Cambridge Hotel – Hotel Hell Update – Still Open in 2023?

Is Cambridge Hotel still open today?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

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Original Episode Air Date: August 20, 2012
Cambridge Hotel Address: 4 W Main St Cambridge, NY 12816
Cambridge Hotel - Hotel Hell Update

Episode Recap

Cambridge Hotel was a Cambridge, New York hotel featured on Season 1 of Hotel Hell.

Though the Cambridge Hotel Hotel Hell episode aired in August 2012, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place much earlier in 2012.

It was Season 1 Episode 3 of Hotel Hell.

In this episode, Gordon Ramsay visits the Cambridge Hotel, which is located in Cambridge, New York.

The hotel is a few hour’s drives from New York City.

It’s a very small town, with a population of just around 2,000. However, it’s in a beautiful area, with lots of natural wilderness around.

The hotel has been in business for over one hundred years.

They have 16 rooms and a large restaurant.

Cambridge Hotel owner

John Imhof, a local lawyer, is the owner.

He is assisted by his wife, Tina.

The pair bought the hotel in 2007. 

The staff is not a fan of John’s management skills; they refer to him as a control freak.

The control freak approach isn’t working, though, because the hotel is over $700,000 in debt.

They are losing money and guests, but Tina declines to put more money into the hotel. 

When Gordon arrives at the hotel, he is greeted by a weird R.I.P sign at the check-in desk.

The staff says this is for Alice, a four-year-old ghost who haunts the Cambridge Hotel.

On the way up the creaky stairs, Gordon is shown Alice’s room on the sealed-off third floor.

Gordon’s room has floral decor that he believes will make him sick.

Cambridge Hotel Gordon Ramsay room

Later, Gordon meets with the owners, who claim they have no prior hotel experience.

Almost everyone in their family has lent Tina and John money for the hotel.

They have plans to move into the hotel’s third floor because they are running out of money. 

Tina confides in Gordon that sometimes she wants to run away.

She said her husband wouldn’t listen to her.

She wants to give up.

Phillip is Gordon’s server for the night, and he orders pork and beans, duck, and pie ala mode.

The pork and beans were gross, and the duck was frozen.

He is disappointed to find out the pie is also frozen. 

Gordon and Tina talk about how John won’t listen to her or anyone’s ideas.

Cambridge Hotel owners husband and wife

The staff says John controls them, and everything they do has to run past him for approval.

The following day Gordon brings the owners to his room filled with guests from the hotel. 

The guests complain to the owners, and Gordon points out that the front door is not locked at night and has no security.

Gordon meets with Brittany, the general manager, and asks her to plan a special night for girls with chef Rich preparing all of the food. 

The prep cook, Scooter, is a student in culinary school.

He has dreams of becoming a pastry chef.

Gordon Ramsay promises to support Scooter’s schooling financially, which is super nice to do.

Scooter from Hotel Hell at Cambridge Hotel

John has to be locked on the third floor during the ladies’ night to stop him from intervening.

The night is booming, and John finally realizes he can trust his team. 

Gordon’s team works overnight in the hotel to renovate and improve it.

The hotel is given new flooring and drapes and $75,000 worth of linens.

Gordon also removes the scary R.I.P sign from the reception area as guests come in.

Before he leaves, he also meets with Scooter and offers to finance his way through culinary school.

So was the Cambridge Hotel Hotel Hell episode a success? Keep reading our update to learn what happened next and if the New York hotel is still open in 2024 and beyond.

Cambridge Hotel Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Cambridge Hotel Hotel Hell episode, let’s talk about what happened after Gordon Ramsay left Cambridge, NY.

After Gordon’s changes, reviews for the hotel were generally positive.

However, they didn’t have much time to serve customers because the financial situation of the hotel went downhill very quickly.

Is Cambridge Hotel from Hotel Hell still open?

Unfortunately, Cambridge Hotel closed in June 2012 after being foreclosed on for falling behind on its $486,000 mortgage.

The Cambridge Hotel NY building was later purchased at auction by another bank for $299,000.

All of this happened before the Cambridge Hotel episode aired on Hotel Hell (though it was around six months after the actual visit from Gordon Ramsay).

That means Cambridge Hotel was already closed and sold before you even saw the Hotel Hell episode, which makes this one of the least successful Gordon Ramsay rescues on Hotel Hell.

As of 2023, the old Cambridge Hotel New York building is now occupied by an assisted living home called The Cambridge Assisted Living.

So, while it’s not a hotel anymore, the beautiful historic building is still being used and maintained.

You can see the new tenant at the old Cambridge Hotel New York location in the most recent picture from Google Maps street view:

What happened to Scooter from Hotel Hell?

A lot of people are interested in learning what happened to Scooter after the Cambridge Hotel Hotel Hell episode.

In the episode, Gordon Ramsay committed to paying for Scooter’s tuition at culinary school. So did he do that? And what happened to Scooter after Hotel Hell?

First off, Scooter is not dead. I don’t know why some people say that he died – that’s totally not true. But for some reason, you can find some people saying he died. False.

Gordon honored his commitment and Scooter enrolled in the culinary arts program from Schenectady County Community College after the episode.

Scooter eventually graduated in 2014 – here’s a Tweet from him mentioning the graduation and thanking Gordon Ramsay for his help.

Scooter from Hotel Hell tweet

As of 2023, he seems to be working as a cook at Healthy Living Market and Cafe, Saratoga Springs, NY, at least according to his LinkedIn.

In the past, he’s had other cooking jobs at Crazy Cow Restaurant and Dline Pub.

Unfortunately, Scooter doesn’t have his own bakery yet, but he still has plans to do it as recently as 2021.

In addition to working as a cook, he also runs a side business with his cousin doing landscaping work.

If you want to connect with Scooter, you can check out his Instagram here (his real name is Donald).

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  1. owner was a total twat , really have to feel sorry for his wife and family with a delusional fascist jerk like him dragging them all down with him in his nasty little fantasy that he’s in control of everything

  2. I just wanna know what happened to Scooter, wether he got through college, if Ramsey paid like he said, and if he’s owned his own bakery yet?

  3. This episode is skipped on Hulu. Any idea why it may be removed?? I know this happened with Kitchen Nightmares episodes where owners tried to sue Ramsay so wondering if it’s a similar situation.

  4. Was so taken to Scooter in this episode. Went to follow him on Insta, but Very sad to see he posts transphobic content.

    • I can’t diagnose via a tv show, but I have a high functioning autistic son that Scooter reminds me of. This is not an excuse but these people can say whatever pops into their mind (they see things very black and white and without people to give them different perspectives, they can think in absolutes based on peer input or news input) and can be misunderstood. I didn’t see the offending remark, but if he truly has a diagnosis, he may deserve the benefit of the doubt. I wish him every success.

      • His instagram has a meme repost “teach your kids to swap motors not genders”. That’s all those 2 people are talking about. They didnt have a conversation with or explain to Scooter why they found the post upsetting. He seemed confused at their one word responses to his post. I don’t see it as transphobic because I think teaching kids to genderswap is counter to supporting their gender choices. Inciting your kids to genderswap because you want to parent a transkid is the same as denying their gender identity because you want to parent a cis kid. They need to choose without your influence and be supported in their choice whatever that is.

  5. Curious. What’s up with John’s hair. Did he finally shave off the scraps on his forehead or still grasping to hope?

    • That looked like he had scrotum hair transplanted to his head. Really creepy curlies that certainly did not look natural at all.

  6. I hope his wife divorced him and took every penny he had left after the Cambridge Hotel foreclosure. What a creep.

    • She was an owner too and the chef could have still cooked great food despite John’s micro managing traits. The whole show was phony. Also did we need to see Gordon’s ass as well?👎🏻

      • Never turn down a chance to see Gordon’s ass! LOL

        From what I saw in the show, John forced the chef into reducing costs. The chef specifically said the reason for the sous vide was “lower cost” which tells me John forced his hand.

        No reputable and successful chef wants to do sous vide. Chefs are, by nature, creative people and want the chance to create a menu that allows them to flex their creative muscles. That’s why it’s the job of the executive chef to create the menu, not the owner.

  7. The Cambridge Assisted Living center is a joke. Rooms run anywhere between $4,050.00 a month to $6,560.00 a month.

    Those residents needing “Enhanced Assisted Living Residence” pay an additional $1,500.00 a month. It is unknown if supplemental insurance and/or Medicare covers this.

    A couple will pay $78,720 a year to live there, and that’s not counting “enhanced care”, insurance premiums, pharmacy, or equipment rental from a home health supply agency. If those loved ones last five years, they’ll lose $393,600 from their savings.

    It’s disgusting. These elderly folks get rooms with tacky linen and not much else.

  8. I dont care much about the hotel or the dink of an owner, but am horrified by the assisted living scene. Can someone get thr authorities there for a serious inspection..

  9. On Scooter’s Instagram someone claims that he only went to school for two years and then quit, because Gordon only paid for two years, which is contrary to what his Twitter post says above. This is what that person wrote, when someone asked if he finished school and opened a bakery: “go back into his other posts bud. Others asked the same question and he said that he stopped going because Ramsay stopped paying.” I find that hard to believe though.

  10. In 2021 we wrote on his Instagram, when someone asked if he opened a bakery: “dtelfordiii
    This is just a side job company ran by me and my cousin to earn some extra money to support our families. Bakery is a no go want to do an American Irish restaurant or pub.”

    He was referring to his company, T&W Services.


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