Power Strip Bar Rescue Update (Chix on Dix) – Still Open in 2023?

Is Power Strip still open today?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 4 | View All Season 4 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: December 13, 2015
The Bar's Original Name Was: Chix on Dix
Power Strip Address: 403 S Dix St Detroit, Michigan 48217

Episode Recap

Chix on Dix, later renamed to Power Strip, was a Detroit, Michigan bar that was featured on Season 4 of Bar Rescue.

Though the Power Strip Bar Rescue episode aired in December 2015, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that.

It was Season 4 Episode 41 and the episode name was “Bare Rescue”.

Chix on Dix is a Detroit “Gentleman’s club” that was featured on Season 4 of Bar Rescue.

It’s owned been owned by Richard Skinner since 2005, which means he’s had it for almost a decade at the time of the visit from Jon Taffer and his crew.

Chix on Dix owner

The bar’s original name was a play on the fact that the bar is located on Dix St. in Detroit Michigan.

I’m sure you get the meaning…

Jon Taffer isn’t known for rescuing strip clubs, so this one is actually a fairly unique Bar Rescue Episode.

In the episode, we learn that the dancers at Chix on Dix are from from sociable and that fact is making the bar lose a substantial $5,000 per month.

Darren, the general manager, is clearly struggling to make ends meet.

Dancers drink and sleep on the job and there just generally aren’t many enforced rules at the club.

Things even get a little testy when Jon Taffer makes his entrance, as one of the employees pushed over a whole shelf of glasses.

I hope none of that broken glass got in the ice bucket – Jon Taffer would freak out!

Chix on Dix employee breaks glass

As you’d expect from a struggling “gentleman’s” club, there are also plenty of issues with cleanliness.

To help save the bar, Jon brought in Lisamarie Joyce as the mixologist.

He was also joined by Renae Lemmens, an expert in the gentleman’s club industry who is the director at Sapphire Gentleman’s Club.

As part of the makeover, Jon Taffer fired much of the existing crew and renovated the place with new drink systems and poles.

He also renamed it to Power Strip.

So was the Chix on Dix Bar Rescue episode a success?

Keep reading our update to learn what happened to the club and how it’s doing in 2024 and beyond.

Power Strip Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Power Strip Bar Rescue episode, let’s talk about what happened to the club after Jon Taffer and his crew left Detroit, MI.

After the episode aired, it appears that the Chix on Dix team accepted Jon’s name change.

On all of their social profiles, they referred to the club by its new name of Power Strip.

It’s hard to tell whether Jon’s changes actually made patrons happier as not many people review strip clubs on Yelp.

However, it appears that, either way, Jon’s changes weren’t enough to save the club.

Is Power Strip from Bar Rescue still open?

Power Strip closed for good in June 2016, which is only around seven months after the Bar Rescue episode aired on TV.

The bar was listed for sale with an asking price of $600,000 (eventually dropped to $500,000).

This price included the liquor license, topless license, land, and all equipment.

I’m not sure what happened with the sale, but I think there’s a good chance the bar was purchased given the location’s current situation.

For a time, the old Chix on Dix Detroit location was occupied by a new gentleman’s club called Charmed Gentleman Club.

So while Chix on Dix closed, the gentleman’s club tradition lived on at the Dix St. location.

Here’s what the old Power Strip Detroit location looks like in the most recent picture from Google Maps street view:

However, as of 2023, it seems like Charmed Gentlemans Club is also closed, as it’s marked as “Permanently Closed” on Google.

I was also doing some digging and it seems like the Power Strip Detroit property was most recently sold for $200,000 in August 2020.

That’s according to this Realtor.com listing.

I’m not sure if a new business will move in there – if you know anything about it, please let me know in the comments section.

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  1. The episode was interestingly entertaining. Drunk and sleepy strippers with dismal attitudes. What’s not to fail about that strip club model? But what’s sad, is to know that all the efforts of Bar Rescue were in vain… Loved it when Chuck tipped over the glass shelving. Haha too funny.

  2. Good episode, but the fact that the manager brought both employees that were fired for like 100% good reason shows that he wasn’t all that capable of being a manager of a successful business. He wanted to be the nice guy that works with everyone despite the affect it has on the business and that’s a recipe for failure every time!!!

    • sorry but u are wrong darren is the worst manger boss if ever had he the biggest asshole you will ever meet ever place he was a manger went under

      • That doesn’t surprise me. Just watching him you could tell he was a terrible manager. I’m sure he’s the reason the bar failed despite Jon’s best efforts! He brought back those two loser employees after they were rightfully fired.

    • I think you are absolutely right! That manager was totally ineffective! To bring back those two terrible employees was a huge mistake. I’m not surprised that this place failed-despite Jon’s hard work and his experts.

      • I’ve watched many episodes of Bar Rescue and you can usually tell which ones won’t make it…Most do NOT! Chix on Dix had NO chance! On top of everything else, the dancers that were really employees were not even moderately attractive. The ones they brought in for the launch we’re obviously shit hot! There was no way that formula was going to succeed…

  3. What bothered me most about this episode was Darren. He went and re-hired the two people that were causing Chix on Dix to fail—Chuck and “Sweetie,” employees with horrible attitudes! What a pussy! No wonder the place closed down. He’s a terrible manager with no backbone. So disappointing that The Power Strip failed because of Darren.

  4. I’ve always figured that a strip club was a license to print money. IF it’s ran correctly. Chuck and Sweetie were both complete morons. I would NEVER let Chuck back in the place after flipping that glass ware. He would have been permanently banned. The tired ugly strippers he brought in were a joke. I think the owner was another idiot. Didn’t want to spend any time around the place. Too cheap to get some decent girls in there. Most of these places the girls pay YOU to dance there and they get tips. I was there in 2015 before the rescue and it was one of the dingiest dives I was ever in. Ugly strippers and anti social servers. It SHOULD have been shut down. Pop it in the head and call it a day. Somebody else will come in and make it better hopefully.

  5. Why don’t ppl like Darren, Chuck and nasty ass “Sweetie” understand that they were just on an INTERNATIONAL tv show and the way they portrayed themselves can be seen by ANY potential employer, anywhere in the U.S. and then some?!
    Sweetie probably thought she was “famous” and put it on her resume because she clearly thought she was something she WASN’T and I’m sure that was only intensified when Darren brought her back.
    No one with half a brain who owns a business, would EVER hire her… and same for Darren and Chuck. No smart business owner would give either of them the time of day after that episode!
    They didn’t even care about how incredibly PATHETIC they all looked! Only a DESPERATE man would pay ANY of those girls to dance… and anyone who would disagree with that is INSANE!
    I had to laugh when Sweetie dissed Ranae and referred to her age as being old, because Ranae makes more money in one night, in her sleep, than Sweetie has in her ENTIRE life for sure, lol.
    I would be soooo ashamed and embarrassed I’d I were ANY of the people who were in that episode (I mean the employees&owner from that bar of course)!
    What a shame… I bet there’s a gazillion of us who could have taken that very opportunity and made it super successful! I know I would love to have been the owner of that place after Jon Taffer did his magic! But I guess that’s the difference between a SMART person and………… well…………. ALL of THOSE rejects!
    Now that they’re CLOSED, they won’t be able to burn out the eyeballs of poor, unsuspecting men who happen to stop in to check it out!
    I can only imagine how many poor schmucks felt like there was acid sprayed into their eyes having to look at those girls! They didn’t even have enough self respect to brush their hair for crying out loud! Just NASTY all the way around!
    That one chick wore that SAME damn pink bikini the entire week.
    No make up, nasty hair and don’t even get me started on the rolls hanging out of their “attire”!
    There are sooo many ways a chunky girl can look super sexy… a nasty pink bikini you’ve worn every day for a month with hair you haven’t even brushed in as long and spots&blotches all over your face (and no makeup) is NOT at all attractive!

    • Yeah the reason sweetie was crying in that episode was because her mother had just recently died, And the reason that girl wore the same outfit was sadly that was the best she could afford with no money. But thanks for getting on here with your righteous indignation and attacking these poor girls who are suffering and trying to make it in a difficult and demeaning industry. You’re an awful human being.

      • Shouldn’t affect the way the fat girl slid down the pole and horned herself. Get a one piece! Sweetie should’ve called in. Not gotten shitfaced on to. Her momma was turning in her grave.

      • Hey Jonny, here’s my righteous indignation…my beloved parents both died and I still did my job(s)! Quit making excuses for people who dont want to help themselves

      • Allow me to interject: As a professional entertainer, you LEAVE ALL THAT DRAMA at home. If you can’t invest in more than one “costume” perhaps taking your clothes off for money isn’t the industry one should pursue especially if they can make more money working in an office. One “entertainer” claimed she made $10 for her entire shift which is WELL BELOW minimum wage. These women are supposed to be a “fantasy,” therefore, your moneymaker is your body. Join a gym, get into a boot camp, jog, eat healthy, etc. One does not strip down to their naked body without regard for how they look. This IS part of the entertainment industry and LOOKS and PERSONALITY count. If no effort is taken on their part, they get what they deserve such as these nasty comments…

        • I agree. I danced for 10 years and also managed the girls, the front main stage and bar stages. I feel for these girls and wont trash them but there was zero efforts made on the girls part to be dancers.

          I’m surprised the Bar Rescue expert didn’t show these girls how to use the poles correctly because tricks are money makers. Having a routine or several is a money maker. Utilizing music to create routines or an act if you will.

          Sure a lot of dance wear can be pricey but you can’t tell me that you can’t afford to come up with a couple more outfits. Buy things off of other girls or even lend you for the time being. In my club big focus for us girls was outfits and shoes shoes and shoes! Swapping and buying.

          We always had a house mom who I’m sure you know already that brought toiletries for the girls, body sprays brushs combs needle thread etc etc. lol Sometimes it was hard getting girls out of the dressing room because they were still prepping and priming. We Always freshened ourselves up before and after going on stage.

          These girls looked strung out on drugs. It’s no secret drugs and blurring the legal line is a regular thing at clubs. But if you look like you are strung out and a corner hooker then be prepared to not make money in any legal way.

          If that girl Sweeties mom had just died she should’ve have never gone up on stage period. You can not cry on the pole. My Gawd. Remind me of the song from Bloodhound Gang, “The lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying” Lol

  6. I just got done watching this and decided to look this place up. Im shocked but not shocked the Power Strip is closed

  7. They went belly up. Yes they didn’t know how to run it. It showed on the girls they had. No offence. But pretty woman draw more men.

  8. As manager and owner of a club i cant even begin to count all the mistakes made here, the only thing done somewhat right was the remodel. Taffer needs to stick with what he knows and it isnt strip clubs. Done right a strip club is a gold mine and if you can make it a successful date destination its a golden egg layimg goose. You should have top qualoty girls beating your door down to pay YOU to dance there. The yeam CLEARLY did not understand how to train the girls to maximize their time and opportunity and they were clueless as to what a club manager SHOULD be doing. This was a fail all around…A show about resuing strip clubs would be a good idea…everything grom the music to the bouncers play a huge part in the clibs (and the dancers success)

  9. No strip bar is going to be a success when the dancers are missing teeth. Not to mention Darren is a bouncer not a manager. To rehire that cancer of a dancer…. well doesn’t surprise me the other dancer had teeth missing. Jon brought in quality girls.

  10. My home town. Not surprised it’s CLOSED! Ugly, doped up girls that don’t have anything going their way. Sad, really. Could have been a Gold Mine!! BTW.. Sweetie. The 40 year old…. Runs Sapphire…in Vegas. $30 million a year??? This club could have made only 10% of that! That’s $3 million. Dummies!!

  11. An area where the median salary is $29,000 a year. I don’t think a blue collar part of town would use their money for strippers.

  12. Power Strip Tip: even if you aren’t stripper attractive, you can still attract with the right attitude. And even if you’re a Teffer wannabe, have some humility and actually LEARN something from an actual Bar rescuer. This episode was painful on every level. At the end of the day, I’m surprised that Jon didn’t check these “dancers” into a treatment facility.

  13. I’m surprised nobody has pointed out the obvious: this was Jon’s biggest mistake in branding because Chix On Dix was the best name ever— it explained perfectly where the bar was and what it was about.

    • As a woman I can’t help but agree with that lol. I thought the name was pretty funny. The quality of girls though in combo with the name just didn’t help each other

  14. Hey Vic Vegas, does that shirt come in anything in but womens small? I love this fashion, otherwise fairly flabby dudes work only biceps, then wear womens S and think it looks sooooo badass. I literally LOL daily seeing this guys. And the waxed chest thing, haha, dudes look like prebuscent 11 y o girls and think it’s badass. Who starts this stuff and why do grown ass men go full sheep and follow. Baaahaaaa baaaaa baaaahaaaaaa

  15. How did Athena get hired? Tiny boobs and chubby. I have a body like that (more boobage though). I’d never dream of wearing a bikini, let alone flaunt my fatness! Selena was the only one who deserved to have a job. Sweetie is a bitchy, brain dead moron.

  16. Seems like the only way Sweetie could objectify herself for money was if she was drunk. Once they made her stop drinking, she couldn’t do it. Everyone is acting like she was a loser for the way she went out, but if you look at it how I laid it out, she probably has more respect for herself than the other “dancers”.


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