well, which makes this a boost to Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell success rate.

Vienna Inn closed permanently in November 2017, a little over a year after the episode aired on TV.

The hotel closed because there was a three-alarm fire that caused $75,000+ in damages because the fire detectors weren’t working.

While there were a few people inside the hotel when the fire started, everyone was able to escape without injury.

While the Vienna owners were initially planning to reopen the hotel, they were never able to and the property still remains vacant.

The Town’s Inn is still open as of 2023 and operating under the same ownership that you saw on the Hotel Hell episode.

Reviews for the hotel are pretty good (4 star TripAdvisor rating) and the business seems to be doing well.

However, Karan does not seem happy with Gordon Ramsay’s visit – she’s made several negative comments in response to reviews for the hotel.

Reading the full update (linked above) to see some examples – the responses are very long.

The Lakeview Hotel closed in Summer 2021, which is around five years after the episode aired on TV.

Brent, the owner, said that he enjoyed being on the show, but that Gordon Ramsay didn’t know the area and many of Gordon’s ideas didn’t work.

At the time that Lakeview Hotel closed, it had a 3.5 star rating on 90+ TripAdvisor reviews.

As of 2023, the old Lakeview Hotel property is occupied by new hotel/restaurant named The Landing.

The Brick Hotel is still open as of 2023. It’s operating under the same owner that you saw on the show (Verindar).

Reviews are not amazing – it has just a 3 star rating on TripAdvisor.

Some reviewers complain about “bait and switch” tactics, where they book one of the renovated rooms but then get put in a different room.

Still, the hotel has survived for 7+ years now, so it’s still a Hotel Hell success.

Beachfront Inn and Inlet closed in 2019, which is around three years after the episode aired on TV.

The Beachfront Inn and Inlet owners closed the hotel because they sold it to new owners.

The new owners rebranded the hotel to Sunrise Sands Beach Resort, which still occupies the location as of 2023.

Landoll’s Mohican Castle is still open as of 2023 and operating under the same ownership that you saw on the episode.

What’s more, the hotel as significantly expanded since Gordon Ramsay’s visit, building a new set of 14 suites in 2017 (which doubled the hotel’s size).

The hotel has also expanded from 20 staff during the Hotel Hell episode to 60+ staff today.

Overall, this is one of the most successful Hotel Hell visits.

All Hotel Hell locations map

Below, you can see a map of all of our Hotel Hell follow up updates. This map now includes ever hotel from the show.

I’ve used green to mark Hotel Hell hotels that are still open, while I’ve used red to indicate hotels that have closed since Gordon’s visit.

You can also use the filters on the side of the map to filter by Hotel Hell season.

That wraps my our Hotel Hell updates post. To see more details, check out our detailed updates for the individual hotels featured on the show.

If you want to share any thoughts, I’ve left the comments section open for this post, so please let me know in the comments below!

You can also leave comments on the updates for individual hotels, if you’d like to discuss a specific Hotel Hell episode.

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  1. Considering that they were all on the verge of closing down I think that 45% success rate was surprisingly good. You can’t help people from themselves and most of these hotels had problems because the owners were truly awful and never should have been running a hotel and restaurant in the first place. They were all very fortunate to have the opportunity of Mr. Ramsey’s time and the money that was put into their businesses in an attempt to help them. I think most viewers could tell which businesses most likely would fail regardless of what Mr. Ramsey did. Not because of the businesses but because of who owned and were running them and you just can’t fix that when they don’t want to change themselves and how they treat their business, the employees, or their customers.

  2. I think the series changed over time and Gordon Ramsey became more realistic about him being the “Golden Boy Saviour” as reflected by the longevity statistics of hotels/restaurants featured
    After series three of the programme, more of the hotels he worked with are still in business in 2022 than those closed forever.
    As a programme, it’s been very entertaining and Ramsey was/is clearly a very experienced and successful chef and made me more objective when forming judgements about my own experiences with the UK hospitality trade

  3. Thank you for all your hard work and research that went into this page. It made going back and re-watching the episodes more enjoyable having your site serve as something of a companion guide to read after each edition. Please keep up the great work!


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