Town’s Inn Hotel Hell Update – Open or Closed in 2022?

Is Town's Inn still open in 2022?

Current Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 3 | View All Season 3 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: June 7, 2016
Town's Inn Address: 179 High St Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
Town's Inn Hotel Hell Update

Episode Recap

Town’s Inn was a Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia hotel featured on Season 3 of Hotel Hell.

Though the Town’s Inn Hotel Hell episode aired in June 2016, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place in late 2015.

It was a two-part episode that spanned Season 3 Episode 3 and Episode 4 of Hotel Hell.

Town’s Inn is located in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Harper’s Ferry is a pretty historic place, as it played a big role in the Civil War and was the site of John Brown’s raid.

John Brown’s raid would later be immortalized in a Showtime series called The Good Lord Bird.

It’s located right where the Potomac River and the Shenandoah River meet, which gives it a beautiful location. It’s also right on the border of Maryland and not that far from Washington DC.

In 2007 the owners Jason and Ana Townsend bought Town’s Inn, which means they’ve owned it for a little under a decade at the time of the Town’s Inn Hotel Hell episode.

Karan Townsend, Jason’s mother, was to work at the inn when she retired.

She is a former teacher who wanted to work at the hotel to stay busy.

Gordon Ramsay later finds out that Karan has been staying in the office overnight, and her son is concerned about her. 

When Gordon arrives at the Town’s Inn, he discovers creepy decor for sale and expired loaves of bread.

Karan doesn’t want any changes made to the hotel, so it has been in a cluttered state for some time.

On the way to his room, Gordon passes a collection of wicker baskets for sale that is covered in dust and bugs. 

It’s like an episode of Hoarders, to be honest…

Gordon is staying in the Potomac Room.

The Potomac Room is named for the local river, but the state of the room is disgusting.

The ceiling has a crack, and the owner stores her clothes in a locked cupboard in the room, which is super weird.

Karan agrees to remove half of her clothes from the dresser so Gordon can unpack his luggage. 

Gordon is hungry and decides to head down to the restaurant to eat.

He orders mac and cheese, fiesta stew, and trout.

The mac and cheese have been microwaved, the trout is watery, and the stew was cooked days ago.

Sarah is a friend of the family who volunteers her time by working at the hotel.

Sarah keeps telling the staff what to do and that annoys them.

Karan sits in her office while Sarah bosses everyone around.

The team gets mad because Karan nitpicks at everything, but she doesn’t help.

The walls have been painted in the kitchen, but Karan and Sarah stuff the holes in the walls with brillo pads, which had rotted the wall. 

Gordon heads into the kitchen and sees that the cooks are boiling pre-prepare burgers.

When Gordon confronts Karan, she denies how the burgers are cooked a problem.

Customers are brought into the kitchen and are shocked at how the burger was prepared. 

The kitchen staff is made to tell the customers the origin of their food, including a chicken that was six months old.

After this, Gordon shuts down the kitchen.

Karan denies giving up after Gordon calls her out.

He keeps on inspecting the kitchen to see what else he can find.

The walk-in fridge is filled with fries sitting in dirty water and fish sitting in blood. 

It’s so disgusting…

Karan tells Gordon that due to debt, she can’t replace any of the broken equipment.

Gordon uses a bacteria testing kit to test and see how dirty the hotel is.

He begins his test with his bedroom.

Gordon’s hotel room floor reads 803 when an acceptable reading is 30. 

Gordon decides to leave the hotel after Karan blames bikers and hikers for the mess in the room.

Karan cries and tells Gordon she is done being in denial and is ready for his help.

Gordon makes Karan pack up her things as she will no longer be sleeping in the office. 

Jason meets with Gordon, and Gordon informs him about the state of the inn.

He also tells Jason that he found a home for Karan and will pay the rent himself, which is a super nice thing for Gordon Ramsay to do.

Gordon gives the room a contemporary makeover.

The restaurant’s menu has also been reduced to simplify things.

Gordon makes Karan promise to relax and take time off to spend with family. 

So was the Town’s Inn Hotel Hell episode a success? Keep reading our update to learn what happened next and if the hotel is open or closed in 2022 and beyond.

Town's Inn Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Town’s Inn Hotel Hell visit from Gordon Ramsay, let’s talk about what happened after Gordon and his crew left historic Harper’s Ferry, WV.

For a time, Karan stayed in the house Gordon had found for her.

Jason also took a more active role in Town’s Inn.

Unfortunately, this would not last and Karan would eventually move back into a room in the hotel.

Is Town’s Inn from Hotel Hell still open?

As of 2022, Town’s Inn is still open and serving patrons in Harper’s Ferry, WV.

Reviews are for the Town’s Inn Harpers Ferry hotel are mixed but generally OK.

Town’s Inn has a 4 star rating on TripAdvisor, which isn’t bad.

It also has a 3.9 star rating on Google Reviews. Again, that’s not bad, but it’s also not exceptional.

A lot of people seem to compliment it as “cozy”, but seem people also view the “cozy” atmosphere as a negative.

For example, consider this review excerpt:

The charm of in the inn is supposed to be the age but not enough has been done to the property to give it modern amenities. The renovations are uneven & under funded

This makes sense, because Gordon Ramsay and Hotel Hell only renovated some of the rooms. So it would be kind of luck of the draw whether people got a good room or an old room.

If you’re in the Harper’s Ferry area and you want to see what the Town’s Inn Hotel Hell episode was all about, you can book a room.

You can book via the official Town’s Inn website or one of the many third-party booking platforms.

Rooms at the Town’s Inn West Virginia hotel seem to start at just around $70 on third-party booking platforms.

On the official website, rooms start at $79 per night and range up to $180 per night for the 1820 suite.

With that being said, Bistro 1840, the restaurant at the Town’s Inn Harpers Ferry location, seems to have closed as of 2018.

It seems like only the hotel is still doing business at the location, though I’m guessing the hotel has its own restaurant.

What happened to Karan Townsend after Hotel Hell?

According to her Facebook page, Karan Townsend is still involved with Town’s Inn as of 2022.

She’s also listed on the hotel’s business registration, as well as a separate registration for High Street Development, LLC (which is headquartered at the Town’s Inn building, so I assume it’s the same thing).

I can’t find much more than that, but she seems to be happy.

Overall, the Hotel Hell Town’s Inn episode seems to be a success as the hotel is still open and doing business under the same ownership as of 2022.

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  1. This was an extremely difficult show to watch. I’m the same age as Karan. I’m distressed because I don’t feel as if her son was monitoring her at all. I thought she had the beginnings of Alzheimer’s. She just wasn’t living in the real world. Very painful. Broke my heart.

  2. Hoarding is a serious mental affliction, and so is complacency with filthy surroundings and pretty awful food. All I could think about while watching the episode is where is the nearest McDonald’s, Mac and Cheese from a box is better and Motel 6 is cheaper and cleaner.
    Hopefully Karan will step aside and let someone actually run the place for her. If she can tidy up her appearance they can let her sit in a corner and greet people.

  3. This woman is obviously mentally ill. I felt like her responses were very weird, and as if she just could not comprehend what was being said. I’m surprised Gordon didn’t pick up on that. I thought her “turn around” was unconvincing. I don’t think she had an epiphany at all. She was just saying what everyone wanted to hear from her at the end. I felt sorry for her but she has no business running that place.

  4. Watching almost all episodes of Hotel Hell and especially this one, I’m convinced that many people need help (not with business management). A lot of personal issues going on, from bad attitudes, anger to trauma. I wish Gordon would have sent people for personal counseling instead of “fixing” their business. But at the end, it’s all about the show.

  5. The Hotel is still open as of June 2022 and now has many excellent reviews and several Trip Advisor awards. And yes, Karan is still there. Apparently somebody listened to Ramsey and turned things around. I felt badly for Karan who was a very naive or perhaps even delusional and had no business running a hotel. Nice enough elderly lady with zero background in hotel management or any type of business. Literally every episode of this show is people who think you can just run a hotel and restaurant with no training. You wouldn’t try and be a doctor without going to med school – why would you open a hotel without hospitality training or a restaurant without culinary training??

  6. Kitchen Nightmares meets Hoarders. This was a sad and really insightful episode. This poor lady has a mental illness, and it is sad to watch her be oblivious to the fact that her standards are far, far below the rest of modern society. It’s hard to believe her son thought it was a good idea to buy her an inn and restaurant to manage alone. Surely there were warning signs of this kind of behavior? Maybe he just hates vacationers from D.C. and he uses her as his weapon. That’s what I would do. But, I’m a super villain.

  7. This was a case of the patients running the asylum and it was terrifying to watch. This was so bad that it wouldn’t matter what Mr. Ramsey did to fix this place. After what I seen of how they ran both the Inn and the kitchen and just how bad they let things get before he got there. The fact that everyone went along with it and the owner believing there was nothing wrong with it, I would never stay there, and I definitely would NEVER eat there. People like that don’t change and any cook that didn’t immediately walk out, but who continued to serve up that crap I would not trust ever.

  8. The one to blame for all this is the son. I don’t see him eating or staying there at all. This never should have happened. What was he thinking?

    • The son is irresponsible and the cook is full crap.Those people working for her didn’t care.They just wanted to collect a pay check

  9. I managed popular large restaurants, microbreweries for over 20 years and I want to know how even one health inspector conducted a single inspection without shutting down the kitchen immediately and didn’t allow it to reopen without gutting the place. Serving a chicken that was in a freezer for 6 mos, you can’t freeze any proteins for that long, then they microwaved them? I guarantee every guest who ate that would have become ill, if not severe food-poisoning. OSHA would have shut them down for storing food outdoors, piles of microwaves run with an extension cord that ran into the ceiling? Major fire hazard. Pathetic.


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