The Fifth Bar Rescue Update – Bountiful, UT – Still Open in 2024?

Is The Fifth still open today?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 6 | View All Season 6 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: September 29, 2019
The Bar's Original Name Was: The Fifth Amendment
The Fifth Address: 980 N 500th W Bountiful, UT 84010

The Fifth Bar Rescue Update

Episode Recap

The Fifth, also known as The Fifth Amendment, was a Bountiful, Utah bar that was featured on Season 6 of Bar Rescue.

Though the The Fifth Bar Rescue episode aired in September 2019, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that in early 2019.

It was Season 6 Episode 47 (the last episode of the season) and the episode name was “Get Off Your Ass!” .

The Fifth Amendment, also known as The Fifth, is located in Bountiful City, Utah.

Jex Hepworth bought the bar in the 1950s.

The bar was once a pizza shop but succeeded as a bar.

In 1999 Jex retired and left the business in the hands of his son, Brad.

The Fifth owner on Bar Rescue

Brad’s daughters, Kourtney and Paige, also help out with the bar.

Soon, Brad got caught up in the party atmosphere and began drinking away the profits from the bar.

Mixologist Tommy Palmer and expert chef Anthony Lamas help Jon Taffer recon and rescue the bar.

Brad is in severe debt and is losing thousands of dollars a month, which is why The Fifth Bar Rescue episode exists.

On the camera footage, they see Brad drinking at the bar.

Kourtney, Brad’s daughter, was the general manager but left after her father refused to make any changes.

Alyssa, Teresa, and Tony are the bartenders at The Fifth.

Devon is the manager, and John is the cook in the kitchen.

Jon watches John do some questionable things on the hidden camera. 

Jon has girls come in at different times to recon on the bar.

The first pair of girls enter, and they order a watermelon cocktail and a gimlet.

The bartender serves the drinks in the wrong glass, and she doesn’t know to make a gimlet.

As the ladies make fun of the drinks, Alyssa leaves without telling anyone. 

Jon pulls more bartenders from the bar, but Brad is still drinking at the bar, oblivious.

Jon goes in to sit with Brad. Brad never saw all of his staff had left, and no customers were being served.

Brad says he can’t help out because he has been drinking. 

Even if Brad was sober, he didn’t know how to use the POS machine or make any drinks.

Brad made a list of things his father used to do around the bar, but Brad doesn’t know how to do the majority of them.

In memory of his father, Brad promises to do more. 

Tommy tells the staff they need to know how to make traditional drinks like a gimlet, but Alyssa refuses to make the drink.

Alyssa leaves again, and when Brad tries to get her to stay, he finds out she can’t handle the criticism.

In the kitchen, expert chef Anthony sees food left out overnight.

After explaining to the kitchen staff that it is a health code violation, he teaches them to make a chicken dish with fresh ingredients. 

The Fifth cook on Bar Rescue

The stress test is about to start, and Brad is standing around.

He is a problem no matter what part of the bar he is in.

The next day the staff is trained on traditional cocktails and a new burger dish.

The new bar is revealed, and there is a new trolley theme.

However, Jon Taffer kept the name as The Fifth Amendment.

Jex’s memory is honored with pictures of him on the wall.

During relaunch, the bar staff is keeping up, and the customers also seem to like the new aesthetic at The Fifth.

So was the Bar Rescue The Fifth episode a long-term success?

Keep reading to learn what happened next and if this Bountiful Utah bar is still open in 2024.

The Fifth Update - What Happened Next?

So – was The Fifth Bar Rescue episode a success? Let’s talk about what happened to the bar after Jon Taffer left. Was it bountiful or did things go wrong?

Well, six weeks after Jon Taffer’s visit, sales were up, which is helping with the debt situation.

However, Kourtney and Paige have quit since Brad refused to control the bar.

Unfortunately, it would not turn into a long-term success…

Is The Fifth from Bar Rescue still open?

The Fifth closed in 2021, according to its Yelp page (though there has been no confirmation on Facebook).

It seems like the bar closed because of issues with its liquor license and the stress of the Covid-19 pandemic closures.

In April 2021, The Fifth lost its liquor license because of a paper work issue, which is a huge issue for any bar.

It happened because of a paperwork issue from eighteen years ago when The Fifth changed its business name in 2001.

They didn’t formally transfer the liquor license, which caused the issue.

You can learn more about the liquor license problem in this article.

The bar was also dealing with Covid related closures, which you can see in this Facebook post from November 2020:

The Fifth closed Facebook

At the time that The Fifth closed, its reviews were pretty bad, which probably didn’t help things.

It had just a 2.5 star rating on Yelp, though on just 20 ratings.

Here’s a sampling of a few reviews that were written after the visit from Jon Taffer…

3 star Yelp review from March 2021:

Kind staff, good local bar, great pool tables if you can get around the locals.

Setup a lil different, wish I would be greeted when I walk in bc everyone looks directly at you when you walk in but says nothing.

3 star Yelp review from September 2020:

For whatever reason, I’m a sucker for dive bars.

They are, in their very essence, the exact opposite of what I would be looking for which is probably the major draw for me.

Obviously, I’m not ordering a cocktail here.

I drank a few White Claws with my buddy and proceeded to people watch.

I saw all the usual suspects, but nothing out of the ordinary.

After deciding I needed a break, a man outside was more than willing to offer me a much needed smoke.

Overall, it was about what I expected, but not a terrible experience.

I would probably come back.

1 star Yelp review from January 2020:

WTF. I am from Canada and so by upbringing am extremely polite.

I have NEVER encountered such rude bartenders in my entire life.

I asked for a Ceasar and they had no idea what I was talking about (basically a Canadian version of a Bloody Mary but way better lol).

I then asked for a Martini and was shot the look of death and told that “nobody orders that here”…so I guess I am a nobody.

The drunken manager, I think his name was Brad, was so pathetic that he did nothing to help us.

I would NEVER come back to this place.

I love a great dive bar but this is not a dive bar, it is just a crappy run, dirty bar.


2 star Yelp review from August 2019:

A bar makeover does not make up for a hostile bar tender.

Sadly, our friend was very excited to visit the fifth after the Bar Rescue makeover that recently occurred.

Unfortunately, the female bar tender was hostile, rude, and truly let us know that she had no interest in encouraging our patronage.

And we are nice people.

Not only was our friend very apologetic that she chose to try the fifth (it wasn’t her fault that we were treated so poorly)

We all vowed not to ever go back.

In fairness, there was a male bartender that served us the first round of drinks and his attitude and customer service was very good.

So what happened to The Fifth Bountiful Utah location after the bar closed?

Well, as far as I can tell, it’s still empty.

The most recent Google Maps street view picture is from November 2022, so it still shows The Fifth as the tenant:

The same was true in September 2021.

I also don’t see any new business as occupying that address yet.

I do see an active for sale listing on Caldwell Banker Reality, though.

The price is a hefty $1.8 million!

I thought that Utah would be cheaper than that.

Here’s the description of the property from the Caldwell Banker Realty page:

The Fifth Utah for sale

If you know anything, please leave a comment below.

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. The best thing the daughters did after the relaunch was to quit. I could tell the way ‘Brad’ looked he was not accepting the idea of turning over the reins to his daughters no matter what. Essentially because he’s an alcoholic and he makes bad choices.

    • I totally agree. It’s all a shame because he’ll have to hit rock bottom before in he gets the help he needs to own up to the truth that it’s at all his fault.

    • Amen Jerry. He looked brain dead the entire episode. I wish Taffer had insisted that he sign over the bar before wasting his and my time trying to rescue the Titanic!

    • Yep! I thought the same thing. Of course I cursed the tv, sadly Brad didn’t hear what I said…. lol
      It is ashamed that Brad ruined a family legacy. 51 years! He is a POS!! I was hoping the girls would be able to pull it out of ruin and pass it on to their children. Then covid hit. We all know covid destroyed many lives in so many different ways.
      Alcohol is fun IF a person doesn’t over indulge. It’s sad to see an addict destroy a legacy 😢 😔

    • Absolutely correct sir! As the father he knew his daughters would cut him off! Those girls deserve way better from their father! I feel bad for them girls to have a father that cares more of his next drink then the care and keeping his word to his daughters. I know that story I lived it but I NEVER lied to my daughter,I’ve been clean going on 24yrs. So I know!If he really cared for his daughters he would stop! If I can do it anyone can cause I am a alcoholic and drug addict just I decided my daughter was worth way more than the life I had back then!

  2. I agree this guy had no intentions of handing over the bar to his daughters and Taffer should have been had him put in writing. Just curious if the bartender that walked out was allowed to come back after show aired because she was very negative.

    • Typical 2022 Republican…
      Blame Biden.
      Blame Democrats
      Blame Immigrants
      Blame Hunter’s Laptop
      Blame anyone but, Brad.

    • Brad is a Loser and a Moron! He has given up his relationship with his Daughters so he can be a drunken bum! Now he lost the business! All his fault and much deserved! Shame on him.

      • Please get your relative Brad to a physician! From what I saw on Bar Rescue, Brad has dementia.
        Although the alcoholism does make the dementia worse, his primary disorder is probably dementia. If I am correct, he can no longer make decisions to conduct everyday tasks never mind run a business.
        Dementia is awful and not something he has control over. He will need his family and friends to make the next few years bearable. I say “few years” because dementia is ultimately fatal.

  3. Integrity is just not that common in the first place. Given the fact that addicts lie, it’s not surprising that Brad would say whatever he needed to say to get his bar renovated. Unfortunately it’s likely that his relationship with his daughters is in ruins

    • Not to mention, they thought they were going to have a chance to actually buy and own their grandfather’s place and help ensure their father’s financial future. Now that’s all gone, for the family, over Brad’s lies and poor judgement. How do you own a bar for 20 years and not know how to pour or ring up a drink?

  4. Sad thing is the help that taffer gave was really unapreciated. Wish he’d come spiffy up my tire shop in NM.

  5. Brad us a total shit-head. Owning and losing a bar is one thing but screwing over your daughters is proving what you are, a loser!

  6. The guy didn’t even seem like he appreciated the transformation, like at all. That and the fact he was too stubborn to turn it over to his daughters is a shame. I hope he loses it all!

  7. Amen!!! Brad was a spoiled son, omg….if I was given this opportunity from my dad, I would’ve made him proud!!! I’ve been a waitress and bartender growing up for over 35 years. I would’ve gone above and beyond to keep this restaurant alive if given the chance!!

  8. Brad should never own any business ever again!
    You lost your liquor license and that’s totally in you.
    Disrespected your father’s legacy. 😖

  9. Did anyone else notice that Brad kept looking at something off camera when Jon Taffer was telling him his work there was done? Wth is more important in those few seconds? That guy hasn’t got a clue how to prioritize much of anything in life and if he did, he’s so passive that I doubt he would do anything about it anyway. Sounds like he let the bartender that walked out come back. Who didn’t see that one coming? He lied to his daughters about giving it to them if he failed. Ugh. I hope his daughters find success elsewhere.

    • Yup, noticed that too. You coupd tell he was done with the show and with Taffer,, and didn’t care for renovationTagger, try turn that place around.

  10. I knew the second John was saying goodbye and Brad wouldn’t look at any of them in the eyes ..he wasn’t handing shit over .. I don’t feel for the girls I actually think they escaped a nightmare and headaches..

  11. Just watched a rerun of this episode. This loser had a profitable business handed to him and he drove it into the ground. What a POS. Instead of letting his own daughters run it, he wouldn’t give it up. Instead, he decided his “job” was to be to sit in a booth, drink his profits and get hammered. Way to go dumb ass.

  12. I have to agree with the majority of the reviews here. I too noticed how Brad was looking around… but not at Jon or his daughters. I felt like he was waiting for the opportunity to have a drink. As for his daughters, he treated them so badly. Here he had a great chance to get the bar making a profit… and he blew it. I felt bad for the daughters but I bet they knew their Dad wouldn’t come through. Hopefully they are successful in whatever type of work they do

  13. You know what’s funny? I just finished watching the episode and before it said anything about “six weeks later,” I said to my son, “I’ll bet the daughters quit!”Only to see that they did…………

    Then I searched it up on the web to see how things worked out, and eventually ended up at this site. Pretty well every comment so far was bang on.

    He doesn’t deserve any of my attention, and to be quite honest, I too did notice his lack of eye contact near the end. He was probably already into the bottle.

    I only wish the very best for both of his daughters as they move forward in life, they truly came across as sweethearts.

    I’m sorry that alcoholism has taken over. Very sad to say the least. I hope he will have the willpower to abstain from something that has been doing more harm than good.

    Lastly, Jon Taffer rocks! I’d love to meet the guy some day.

  14. Something else was going on with Brad… Drugs? Why wasn’t his wife there? Was she the mother of the girls?

    This whole episode was weird.

  15. The bartender “I’m not playing your games” before she walked out translates to “I don’t have to learn crap because I’ll do what I want and I know Brad will never fire me”.

    Which is completely reinforced by Brad following her out and kissing her butt and allowing her to leave without firing her.

    100% she’s his enabler

  16. I think Brad has alcohol induced dementia. He could not function and seemed lost. Too bad he didn’t sell the business to his daughters.

  17. My heart breaks for his beautiful intelligent emotionally exhausted daughters! Why wasn’t his wife at the relaunch?? I hope he is under a doctors care. Something more than alcoholism is amiss with him.

  18. Sadly it was obvious Brad was drunk the entire episode. My ex turned into an extreme alcoholic after 10 years of marriage- thank you American Legion- and I left. He now has been so bad for many many years he can’t function cognitively anymore. Seeing Brad was like watching my ex. Very sad indeed.

  19. From the reviews, it sounded like Alyssa was still there giving people an attitude all the time. She had such a sour puss the whole time, no wonder they didn’t survive. Between Brad’s drunken ass and Alyssa’s crappy attitude, good riddance! I feel bad for the daughters though.

  20. Brad has dementia!
    I’m not saying that he doesn’t also have alcoholism, but the inability to figure out how to pour a beer after 20 years in the business is a telltale sign of dementia! He is incapable of running a bar and his life.
    Instead of trying to get ownership of the bar, his daughters should have been working on guardianship of Brad!!! It’s an awful and fatal disease!


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