Meson De Mesilla Hotel Hell Update – Still Open in 2023?

Is Meson De Mesilla still open today?

Current Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 2 | View All Season 2 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: July 21, 2014
Meson De Mesilla Address: 1803 Avenida De Mesilla Mesilla, NM 88046
Meson De Mesilla Hotel Hell Update

Episode Recap

Meson De Mesilla was a Las Cruces, New Mexico hotel featured on Season 2 of Hotel Hell.

Though the Meson De Mesilla Hotel Hell episode aired in July 2014, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place much earlier in mid-2013.

It was Season 2 Episode 1 of Hotel Hell.

Meson De Mesilla is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Cali Szczawinski purchased the hotel in 2006, which means she’s been the owner for about seven years at the time of the Meson De Mesilla Hotel Hell episode.

Cali Meson de Mesilla owner

The hotel has 14 rooms, so it’s not as big as some of the other hotels that Gordon Ramsay has rescued.

As Gordon Ramsay drives to the hotel, he notices no signs for the hotel on the road and gets lost.

Upon arrival, Gordon is asked to sign a liability waiver about damage to the “fancy” Venetian plaster.

He is offended and rips the document in half. 

Gordon Ramsay rips up Meson de Mesilla owner

It’s such a weird thing and lots of viewers have talked about this.

Imagine signing a waiver just to rent a room? It’s crazy!

He isn’t impressed by the hotel and the beige colors of the room.

When he meets Cali, the owner, he asks her about the liability waiver and is told it costs $7.50 to replace the Venetian wallpaper.

There are three stages for performances around the hotel, and they are all used by Cali, who used to have dreams of being a singer.

Cali singing at Meson de Mesilla

The pool is disgusting and needs a good clean, but no one uses the pool anyway.

Chef Ceara works in the kitchen.

Although Ceara lives locally, she doesn’t cook local recipes.

Cali tells Gordon she only has enough money to keep the hotel open for another six months; then, she will be forced to close it. 

Zan Steinberg is the general manager and restaurant manager.

He blames Cali for the failing hotel.

Zan meson de mesilla gm

When Gordon sits down to eat, he asks for the vinyl tabletop cover to be removed.

Mitzi is the server and the manager’s wife.

She says that the food is Tuscan-themed and Cali thinks it is good. Gordon does not believe the food is good at all.

This isn’t a surprise, as Gordon Ramsay generally hates the food everywhere he goes (though he has liked some of the food on Kitchen Nightmares).

Mitzi also blames Cali for the failing hotel as Cali takes the stage to sing a Cher tune making everyone uncomfortable.

This performance is why some people call this the Hotel Hell Cher episode.

The guests are not happy that they were forced to sign a waiver and no breakfast services or room service.

After he eats, Gordon meets the staff in the kitchen, and Ceara says she is only working with what she is given. 

Zan and Cali begin to get in a fight.

Things heat up and Cali fires Zan and his wife Mitzi leaves behind him.

The next day Gordon goes for a drive and finds a food truck owned by David, the prep cook from the hotel.

Gordon is impressed by his food and drink. 

He meets with Cali when he returns to the hotel.

He also brings hotel guests with him.

They say they are insulted by the waiver, and one guest even offers Cali money to stop singing.

Cali finally realizes she wants to change. 

The reconstruction team works overnight, and the first thing you see when you come to the hotel is a beautiful sign.

David, the prep cook, is the new breakfast chef.

Gordon also removed the waiver.

The stage by the pool has been removed. And the pool has finally been cleaned. 

Cali wants the old furniture back, and Gordon threatens to take back everything he bought for her.

Gordon informs Cali it is time to let go of her dreams of singing and focus on the hotel.

There’s even a funny moment when Gordon Ramsay freezes Cali’s mic in a block of ice to give her time to resist her urge to sing.

Gordon Ramsay freezes Cali's mic


The relaunch is a pool party, and a local band plays. 

So was the Hotel Hell Meson De Mesilla episode a long-term success?

Keep reading to learn what happened next and if this Las Cruces New Mexico hotel is still open in 2024.

Meson De Mesilla Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Meson De Mesilla Gordon Ramsay visit, let’s talk about what happened to the hotel after the Hotel Hell crew rolled on out of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

After the episode, the hotel generally reported a boost in business.

However, it would soon undergo a lot of changes.

In 2014, Cali brought in a 50/50 silent partner to split off the restaurant at Meson De Mesilla and create a new name for the restaurant called NM Grille & Bar.

The hotel was attached to the restaurant, but remained separate.

Here’s an article that interviewed Cali about it.

Cali also didn’t have positive things to say about Gordon Ramsay in the article:

Really, when that man was here he didn’t do anything I could keep.

Almost every place he has gone to has closed and I didn’t, praise God.

This will be reincarnation three for me.

In 2017, Cali fully sold the hotel to new owners in the form of couple Thomas and Jerean Hutchinson.

While I don’t know the final sale price, I did find a for sale brochure that listed the asking price for Meson de Mesilla at $2,850,000, which included the hotel’s liquor license.

Meson De Mesilla New Mexico hotel for sale

As of 2023, Thomas and Jerean Hutchinson are the current owners of Meson De Mesilla.

Is Meson De Mesilla from Hotel Hell still open?

As of 2023, Meson De Mesilla is still open and serving customers in Las Cruces, NM. However, it’s doing it under new ownership and a slightly different name since 2017.

The hotel now goes by Hacienda De Mesilla, though most of the other details are still the same.

Overall, I was on the fence about marking this one as open or closed.

It is open and still mostly unchanged.

However, the ownership and name are different than when the hotel appeared on the Meson De Mesilla Hotel Hell episode, so it’s not quite the same hotel.

To give you an idea of where it is now, here’s what the Meson De Mesilla New Mexico location looks like in the most recent picture from Google Maps street view:

Additionally, the new owners don’t seem to love the association with Hotel Hell.

In an interview with KFox14, they said the fact that the hotel appeared on Hotel Hell almost made them not make the purchase:

I saw the Gordon Ramsey piece about three weeks before we bought the place and it almost changed my mind.

On changing the name from Mason De Mesilla to Hacienda De Mesilla, they had this to say:

You’re dealing with reputation risk right off the bat, you have to turn that around.

Right off the bat, we had to rename it.

Rebrand it.

They also made some physical changes to the property beyond the name changes and say that they still get some negative reviews just from people watching the show.

In the end, they had this to say:

Check out the show.

I encourage it.

It’s where we’ve come from and you can see the difference is night and day.

Either way, I’m keeping this one on the Gordon Ramsay Hotel Hell success list for now.

If things change much more, though, I might shift it to the closed list.

Cali Szczawinski – where is she now?

After selling Meson de Mesilla, Cali seems to have retired and moved to Florida, where she’s living in the popular/huge The Villages retirement community.

However, while Cali retired from running the hotel, she hasn’t retired from singing and performing.

As of 2023, she seems to be still performing music/covers using the name Cali McCord.

She even has her own website for her music and is still performing live gigs as of May 2023.

Cali Szczawinski music performance

You can check out Cali’s website here.

In addition to the website, I was also able to find a 2020 video of Cali singing covers and impersonations.

You can watch it below:

I know people like to mock Cali’s singing from the episode, but I think it’s cool that she’s still doing what she loves even in retirement.

Again, she’s still actively performing at local bars and such, even in her late 60s.

Final thoughts on Meson De Mesilla

To recap, Cali Szczawinski sold Meson De Mesilla to new owners in 2017.

As of 2023, those new owners are still running the Meson De Mesilla Las Cruces location.

However, they’ve slightly tweaked the name to Hacienda De Mesilla and don’t seem happy about the Hotel Hell connection.

After selling the hotel, Cali Szczawinski retired to Florida where she is still singing and performing under the name Cali McCord.

Meson De Mesilla was the only New Mexico Hotel Hell episode.

If you want to see some other nearby hotels that Gordon Ramsay visited, the closest hotels are The Keating Hotel in San Diego CA, Murphys Hotel in Murphys CA, and Hotel Chester in Starkville MS.

And if you want to share your thoughts on the episode, you can do so using the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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    • Agreed! Apparently lepords truly never change their spots. It’s exactly what she did to the Manager that Gordon met their by blaming him for talking behind her back.
      Sees she proved him right when SHE stuck the knife in Gordon’s back. I wish the new owners great success.

      • Well said, I totally agree with you. She wouldn’t have the value she received if he didn’t invest in her business. Oh hell, she moved to Florida, 😱as a native to Florida, WTH LOL 😂 another one ego big headed want to be 🎤comes to die🥸

      • I 100% agree. I can’t believe how ungrateful these people are who have a failing business and get such amazing advice and improvements to their business. They then get a successful relaunch and are put in a positive position and they complain. The businesses that windup failing usually go back to their old practices and / or are too far gone to recover. Unbelievable. I think its their own Karma.

  1. All these business owners requesting the help and then rejecting it are simply ungrateful ego centric people who are scared to death of homelessness. The entertainment is constantly about each owner’s form of control. Yelling, putting employees down, blaming customers for lack of business, which is, WT?
    Cali is no exception whatsoever! First thing she’s upset over is not knowing where her sh*^ is? Did she not know they were coming? Were they going to change the interior? Organize your own sh*^ girl. Any way, comprehension is the key to communication. If others are not comprehending you, it’s not them.

  2. It is really ungrateful to say “Gordon did not do anything”. It is a shame. The hotel was about to collapse. That woman would loose everything and perhaps would end up in jail.

  3. I just returned from an overnight at the Hacienda under their new management. The room was quite comfortable and the staff very friendly and helpful. The grounds are in nice condition. The restaurant was busy even on a Monday night, with local patrons, so they’re clearly doing something right.

  4. I believe Ramsey does not consider how the owner can afford to keep white tablecloths
    For breakfast. I think he is so fond of himself, he forgets the changes should also include a budget to afford the upkeep and possible new employees.

    • She shouldn’t have a business then. He did this to bring in customers. And you can take them in to get washed for $15-$20. High end restaurants have to go that extra step. They charge so much. The food isn’t that much to buy so they are also paying for the ambiance.

    • Apparently, if you can afford to stay closed for 14 mos to redecorate in bland, you can afford the whites. You also can launder on premises.

    • She’s making more money, she hires the staff to support the increased business . Remember two people are gone, one fired and one quit!!! She’s got those two salaries. She was losing money doing things her way and making more money doing it Chef Ramsey’s way. She just did have a business mindset. Also remember the consultant Chef Ramsey’s brought in to advise . You’ve got to help yourself .

  5. The fact that the hotel is still open but just under new owners doesn’t mean that Gordon failed. I think he did a good job of changing the hotel. I personally wouldn’t want to stay at the hotel that is more Italian then Mexican when in New Mexico. I personally want the Mexico feel when in New Mexico. This is a hotel that I would want to stay at after the episode and never before.

    • Agree 100%! Cali is egocentric, classless, and just plain mean. Ugh! Her statements since Gordon was there confirm that.
      The great find of the episode was David! I hope he’s very successful in his endeavors!

  6. The previous owner was ungrateful and self centered. Gordon tried to help and did a good job. If certain things are not working than you can still make some minor changes to make improvements. As a business owner there should always be updates and changes planned over a period of time. Its what keeps most businesses alive. I have helped start and manage a few businesses all successfully. There is a lot to running a business, but if your hearts in it and you do everything you can to make it work, I personally believe the most people can make it work.

  7. I worked at Meson De Mesilla in 2011-2012. Cali was impossible to work for. She had no concept of what Customer Service is. It’s the only job I ever walked out of mid-shift. The new owners are lovely people and they have done a great job with that location.

    • Thank you for the honest perspective. That pool, alone, makes me want to visit! Cali wasn’t right for this business. All experience has value. Glad you survived it.

    • I wonder if the new general manager Ramsey brought in, if he was able to turn it around so she could sell and get out. Bad singer, lol.

  8. Gordon Ramsey did everything right to all the hotels, it’s the owners who drove it back into the ground. This last was ungrateful and crazy. The pool was redone and the only real way to keep the hotel alive and thriving but she immediately criticized it. I’m not sure why Gordon Ramsay’s appearance would make people leav negative reviews, if anything they should be better, so if they are bad it’s the ownership.

    The poolside food he brought out looked delicious and I’m sure they cut corners and made it horrible shortly after he left. It’s too bad.

  9. Gordon Ramsey takes his time and blesses these ppl in these episodes & some R very appreciative but the few like Cali R ingrates and he said that $150G he shelled out isn’t a issue for him but Itz a lot 2 do 4 strangers.. Gordon will continue 2 b blessed by helping others try 2 b a success.. He pays it forward consistently…

  10. I think the jewel of the episode was the food truck/prep chef David and his crazy laugh. He seemed talented and his food looked delicious. I hope he’s doing what he loves —he was so excited about GR’s changes and his new role as breakfast chef.

  11. My dog farting sings better than that grubby old hag. Get a life! Wonder if she is in a nursing home by now?

  12. I like to imagine her in a senior home corner singing badly abused Cher tunes in her skimpy black sheer tights! Cher? Please…. not even the best autotune microphone could help that slaughtered hit.

  13. These people need to ask themselves these questions first…
    1. Do I own a popular and successful Hotel in London’s Regent’s Park?
    2. Do I have 17 Micheline Stars?
    3. Do I own and operate 58 international world class restaurants?
    4. Am I the one hosting this show?
    If the answer to these are all no (and they will be) …sit down, shut up, and listen, because the Master of Hospitality is gracing you with his wisdom. Quite honestly this series should simply be called…”Gordon Ramsay casts his pearls before swine.” As every one I have watched save The Roosevelt Inn have crashed and burnt under stubbornly ignorant management.

  14. I would like to know Calis secret to aging. She looks fantastic for her age, and only seems to get better looking with age! It’s nice she was able to get a good price for the place and. is happy in her retirement.

  15. Just saw the rerun on DABL and couldn’t believe how Cali behaved. I wonder if she was trying to be the Basil Fawlty of the southwest.

    She didn’t seem to appreciate the help nor her staff. I think she had a big ego and her singing left a lot to be desired.

    I thought David was a good guy though. His laugh was entertaining but the fact he always referred to Gordon as Sir was a nice touch. You don’t see that kind of respect amongst young people much these days and it was nice to see it from him.

    The fact he was helping run a food truck and and Gordon liked the food showed he has some cooking skills so making him breakfast chef was a good idea. He comes across as a good person and a hard worker and he hope he’s doing well.

  16. I love makeover shows and Gordon’s are some of the best. I love how he confronts owners about their foibles and stupidities. He definitely improved Meson de Mesilla but Cali was too full of herself to realize how he’d helped. The employees seemed genuinely happy about the improvements. I would stay there in a minute if I were going to NM.
    BTW people, please re-read and edit your posts before you click “Post.” They are full of misspellings and grammar mistakes. I’d be embarrassed to have my name associated with some of them if I were you.

      • Using punctuation for quotation marks is always tricky, but I believe that you are correct because “post” is not an actual quotation (in which case the period would go inside the quotation marks). I’m not the grammar expert, though, as several “polite” commenters have pointed out before haha.

  17. I think Cali was not cut out to run this type of business. She had been a singer and performer all her life, and I think trying to run a hotel and restaurant was never going to work for her, no matter what Gordon or anybody did.

    Selling the hotel and going back to singing was probably the best decision she could have made. She is definitely a talented singer and impersonator. I’m glad she is being true to herself and wish her the best.


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