Renz Social House / Pineapple Hill Grill Bar Rescue Update – Still Open in 2022?

Is Renz Social House still open in 2022?

Status: >> OPEN <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 7 | View All Season 7 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: June 14, 2020
The Bar's Original Name Was: Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill
Renz Social House Address: 654 E 1st St Ste 3418 Tustin, CA 92780

Renz Social House / Pineapple Hill Grill Bar Rescue Update

Episode Recap

Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill, later renamed Renz Social House, was a Tustin, California bar featured on Season 7 of Bar Rescue. Though the Pineapple Hill Grill Bar Rescue episode aired in June 2020, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that. It was Episode 14 of Season 7.

The Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill is located in Tustin, CA, which is near Irvine and a bit southeast of Los Angeles.

The owner, Reva Renz, bought the bar for $580,000, which is quite a hefty chunk of change.

At the time of the Pineapple Hill Grill Bar Rescue episode, though, Reva was now over $400,000 in debt, which is also quite a hefty hunk of change.

The bar started well, but after Reva stepped back, it began to decline.

Reva was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, which is very sad.

She is also a single mom to a ten-year-old. Reva is very overwhelmed, and the quality has suffered because of it.

Basically, she’s a sympathetic character so it’s easy to root for Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue to successfully turn here bar around.

Mixologist Mia Mastroianni and Chef Jason Santos do recon with Jon. 

The sign is not fully lit; only the word ‘Pineapple’ is glowing.

There is too much pineapple decor in the bar. It’s a bit overboard with the whole theme.

The bar is also very worn and has worn-out furniture and duct tape holding things together.

Jon and the staff discuss Reva.

Chef Mike makes a simple burger but doesn’t use gloves and cross contaminates food.

The bartenders aren’t pouring correctly, and they are not consistent in their recipes. 

Two people are sent in as spies and order an Irish coffee and a margarita.

The Irish coffee is too weak, and the margarita is too watery.

Jon notices Linda, the manager, working hard, but Reva isn’t doing anything.

The spy orders ribs, and Chef Mike takes out ribs with mold. Ewww….

Jason runs out, stops the ribs from being served, and finds more moldy ribs. 

Jon is furious as he comes in. He yells at the chef for not washing his hands.

Jon takes Reva and Linda aside and tells them how dangerous cross-contamination is.

It is a huge liability that can potentially kill someone.

Both Reva and Linda promised to change. Chef Mike is fired. 

Jon tells the staff that the bar only has about four to five months left.

There are 148 bars within just a few miles radius. The bar needs to be unique and stand out. 

The experts train Martin, the prep cook, on correct kitchen hygiene.

Linda can’t make any management decisions.

She is not aware of any of the financial stuff happening with the bar, so she can’t make any choices.

Jon promises the women that he will help them set financial goals. 

Mia asks the bar staff to make a pineapple margarita.

They are all made differently, in different glasses, and they are all terrible. You can’t have that type of inconsistency if you want to have a successful bar.

She then demonstrates a simple Mai Tai cocktail.

Mia reminds the staff they must be consistent in their recipes.

Reva and Martin both love Chef Jason’s new recipe for ribs. He teaches them how to make it. 

During the stress test, the bar serves just three drinks.

Reva is lost and serving half-cooked food. The bartenders are spilling too many drinks.

After Reva burns her hand, Jon shuts down the stress test.

Mia teaches the staff a new way to make the pineapple margarita, and Jason teaches the kitchen a catfish dish.

After the Bar Rescue renovations, the bar looks stylish and modern.

Jon also changed the name from Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill (a real mouthful) to Renz Social House, which is obviously based on Reva Renz’s name.

So – did Jon’s changes to Renz Social House save the bar? Keep reading to find out if it’s still open…

Renz Social House Update - What Happened Next?

After the Renz Social House Bar Rescue aired, Reva seems to have given Linda more control over the bar, which lets Reva spend more time and energy on her kid.

Is Renz Social House still open?

As of 2022, Renz Social House is still open and serving customers in Tustin, California. It had to close for a decent amount of time because of COVID-19 restrictions, but it is now open again.

Reviews for the new bar are good but not great. It has a 3.5 star rating on Yelp, which is pretty average in my eyes.

For now, Reva has kept the name of Renz Social House.

However, she started a GoFundMe page to raise money to change the name and signage back to Pineapple Hill Grill, so the name might change back in the future.

With that being said, the Pineapple Hill Grill GoFundMe only raised $3,800 of its $13,000 target, so they might need more time to raise the money.

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