River Rock Inn Hotel Hell Update – Open or Closed in 2022?

Is River Rock Inn still open in 2022?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 1 | View All Season 1 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: September 3, 2012
River Rock Inn Address: 210 2nd St Milford, PA 18337
River Rock Inn Hotel Hell Update

Episode Recap

River Rock Inn was a Milford, Pennsylvania hotel featured on Season 1 of Hotel Hell.

Though the River Rock Inn Hotel Hell episode aired in September 2012, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place much earlier in 2012. It was Season 1 Episode 5 of Hotel Hell.

River Rock Inn is located in Milford, PA.

Milford, PA is in the Poconos and right by the New York border. The closest major PA city is Scranton, if we have any fans of The Office.

Ken Pisciotta, the River Rock Inn owner, is in severe debt.

He now lives at the inn because he was forced to sell his home.

That doesn’t sound like a recipe for success, to be honest.

There is no one to greet Gordon Ramsay as he arrives, just an empty check-in desk.

Karen, the assistant innkeeper, finally greeted him.

Karen gives Gordon a brief history of the hotel, telling him it opened in the 1800s.

Gordon finds dead insects and a live roach when they get to the room, which is about as bad as things can go for a hotel.

The TV is an old tube television, but Gordon tries to watch it without reception.

The owner Ken is also the chef, and the restaurant boasts an American Bistro meal.

Ken reveals he is no longer the chef; he watches over the kitchen.

Gordon comes down to the restaurant to sample the food. 

The menu is filled with ethnic dishes and does not have any local cuisine.

Ken does all the food shopping and controls the kitchen.

Gordon’s appetizer dish is bland.

He meets Ann-marie, the bartender who says she is loyal, which is why she has stayed.

Gordon returns his main entrĂ©e to the kitchen after another disappointing dish. 

Gordon meets with the staff and is informed that Ken doesn’t check the rooms before check-in.

Seth is the head chef with 18 years of experience but follows Ken’s advice.

Gordon uses black light that evening and finds body fluid stains on the bed, so he sleeps in a sleeping bag instead. 

What’s worse, a dead cockroach or someone else’s bodily fluids? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Gordon goes to shower the following day, but he is too tall to take one.

Gordon then brings the staff to his room filled with other hotel guests.

The guests give feedback to the team, like the bugs in the room and poor drainage in the shower.

Ken apologizes to the guests and Gordon about the state of the inn, which Gordon compares to a brothel. Maybe the Piccolo Teatro owner from Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares could work there. That’s an inside joke for Gordon Ramsay fans.

When Gordon arrives in the kitchen later that day, he finds passive-aggressive notes from Ken.

Ken has trouble communicating with people.

In one of Gordon’s classic movies, Gordon sets up a hidden camera with Ken and watches the staff give feedback about Ken.

Ken is hurt by the feedback but apologizes and promises to change. 

Ken and Gordon talk, and Ken reveals there is a lot of pressure on him to run the inn well since he borrowed money from his brother and mother.

He has no personal life because he is too busy running the inn.

To help upgrade the experience, Ramesh Sadhwani, Vice President of Hotel Operations at Caesars Palace, teaches the staff.

A Hollywood stylist comes in to give Ken a makeover to find someone to spend his time with.

Ken and Gordon go out on the town and invite women to the relaunch the following night.

The hotel is revamped overnight with new TVs and mattresses.

The staff is happy with the improvements and Ken’s brother and mother also come to the relaunch.

The ladies from the bar bring a single friend with them to meet Ken, and Ken eventually ends up getting her number, which is another nice bit of the show.

River Rock Inn Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve covered what happened on the River Rock Inn Hotel Hell episode, let’s talk about what happened after Gordon Ramsay left Milford, PA.

Is River Rock Inn from Hotel Hell still open?

River Rock Inn closed for good in December 2014, just around three years after the visit from Gordon Ramsay and the Hotel Hell crew.

While the reviews after Gordon Ramsay’s changes were better than before, they were still mixed.

People seemed to be generally complimentary of the food, which makes sense because that’s where Gordon Ramsay thrives.

However, there were still some complaints about the rooms, such as weird smells and hot temperatures.

As of 2022, the old River Rock Inn Milford, PA location was occupied for a time by a new hotel named Laurel Villa Country Inn.

Rivers for Laurel Villa Country Inn were generally positive.

However, the new hotel was sold to new owners in late 2021.

We’re not sure what will happen to the old River Rock Inn location after that acquisition, but we’ll update this post if we hear anything.

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