Galloping Goose Bar Rescue Update – Coolidge, AZ – Still Open in 2023?

Is Gallopin' Goose still open in 2024?

Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 4 | View All Season 4 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: July 31, 2016
The Bar's Original Name Was: Gallopin' Goose
Gallopin' Goose Address: 1980 S Arizona Blvd Coolidge, AZ 85128

Galloping Goose Bar Rescue Update

Episode Recap

Gallopin’ Goose was a Coolidge, Arizona bar that was featured on Season 4 of Bar Rescue.

Though the Galloping Goose Bar Rescue episode aired in July 2016, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that at the beginning of 2016.

It was Season 4 Episode 58 and the episode name was “Raising Arizona”. It was the last episode of Bar Rescue Season 4.

The Gallopin’ Goose is a famous county bar in Coolidge, AZ with a long history.

Coolidge is a city of around 12,000 people in Pinal County.

To give you some context, the bar is around a one hour drive southeast from downtown Phoenix.

As I mentioned, the bar is country-themed. It has a long history going back to the 1940s and has hosted a number of famous country music artists, including Waylon Jennings in the early 1960s.

The current owners are Scott and Stacy Whorman, who bought the bar in 2009.

That means they’ve owned it for around seven years at the time of the Gallopin’ Goose Bar Rescue visit.

Gallopin' Goose owner

However, there’s also some sad drama, which forms a big part of the show.

Scott had an affair, and his mistress had a baby.

As a result, Stacy left him and moved to California with their children.

Stacy moved back to Arizona a few years later and gave Scott another chance. 

At first, the bar had some really good times and was earning up to $80,000 in its best months.

However, it’s now gone down hill, which is probably no surprise given that it’s showing up on bar Rescue.

The bar is in disrepair and has gone through summers without air conditioning.

The owners only have six months left until they close the doors.

Stacy meets Jon Taffer outside in his SUV. Together they watch the bar on the hidden camera footage. 

Robyn Moore from KNIX Radio and two friends, Aaron and Kristine, spy on the bar.

Amber, the bar manager, makes their drinks too strong.

The bar has a staging area that is not being utilized.

Scott leaves during a busy service to smoke a cigarette. The bar is slanted and is being propped up. 

Amber is getting upset about the spies asking about their food.

She goes into the kitchen to complain about the guests.

When the food finally arrives, it is terrible.

While Scott is outside, he is also talking about Stacy.

Jon Taffer and Stacy enter the bar.

Scott gets angry at Stacy and says she has no right to say the bar needs help because she is never there.

Jon yells at Scott, telling him that Stacy came back to give him another chance is a real blessing. 

The following day Jon meets with the staff.

Amber tells Jon that Scott’s reputation locally is not good.

Expert bartender Gerry Graham and chef Michael Psilakis help Jon Taffer further recon the bar.

Gerry notices the dirty bar immediately.

Scott swears it gets wiped down, but Gerry says there is a year’s worth of grime on there. 

Once they assess the current situation, the experts get to work on improving the bar.

The new menu will be based on bourbon and whisky.

Gerry begins to train the staff on unique whiskey cocktails.

Amber, the bartender, did a great job, but Amber still needs work.

In terms of food, Michael thinks the restaurant should serve breakfast all day since it brings in a lot of customers. 

The kitchen will be making a breakfast taco for the stress test.

Carpenters come to fix the slanting bar for the test.

The stress test begins, and they are bombarded with orders.

Customers end up waiting a long time for their drinks and food.

Amber quits in the middle of service but returns. 

Jon Taffer and Scott talk, and Jon tells him his reputation is not good because of the affair.

The locals also don’t like Amber’s behavior, so she promises to work on it.

The following day they start training.

Michael shows the kitchen staff more breakfast recipes.

Jon sends Stacy and Scott to Kentucky to learn more about Bulleit Bourbon. Product placement, am I right?

The bar is remodeled while the owners are in Kentucky.

Because of the bar’s rich history, Jon Taffer kept the original Gallopin’ Goose name.

However, he did renovate the inside and give it a bunch of new equipment (at no cost, because Bar Rescue owners never need to pay for renovations).

Relaunch night is a success with a line of customers waiting to get in.

Scott thinks the bar has a successful future. 

So was the Galloping Goose Bar Rescue episode a long-term success?

Keep reading to learn what happened next and if this Coolidge AZ bar is still open in 2024.

Gallopin' Goose Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Gallopin’ Goose Bar Rescue episode, let’s talk about what happened to the bar after Jon Taffer and his crew left Coolidge, AZ.

I encourage you to keep reading because there’s some pretty crazy stuff in here, including a conspiracy to defraud Medicare of hundreds of thousands of dollars and a Galloping Goose bar shooting.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though.

Things seemed to start off well for the bar.

At the standard six-week check-in with the Bar Rescue producers, we learn that sales at the bar have gone up by more than 40% and things are going great.

This extra money gave Scott the ability to add some of his own renovations to the bar that went beyond what Jon Taffer and his crew did.

This includes a big new outdoor seating area that was built in April 2016 (around three months after the actual Gallopin’ Goose Bar Rescue visit, though before the episode aired on TV).

Here’s a Facebook picture of the outdoor seating area while it was under construction:

Gallopin Goose outdoor seating area

Next, let’s talk about Scott himself and his experience on the Galloping Goose Bar Rescue episode.

Scott seemed to understand what he was getting into with the show and generally had a good experience.

He has some good quotes in this interview from the Phoenix New Times. For example, this one where he shows that he understands the game of reality TV:

Filming it was fun [and] we had a good time doing it, but there were a few moments where it got pretty tense,” Wohrman says.

“You know how the show is, [Taffer] comes in, yells and screams, he finds problems with things.

The next day, everyone makes up and its all ‘Kumbaya, let’s make this place better’ sort of thing.

I will say this; they’re making a TV show.

It’s called Bar Rescue but they’re about making gripping TV.

Scott also understood that a lot of the show would be about his past missteps and he seemed to be ok with that and take accountability.

Stacey, Scott’s ex-wife, also seemed to have a good time on the episode.

Here are her overall thoughts on filming the episode:

I enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed the whole time, but then I didn’t get ripped on, so I’m curious what they’ll do.

I enjoyed meeting the crew and Jon Taffer.

It was a positive experience.

Once in a lifetime.

So while Gallopin’ Goose started off well, did those improvements have lasting effects?

Is Gallopin’ Goose from Bar Rescue still open?

As of 2023, Gallopin’ Goose is still open and serving customers in Coolidge, AZ.

The bar did shut down for over a year during the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, it fully reopened in April 2021 and remains open to this day.

As part of the reopening, the bar also installed a new dance floor that you didn’t see on Bar Rescue.

Note – the Gallopin’ Goose Yelp page does still list the bar as closed as of October 2023. That is wrong though – the bar has reopened after the Covid-19 closure.

I confirmed this by checking the Gallopin’ Goose Facebook page, where the bar is still posting about events and such.

For example, here’s a post from Veteran’s Day 2022 (November 11), which shows the bar is still open:

Gallopin' Goose Veteran's Day promo

I checked again in October 2023 and the bar is still posting events, even though it’s been marked as closed on Yelp.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the bar initially tried to make it work doing takeout-only service.

However, they were soon forced to close because takeout alone wasn’t enough to cover the costs, especially without any beer or liquor sales.

Thankfully, Scott’s other businesses were able to keep him afloat and eventually reopen the Gallopin’ Goose a year later.

However, there were also some shady things going on with the business, as I’ll detail a little later on. Make sure to keep reading!

There was a shooting at Gallopin’ Goose in August 2023

In August 2023, there was a weekend shooting at Gallopin’ Goose.

One person was killed and three were injured.

The shooting happened at around 12:45 AM.

The shooting stemmed from a fight between two women inside the bar.

The women were kicked out by the Gallopin’ Goose staff but kept fighting in the parking lot.

Friends and family of the women arrived which is when people started pulling guns and shooting.

The police recovered multiple handguns from the scene, so there were multiple guns involved.

If you want to read more, check out this article from a local publication.

It doesn’t seem like the bar staff did anything wrong, but it is still a pretty sad situation.

Again, the Gallopin’ Goose shooting happened in August 2023, so it was over seven years after the Bar Rescue episode.

Gallopin’ Goose reviews after Bar Rescue

Reviews for Gallopin’ Goose seem good but not great. It has a 3 star rating on Yelp, 3.5 stars on TripAdvisor, and 4.2 stars on Google Reviews.

Here are a few reviews that happened after the Gallopin’ Goose Bar Rescue episode and after the Covid-19 reopening.

Five star Yelp review from June 2021:

Good bar food awesome wait staff plus a bit of Country music history

Glad to see they re-opened

Five star Google review from April 2022:

Great food.

Love the karaoke night on Wednesday evenings.

Wait staff is efficient but they’re not going to show you a friendly welcome or smile.

If you want friendliness from your wait staff, go elsewhere.

They’re there to get the job done with serving drinks and food.

Two star Google review from March 2022:

Waited 10min before my presence was acknowledged.

After 30 minutes I finally got a menu.

(Bartender came out and gave it to me cause see saw my dri k empty)

15 more minutes and the waitress took my menu and empty drink without taking my order.

I asked “Is someone going to take my order?”

As she took it.

Said ” I’ll check on it and be right back.

Comes back “What did you order? 1 hour and 40 minutes for 3 drinks and a Ruben sandwich with cold onion rings.

Not busy at all with 2 waitresses and a Bartender and I got more help from her than my waitress.


What happened to Scott from Gallopin’ Goose?

As I mentioned above, Gallopin’ Goose is far from Scott’s only business.

He calls himself a serial entrepreneur and he has founded or is involved with a number of other companies. Here’s what he’s still handling as of 2022:

  • United Medical Solutions president/co-founded
  • Gallopin’ Goose Saloon owner/president (you probably already knew that)
  • Greenleaf Capital Group owner/president

If you want to connect with Scott, you can check out his LinkedIn page or his Facebook page.

Scott runs into some trouble with the law in 2023 over healthcare fraud conspiracy

While Scott seems to have a lot of businesses, one of those businesses seems to have gotten Scott into trouble with the law.

He, along with an Indiana man, pleaded guilty in January 2023 to one count of conspiracy to violate the Federal Anti-Kickback statute and one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud.

It seems like Scott, along with another man, operated a company called American Health Screening (AHS) that provided marketing services to health care labs.

However, not all was on the up and up.

Here’s a summary from the United States Attorney’s office:

From July 2020 through January 2021, Heneghan, Wohrman, and others agreed to engage in a scheme to provide DME orders and genetic testing referrals for Medicare beneficiaries in exchange for kickbacks of approximately $1,500 per patient or for each test that resulted in a reimbursement from Medicare.

Heneghan and Wohrman entered into a sham contract and utilized fraudulent invoices to make it appear that AHS was being paid for legitimate services and to conceal their fraudulent kickback scheme.

Heneghan and Wohrman received kickbacks of at least $547,310 for durable medical equipment and at least $18,319 for genetic testing.

Heneghan and Wohrman’s scheme resulted in an actual loss to Medicare of at least $565,629.

The charges carried pretty hefty maximum penalties – up to ten years in prison for the biggest one.

However, because he pled guilty, I’m guessing he won’t get the maximum.

Scott is supposed to be sentenced in September 2023.

To learn more, you can read the full press release from the United States Attorney’s Office.

Did Scott and Stacey from Gallopin’ Goose get back together?

Unfortunately, it seems like Scott and Stacey are no longer together.

Scott’s Facebook page lists him as single and Stacey no longer uses the Worhman name on her Facebook page.

Final thoughts on Gallopin’ Goose

Overall, Gallopin’ Goose is still open and serving customers.

However, there seem to be some troubles that might change that in the future.

In August 2023, there was a shooting at the Gallopin’ Goose that left one person dead and two injured.

Beyond that, Scott has ran into some trouble with the law over his part in a health care fraud conspiracy.

If anything changes with the bar, I’ll be sure to update this post.

That wraps up my Gallopin’ Goose Bar Rescue update.

If you want to see some other Arizona Bar Rescue episodes, you can read these updates:

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. My boyfriend and I lived across from the Goose and worked there also. That was back before they had a kitchen and Rob helped devolve and work the kitchen and I did cleaning once a week. That bar has always had its upss and downs since it was opened up back in the 50’s as a country club and had a palm tree lined pool in the back. I remember cops sitting across the street in that lot waiting for ppl to come out at night, it’s like shoot fish in a barrel for them so the bar bought a mini bus and would pick up and drop ppl back off at home to avoid DUI’S PRETTY SMART. Anyway they had a dance floor back the and an outdoor area also so not a new concept and this was back in 205 I believe.

  2. We discovered the Galloping Goose after moving to rural Coolidge in 2021. We absolutely love their food and it is one of our favorite spots to meet friends & we love bringing our visitors from out of town to this bar & restaurant as well. And we love sharing the history too!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience!

      It’s always great to hear from people who are able to visit the bars in person.

  3. I feel bad for weak codependent women like that, easily dominated and deserve much better. As do the kids. I couldn’t have less respect than I do for a man like that. Selfish.


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