Brick and Barley / Baseline Sports Bar Update – Bar Rescue – Open or Closed?

Is Brick and Barley still open in 2022?

Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 4 | View All Season 4 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: July 17, 2016
The Bar's Original Name Was: Baseline Sports Bar
Brick and Barley Address: 201 E Baseline Rd Tempe, AZ 85283

Brick and Barley Bar Rescue Update

Episode Recap

Baseline Sports Bar made its first Bar Rescue appearance in Season 4. Jon Taffer visited the bar to find a debt disaster. Despite purportedly pulling in $65-80k per month before current owner AJ Hunter took over, Baseline Sports Bar was losing over $4,000 per month and a massive $190,000 in debt.

The fact that AJ built a staff of 100% women and called them the “Baseline Babes” probably didn’t help either. In an add twist, two of those babes were AJ’s own daughters.

As part of his attempt to save the bar, Jon Taffer rebranded Baseline Sports Bar into Brick and Barley. Keep reading to see what happened to the rebranded Brick and Barley.

Brick and Barley Update - What Happened Next?

On March, 12th, 2017, a Season 5 episode aired in which Jon revisited Brick and Barley to check in how things are going. Though Brick and Barley is barely holding on, it is still open at the time of Jon’s revisit.

Yelp reviews of the Brick & Barley seem mixed. Currently, it’s sitting at exactly 3-stars.

The negative reviews seem to focus mostly on the bar’s poor service. Despite the poor service, reviews of the food generally seem positive.

For example, this Yelp review was posted shortly after the episode where Jon revisited Brick and Barley:

Bar Rescue reminded me to review. Had the exact experience other reviewers mentioned. Took forever for the food, and our server seemed like she just rolled out of bed and was hung over. She was super rude, pretty much rolling her eyes. We shared the pretzel, was going to stay longer, but was indeed uncomfortable. So we ended up going to Lucky Break down the street.

The service seems not to have improved one bit, unfortunately.

Brick and Barley also got rid of the whole cocktail menu created by mixologist Daniel Ponsky, telling him that “we didn’t keep any of your drinks” and that Brick and Barley’s “core group is the beer drinker”.

Brick and Barley is definitely teetering on the edge. But for now, Brick and Barley is still open and alive.

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