Layla’s Riverside Lodge / Four Seasons Inn Hotel Hell Update – Open or Closed in 2022?

Is Four Seasons Inn still open in 2022?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 2 | View All Season 2 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: August 25, 2014
Four Seasons Inn Address: 145 Vermont Rte 100, West Dover, VT 05356
Layla's Riverside Lodge / Four Seasons Inn Hotel Hell Update

Episode Recap

Four Seasons Inn, later renamed Layla’s Riverside Lodge, was a West Dover, Vermont hotel featured on Season 2 of Hotel Hell.

Though the Four Seasons Inn Hotel Hotel Hell episode aired in August 2014, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place much earlier in mid-2013. It was Season 2 Episode 6 of Hotel Hell.

In this episode of Hotel Hell, Gordon Ramsay visits the Four Seasons Inn.

Four Seasons Inn is located in West Dover, Vermont, which is near the Green Mountain National Forest and just a bit north of the Massachusetts border.

It’s also right on the north branch of the Deerfield River.

Sandy McDougal is the owner as well as a former construction worker.

The Four Seasons Inn features a kennel for dogs and 14 rooms. That’s one of the most unique things about the hotel – it’s very dog friendly.

Sandy has invested a million dollars into the inn, and the staff members ate not being paid.

Layla, Sandy’s dog, has an entire hotel run and is often seen exploring the grounds and lobby. 

Gordon is expecting a high-class resort, but instead, he finds a dirty dog bed and a small reception area.

Sandy takes him to his room, which is messy and filled with empty beer bottles.

Sandy moves him to another room.

Sandy informs Gordon that they have no affiliation with the famous hotel chain, The Four Seasons.

I find it very weird that they chose the same name then.

I guess “four seasons” is a common phrase. But you’d still think Sandy would’ve done the research to find out there was already a huge hotel chain with that name.

Erin is the housekeeper. Gordon and Erin speak about the inn. 

Erin says she does massages and hula hoop training but doesn’t get paid, but she is allowed to live at the hotel for free.

When Gordon goes to lunch, he is joined by Layla, the dog who sits at his feet under the table.

Gwen is Gordon’s server. Gordon dislikes everything and feeds the bread to Layla.

He checks on her to make sure she isn’t sick after eating the bread.

Steve, the chef, tells Gordon that Sandy should not be in the kitchen.

Richard says he is the marketing manager, but he doesn’t leave a good impression on Gordon.

Sandy tries to blame the kitchen staff for the poor food.

Steve tells Gordon that he has no control over anything in the kitchen.

Gordon tries to tell Sandy that he is the main problem with the Four Seasons Inn, but he refuses to listen. 

The word that Gordon Ramsay is in town has spread, and the restaurant has many customers during dinner.

Sandy is hiding in the kitchen and not taking care of the guests.

The guests are complaining about the noise and the state of their room.

To make matters worse, the staff all tell Gordon they do not get paid at a staff meeting. 

The following day Gordon sees dog feces floating in the pool. This scenario got a lot of funny press and pictures because it’s such a weird thing to happen.

He goes into the hot tub instead, which you can see in the screenshot above.

Sandy and Gordon meet with guests who have complaints about dogs in the dining room.

One of the guests, Amy, is a service manager at Hilton and noticed dog hair on her dining room table.

She also said when she wanted to complain to the owner, she was told the owner was too busy. 

Sandy finally realizes how much he has let go and promises to change.

Gordon says that Sandy is now the general manager and no longer a chef; he burns his chef coat to applause.

Gordon remakes the inn and Sandy.

Sandy is given a clean shave and looks more like a leader. 

As part of the changes, Gordon renames the hotel from Four Seasons Inn to Layla’s Riverside Lodge.

Obviously, the hotel is named after Layla the dog.

The inside is warm and cozy. The restaurant is using local produce.

The rooms are all deep cleaned and have new dog beds.

Gordon brings in his dog Rumples who has checked into the kennels and made Sandy cry.

Everyone is impressed. The food is excellent, and they love the dog kennels. 

Now that we’ve recapped the Four Seasons Inn Hotel Hell episode, it’s time to move on to how the hotel is doing after Hotel Hell.

Four Seasons Inn Update - What Happened Next?

So – was the Layla’s Riverside Lodge Hotel Hell episode a success? Let’s talk about what happened when Gordon Ramsay left West Dover, Vermont.

Up until June 2022, Four Seasons Inn was still open and receiving customers in West Dover, Vermont. They kept the name from Gordon Ramsay and the hotel continued to do business under the name Layla’s Riverside Lodge.

The hotel also continued to play up the dog-friendly nature of the hotel and a lot of customers seemed to appreciate that.

Reviews for the hotel were quite good, as it had a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor on over 130 different reviews.

As of 2022, the cheapest room was around ~$180 per night and the prices ranged up to ~$380 for the Layla’s Riverside Lodge Honeymoon Suite, which included a large balcony and a jacuzzi bath tub.

Is Layla’s Riverside Lodge still open after Hotel Hell?

Unfortunately, Layla’s Riverside Lodge closed in June 2022 because Sandy sold the hotel to a new owner who plans to put in a new concept.

Sadly, Sandy had a heart attack in February 2022, which is why he decided to sell the hotel to a new owner. I assume he wants a more relaxing day-to-day with his health issues.

He said that he is “moving south to rehab my body and soul”. He will still be breeding English Setters at his new location and also offer a dog daycare service.

For a deeper look, you can read Sandy’s full June 4, 2022 post on the Layla’s Riverside Lodge Facebook page. Here’s an excerpt:

WOW I forgot to post why,what where, and when! First lets start with why would I sell Layla’s. Plain and simple I had a heart attack on 2/8/2022. Yes I did plan on living here till death, its just I feel its a little early eh. This is by far the most gut wrenching decision I have ever had to make in my life, and I have made some pretty f–= ked up decissions. When you move to a small town population 1,842 when I did. You meet the most beautiful people inside and out. plus you are held accountable for your actions, and gain knicknames ( a tolerable cone head ) or long hair hippy !! Well this is my home I just can’t live here now. So I am moving south to rehab my body and soul!

When I know what happens to the old Four Seasons Inn Vermont location, I will update this page.

If the new owner keeps the Layla’s Riverside Lodge name, then I will change the status back to open.

What happened to Sandy, the Layla’s Riverside Lodge owner?

Sandy was the Layla’s Riverside Lodge owner and successfully ran the hotel for a number of years after the visit from Gordon Ramsay.

Sadly, he suffered a heart attack in February 2022 that forced him to sell the hotel, as I detailed above.

As of June 2022, Sandy has moved to South Carolina, where he has a large property.

He’s still heavily involved with dogs. In South Carolina, he’s running Stella’s Setter Sanctuary, AKA the SSS Ranch and kennel. You can see a Facebook post about it here:

Stella’s Setter Sanctuary . Or better known from now on on as SSS Ranch. Details will follow!! Life is oh such a crazy ride my friends a crazy ride!! Now please go hug your dog!!!

Overall, Sandy’s health seems to be better and it’s great to see that he’s still happy and able to enjoy being with his dogs.

Final Thoughts on Layla’s Riverside Lodge

Overall, the Layla’s Riverside Lodge Hotel Hell still episode seems like a genuine success.

The hotel survived for eight years after Gordon’s visit and it only closed because of the owner’s health issues, not because it was failing as a business.

Congratulations to Sandy and his team, and good work for Gordon Ramsay!

I wish Sandy the best in his new location and I hope his health improves.

When I know what happens to the old Layla’s Riverside Lodge Vermont location, I will update this post accordingly.

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