Curtis House Inn Hotel Hell Update – Open or Closed in 2023?

Is Curtis House Inn still open in 2023?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 2 | View All Season 2 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: September 1, 2014
Curtis House Inn Address: 506 Main St S Woodbury, CT 06798
Curtis House Inn Hotel Hell Update

Episode Recap

Curtis House Inn was a Woodbury, Connecticut hotel featured on Season 3 of Hotel Hell.

Though the Curtis House Hotel Hell episode aired in September 2014, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place earlier in mid-2013.

It was Season 2 Episode 7 of Hotel Hell.

The Curtis House Inn is located in Woodbury, CT.

If you’re not familiar with Connecticut geography, Woodbury is a small town of about 9,000 people in between Hartford and New York City.

The Curtis House Inn is the oldest in the state and opened in the 1700s, so it has a rich history.

The Hardisty family has run the inn for generations.

Now Chris Hardisty and his sister TJ Brenan are the fourth generations to run the inn.

There are tensions between the siblings due to the running of the inn. This is part of why the Curtis House Hotel Hell episode exists.

When Gordon Ramsay arrives, he loves the inn’s outside but hates the sign. 

Shirley is at the reception desk and tells Gordon he is the only guest for the night.

Check-in is 3 PM, and Gordon arrived four hours early.

Shirley tells him there is a charge of $10 an hour.

Gordon then jokes and takes a nap on the couch, but Shirley does not think it is funny.

There is a notebook with Gordon’s credit card number out for anyone to see, which seems like a huge issue.

He grabs the book and runs out of the inn to prove a point that anyone can grab the book and leave. 

Gordon is told he is in room 16 and will share it with Betty, the ghost.

The canopy collapses in Gordon’s hands, and there are dead bugs throughout the room.

Shirley has been at the inn for almost fifty years; she is a cousin of the Hardisty’s.

She says the inn was much more popular before the current owners took over. 

The lock jams in the room, and Gordon is on his way to have a Mother’s Day lunch when it is fixed.

TJ meets Gordon at the restaurant with her mother, Trudy.

Gordon orders crab cakes and has Karen, the server, taste them as well.

They are disgusting. The calamari is soggy, and the burger isn’t cooked to the correct temperature. 

Gordon Ramsay then goes into the kitchen to watch how they work.

Chris and TJ barely speak to each other while they work.

Gordon then finds out that only salads and French fries are cooked fresh; everything else is frozen.

When Gordon tells Chris he cooks like he hates the Curtis House Inn, he doesn’t respond. 

The following day, Gordon calls a meeting.

The staff tells him the biggest issue with the inn is the management.

There are no standards in the kitchen.

The lack of communication is dragging down the inn.

Gordon wants to get through to Chris and TJ and tries to mend their relationship one last time.

They all meet with former guests to get feedback. 

The former guests say they had dirty sheets, dusty windows, and torn shower curtains.

Gordon tells the owners to get along or sell the inn.

Their mother, Trudy, tells Gordon how important the inn is to their family, and she doesn’t want to see it sold.

They set up an intervention for Chris and TJ. During the intervention, Chris and TJ hug.

While Gordon is working on fixing their relationship, the inn is renovated all night by Gordon’s team. 

There is a collage of family pictures on the walls. The locks are fixed on all of the doors.

There is a new menu at the restaurant as well.

They also get an official plaque and a stop on the haunted Connecticut tour. 

So was the Curtis House Hotel Hell episode a success? Keep reading to learn how the hotel is doing in 2023.

Curtis House Inn Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Curtis House Hotel Hell visit from Gordon Ramsay, let’s talk about what happened to the hotel after Gordon Ramsay and his crew left Woodbury, CT.

After the Curtis House Inn episode aired, the hotel seemed to be enjoying a revival.

Bookings were up and it was doing well for a few years.

After the show, people were also showing up to see the paranormal visitors.

However, it would not last forever and Curtis House Inn would eventually be sold to new owners and reopened under a new name.

Is Curtis House Inn from Hotel Hell still open?

Curtis House Inn closed in late 2018, which is over five years after the visit from Gordon Ramsay and around four years after the episode aired on TV.

The hotel closed because it was sold to new owners.

The hotel had been listed for sale for a while, but the original deal fell through and it went back on the market at $800,000.

Eventually, a deal was reached and the old Curtis House Inn Woodbury, CT property reopened as Evergreen Inn and Tavern in summer 2019.

However, that hotel would also close shortly thereafter.

The old Curtis House Inn Connecticut property was sold again to new owners, who reopened it as 1754 House.

As of 2023, 1754 House is still operating at the property. The current owner is Michael Bates-Walsh.

You can learn more about the new hotel and theme in this article from CT Insider.

It’s nice that the historic property is still able to be used, even if it’s not doing so as Curtis House Inn.

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