Diwan Kitchen Nightmares Update – Still Open After Ramsay?

Is Diwan still open?

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Season: 8 | View All Season 8 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: December 4, 2023
Diwan Address: 37 Shore Rd, Port Washington, NY 11050
Diwan Kitchen Nightmares episode

Episode Recap

Diwan was a Port Washington, Long Island, New York restaurant featured on Season 8 of Kitchen Nightmares.

Though the Diwan Kitchen Nightmares episode aired on TV in December 2023, the actual visit from Gordon Ramsay happened in June 2023.

It was Kitchen Nightmares Season 8 Episode 10, though it originally aired as the second part of a two-episode season finale along with Max’s Bar and Grill.

In this episode, Gordon Ramsay heads to Port Washington to visit the Diwan Indian restaurant.

If you’re not familiar with New York geography, Port Washington is located on Long Island, not too far from the Queens neighborhood in New York City.

The restaurant is located right on the water (the Manhasset Bay).

In addition to the Diwan Indian restaurant, the owners are also running a Mexican restaurant out of the same kitchen, which is a bit odd.

The Mexican restaurant associated with Diwan is named Loco.

Loco operates out of the same space and Chef Bobby cooks for both restaurants.

Diwan chef on Kitchen Nightmares

That’s a bit of an weird setup, as I don’t see a ton of similarities between Indian food and Mexican food.

I’m guessing that Gordon Ramsay will have some issues with the dual Indian-Mexican setup haha.

The actual Diwan Gordon Ramsay visit happened from June 13 to June 17.

The restaurant posted about its temporary closure for the Kitchen Nightmares episode on its Facebook page:

Diwan closed for Kitchen Nightmares renovations

Because I’m writing this update a day before the episode airs on TV, I won’t be able to add a more detailed episode recap until after I watch the episode.

However, my guess is that Gordon Ramsay won’t take too kindly to operating both an Indian restaurant and a Mexican restaurant from the same kitchen.

I’m guessing that the menu will be slimmed down a lot and Gordon will want the Diwan owners to focus on just the Indian side of things.

For now, I’ve just added the post-Kitchen Nightmares update below.

So – was the Kitchen Nightmares Diwan Indian restaurant episode a long-term success?

Keep reading to learn what happened next and if this Port Washington restaurant is still open in 2024.

Diwan Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Diwan Kitchen Nightmares visit, let’s talk about what happened to the restaurant after Gordon Ramsay and his crew left Port Washington, New York.

I’ll start with the most important question and then I’ll get into more details, such as looking at the restaurant’s reviews from after Gordon’s visit.

Is Diwan still open after Kitchen Nightmares?

As of 2023, Diwan Indian restaurant is still open and serving customers in Port Washington, New York.

However, they seem to have already gotten rid of the menu changes that Gordon Ramsay made during the episode.

The Diwan owner said that a lot of regulars were unhappy with the menu changes and kept requesting dishes from the older Diwan restaurant menu.

For that reason, he decided to go back to using the original menu.

Despite that, the owner seems to overall be happy with the Kitchen Nightmares experience, especially the free renovations that the restaurant got as part of the show.

Reviews for Diwan restaurant seem to generally be positive after Kitchen Nightmares (and they were also positive before Gordon’s visit).

I’ll share some examples of real customer reviews below, along with digging into the numbers in more detail.

However, the Loco Mexican restaurant is marked as temporarily closed on Google, so it might be finished.

I’m not sure if this is covered in the episode or now. Remember, I’m writing this a day before it airs. I will update later on if needed.

The Diwan restaurant doesn’t seem to post very much on its Facebook page.

There’s also a Diwan Instagram page, but it doesn’t post very much there either.

The best source for information about the restaurant is probably the official Diwan Indian restaurant website.

It doesn’t have much, but it does include the menu.

Here’s a screenshot of part of the Diwan menu to give you an idea of the prices…

Diwan Indian restaurant menu

Here’s what the Diwan Port Washington NY location looks like in the most recent picture from Google Maps street view…

It’s from April 2023 and you can see the signs for both Diwan Indian restaurant and Loco Mexican restaurant.

Diwan reviews after Kitchen Nightmares

Now, let’s take a look at some restaurant reviews from after the Diwan Gordon Ramsay visit.

Overall, Diwan seems to be pretty well-rated.

On Yelp, it has an overall 4.0 star rating on over 220 reviews.

On Google, it has an overall 4.3 star rating on over 420 reviews.

However, both of those numbers include reviews from both before and after the Gordon Ramsay Diwan visit.

I mainly included the before reviews so that you can see that Diwan wasn’t quite as much of a nightmare as some other restaurants from the show.

You’re probably more interested in whether the reviews have changed after Gordon’s visit, though.

The Kitchen Nightmares visit officially ended on June 17th, 2023, so I did the math to calculate the average rating for reviews from after the episode.

At the time that the episode aired on TV, there were five post-Kitchen Nightmares Yelp reviews.

All of them were positive, with the lowest one being three stars.

The overall average on those four reviews was 4.4 stars, which is slightly above the long-term average.

I didn’t do the math on the Google reviews, but those also seem to generally be positive.

Here’s a sampling of a few Diwan restaurant reviews that were written after the visit from Gordon Ramsay…

5 star Yelp review from July 2023:

I’ve been for dinner a couple times over the years and recently went for lunch with a few friends.

Their service is excellent; very friendly employees!

Comfortable seating and atmosphere.

They have an excellent selection on the menu, including some nice appetizers to share.

We all shared an order of garlic naan which was okay but on the dry side and could have used even more garlic.

I ordered the dal makhani which was delicious with the rice.

Definitely will be back!

5 star Google review from September 2023:

Wonderful authentic Indian food.

Each dish was very well prepared and with generous portions.

Nice clean restaurant with a super friendly and attentive staff.


5 star Google review from September 2023:

The food is top notch.

The service was horrific the last 2 times we visited.

Take out is the way to go for us as you can’t beat the food.

5 star Yelp review from August 2023:

Parking is easy, with Indian ambiance and Lantern lighting, in addition to recessed ceiling lighting.

Food quality is consistently good in all their dishes!

Some of our group favorites are; butter chicken, lamb biryani, and okra!

The service is very good with knowledge waiters and vey friendly.

I also tried to find some negative reviews from after the episode.

There aren’t a lot of negative reviews to choose from.

Even the “bad” reviews were usually around three stars.

Here’s what I found…

3 star Google review from November 2023:

An Indian restaurant by the sea.

Since I have no experience with Indian food, the flavors were average.

Tikka masala was chicken flavor.

Rice and soup were mediocre.

The garlic bread, which they said was very good, was not tasty at all.

Desserts were very bad.

The price was too high for this taste.

Service is average.

3 star Google review from November 2023:

The location is impeccable with gorgeous views of Manhasset Bay.

The food is mediocre, though the tandoori platters are quite good.

Service was quite quick.

However, what spoils it all is the lack of a good exhaust system.

The sizzling platters with their fragrance inevitably settle on one’s clothes, and you take them home with you.

I had to get my jacket dry cleaned and wash my shirt and trousers to get the smells off.

Add that to the final bill.

Seriously needed are commercial grade exhausts strategically located around the place.

Parking: Adequate

Final thoughts on Diwan restaurant

Overall, Diwan Indian restaurant seems to be doing quite well after the Kitchen Nightmares episode.

Reviews from after Gordon’s visit are generally excellent.

To be fair, the reviews were also pretty good before Gordon’s visit.

But I did still see a slight uptick in ratings after Gordon (though the sample size is quite small).

Given the good reviews, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one stay open.

That wraps up my Diwan Kitchen Nightmares update.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop reading!

First off, Gordon Ramsay has visited a bunch of restaurants in Long Island.

So – if you want to see some other Long Island Kitchen Nightmares episodes, you also might be interested in my updates for Finn McCool’s in Westhampton Beach, Peter’s Italian Restaurant in Babylon, Handlebar in Mount Sinai, Seascape Inn in Islip, Classic American in West Babylon, The Mixing Bowl in Bellmore, and Trobiano’s in Great Neck.

As I said – Gordon has spent a lot of time in Long Island!

If you’re interested in seeing another Indian restaurant that Gordon Ramsay visited, you also might be interested in my update for Dillons/Purnima in New York City or The Curry Lounge in Nottingham UK (from the UK version of the show).

You also might be interested in my Max’s Bar and Grill update, which is the restaurant that was also featured in the two-hour Season 8 finale.

And if you want to share your thoughts on the Diwan Indian restaurant episode, you can do so using the comments section below.

As always – thanks for reading!

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  1. Be honest. You just KNEW what Gordon was going to find when he went downstairs, didn’t you? A complete, total and utter disaster and health hazard. Chef Bobby doesn’t care that he loses money so why did the producers put any time and effort cleaning and redecorating this establishment? You know why. The ‘Drama’. And ‘Chef Bobby’ is a lost cause, but we’ve seen these types across most all seasons.

    I’ve watched every episode this season; what a terrible way to go out.

  2. The place is still in danger of shutting down with the extremely high dollar dishes. Some folks don’t deserve to be in the food biz.

  3. Chef Bobby is a riot but Fernandes was a star. He really seem to care a lot. Dude ruled the front of the house. It was just the back that needed work and that began with Chef Bobby leaving the kitchen


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