The Kasbah Bar Rescue Update – Aurora, CO – Open or Closed in 2022?

Is The Kasbah still open in 2022?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 3 | View All Season 3 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: March 17, 2013
The Bar's Original Name Was: The Kasbah
The Kasbah Address: 15373 E 6th Ave Aurora, CO 80011

The Kasbah Bar Rescue Update

Episode Recap

The Kasbah was a Denver/Aurora, Colorado bar that was featured on Season 3 of Bar Rescue. Though the The Kasbah Bar Rescue episode aired in March 2013, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that.

It was Season 3 Episode 6 and the episode name was “Jon T, He Don’t Like It” .

Shelton Bouknight is the owner of The Kasbah. He opened the bar all the way back in 1997, kickstarting it with money from his 401k.

The bar is located in Denver, Colorado. Well, technically it’s located in Aurora, Colorado, but that basically counts as Denver.

When The Kasbah first opened its doors, they were very successful.

They were making $85,000 a month and over $800,000 a year, which ain’t too shabby for a business.

The bar decided to target a younger crowd, but that brought problems, and they began to fail.

There were many fights, and eventually, the police had to get involved. 

Shelton has no control over the staff. They do whatever they please, and now Shelton is in debt.

That’s why he needs help from Jon Taffer and why the The Kasbah Bar Rescue episode exists in the first place. After all, successful bars don’t go on Bar Rescue.

Jon brings in Chef Aaron McCargo and mixologist Elayne Davis to help him with the bar. 

Jon recruits two locals to spy on the bar for him. The bar is 5,800 square feet with a dance floor and a stage.

The spies pay to enter the nightclub but quickly realize there is no sound system and the atmosphere is not fit for a club.

The spies order drinks that are too strong, and the servers aren’t working.

There is a creepy man who won’t leave the two locals alone. Security doesn’t help, and a fight is about to break out. 

Jon comes in to talk to Shelton, the owner.

He thinks Shelton should fire the security guard for not stepping up to help the spies.

The kitchen is a nightmare, and Jon makes the owner and chef clean the kitchen.

Jon then meets with the staff who have had no proper training.

The team says the dress code is the biggest issue with the bar. 

Elayne shows the bartenders how to do a proper high pour.

Jon also calls in Doc, a security expert.

Doc tells the security team to pat down everyone to ensure they are not bringing alcohol or drugs into the establishment. 

Younger clients line up for the stress test, and some have snuck in alcohol since security didn’t do their job.

The staff struggles to cook during the trial.

The owner fires the security guard for failing during the stress test. 

Elayne shows the bar staff how to make new drinks that will show on their menu.

The two new drinks include DJ Mix and Kings Crown.

The glasses are aimed or a younger clientele. Chef Aaron offers the kitchen new recipes.

Doc trains the security staff on proper protocols. 

After the renovations, the staff returns to see the construction crew’s work. Unlike a lot of bars, Jon Taffer didn’t change the bar’s name here – he kept it as The Kasbah.

The outside is more modern, and the inside looks fantastic.

Jon has installed a new sound system and shot machine.

There is also a new POS machine.

The relaunch went well. The staff stepped up, and Shelton saved the night. 

The Kasbah Update - What Happened Next?

Two months later and the bar is packed every weekend.

They are making almost $9,000 per night on good nights, which is a massive change from where the bar was before.

Shelton has paid back all of the debts he owed with the profits from the bar.

Hennessey also named the bar the best seller of liquid in Denver, CO.

With that being said, there were some issues.

In 2018, there was a shooting outside The Kasbah that left one person dead and three injured.

The fight allegedly started inside of The Kasbah and then moved outside where the shooting occurred.

However, Shelton disputes that story:

“I did go back and review my surveillance and was able to determine that there was no fight in here that spilled out into the parking lot,” Bouknight said. “No subsequent shots were fired in the parking lot.”

The people definitely got shot somewhere, though, because the police found four people with injuries when they arrived.

You can learn more in this news article.

Is The Kasbah from Bar Rescue still open?

While The Kasbah stayed open for a long time after Jon Taffer’s visit, The Kasbah closed in 2021 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The bar closed because of the pandemic and has not reopened since 2020.

If anything changes and the bar reopens, we’ll update this page and change its status on our Bar Rescue Closed/Open list.

Overall, though, The Kasbah survived for almost a decade after The Kasbah Bar Rescue episode and it took a global pandemic to bring the bar down. So, we’d say that still kind of counts as a success for Jon Taffer.

In addition to The Kasbah, Shelton also owned a restaurant in Aurora called Diego’s Restaurant BBQ and Soul Food. However, that restaurant is also now closed as of 2022.

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    • Agree.
      I’m a royal watcher of Bar Rescue. Owning a bar and restaurant is difficult . Did he just give Up??
      A good motto is NEVER NEVER Give up!!!!!
      I hope Shelton and staff moved on to better things.

  1. The best bar owner, such a nice guy, pandemic sucks.
    So yeah its a success for john. One of the best episodes so far ive seen.

    • I don’t think that’s true – I think they just never updated the website. I just checked and there’s a review from March 29, 2022 that says the person couldn’t find the bar at the listed address/it wasn’t open.

      They also still haven’t posted anything on their social media profiles since 2020 and the official website is dead.

      At this point, I doubt if this one is coming back, but hopefully they’re able to reopen.

  2. Wow, I hate that it’s closed. I was planning my vacation and I said I wanted to visit this place since I saw it on Bar Rescue. The pandemic messed it up for a lot of restaurants and bars. Hope they open back up.

  3. I loved this episode! The owner was just the NICEST GUY and I LOVED the remodel and the owner’s reaction to the blueprints! It makes my heart happy when good things happen to good ppl. I hate COVID stopped the success but hopefully it’s a temporary pause.


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