Second Base Update – Bar Rescue – Open or Closed?

Is Second Base Bar & Grill still open?

Status: >> OPEN <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 4 | View All Season 4 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: February 8, 2015
The Bar's Original Name Was: Extremes
Second Base Bar & Grill Address: 1535 W Chapman Ave Orange, CA 92868

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Episode Recap

Second Base Bar Rescue Update

Originally featured on Season 2 of Bar Rescue, Second Base Bar & Grill is the reincarnation of Extremes from that Season 2 Bar Rescue Episode. In Season 4, Jon Taffer went back to Second Base to try to re-rescue the bar.

While Jon’s original rescue of Extremes seemed to be successful, the bar had been steadily going downhill because Terry, the owner of Second Base, refused to put any of the money he was making back into the bar. Combine that with new competition in the area, and Second Base was in dire need of another rescue from Jon.

Jon brought in mixologist Joseph Brooke and actress Sarah Colanna to help. The trio immediately sees signs of distress, as the bar’s exterior looks rundown and lacks any lights.

The menu Jon created when rescuing Extremes the first time was totally gone and things were just generally filthy all around. Taffer was furious that Second Base had slipped backed into its old ways.

But despite his anger, Jon was still willing to help. He suggested a renovation that would cost $100,000. Jon was willing to spend a generous $70k of that money, but he wanted the owners to put up $30,000 of their own money to prove that they still cared about fighting for Second BAse.

When Terry refused, Jon Taffer walked out of Second Base without renovating anything. Which unsurprisingly lead to a situation where…

Second Base Bar & Grill Update - What Happened Next?

Second Base is still technically open…but reviews are pretty bad. It only has a 3-star rating on Yelp and reviewers regularly complain about music, lack of sports, bad smells, and other generally horrible experiences.

Of all the negative Yelp reviews, this one might be my favorite:

Friends chose to go here, although I can’t fathom why. Waited in line to get a drink, never got there. The inside smelled like barf, which you could smell before even getting in the door, baby diarrhea, or really rank BO all of which kept me wanting to go back outside. I wasn’t sure where the heck the smell was coming from, but couldn’t seem to avoid it. Going outside was probably the best recourse because inside you couldn’t hear anything because the music was blasting so loudly.

Positive reviews are few and far between, so we’ll see how Second Base does in the future.

But for now – the bar is still open.

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