Question: Who Pays For The Renovations on Bar Rescue?

Have you ever wondered who pays for the renovations on Bar Rescue?

When Jon Taffer and his team rescue a bar, they often make huge physical changes including remodels, new furniture, new point-of-sale systems (POS), new kitchen/bar equipment, new lighting, and so on.

All of that stuff costs tens of thousands of dollars. So – who pays for it? Does Jon Taffer and his team pick up the tab or are the already struggling bar owners expected to pay for their new stuff?

In this post, we’re going to answer that question once and for all. Let’s dig in!

Who Pays for the Renovations on Bar Rescue?

According to Jon Taffer, Jon and the show’s sponsors pay for literally everything. The owner doesn’t pay a single penny towards any of the changes that Jon makes the bar.

The TV network covers many of the high-level costs. Then, individual sponsors cover the cost of specific products in exchange for exposure on the show.

For example, a POS system company might donate a brand new POS system for free in exchange for some coverage on the Bar Rescue episode. Similarly, a lighting company might do the lighting in exchange for exposure.

This is why you’ll often see Jon Taffer specifically recognize the brand names of the products he installs. You’ll also often see close-up shots of the new products so that the brand can get additional exposure.

So there you have it – bar owners themselves don’t need to pay anything for Jon’s advice or for any of the renovations and new equipment that you see on the show.

So – do those renovations actually help? Well, we keep track of how all the bars from Bar Rescue are doing so that you can see if Jon is actually working magic or if the bars are still failing. You can check out all of the stats on our Bar Rescue updates page.

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  1. I own a bar in Duncan Falls Ohio I am literally in debt. The bar is very spacious I need it totally renovated
    I can’t afford to make it what it should be
    It is definitely a very profitable business with some help

  2. This explains why the show only accepts a tiny fraction of the requests for help that it receives. They’re not going to risk their money and reputation on any establishment that they don’t think they will be able to turn around.


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