Crafted Bar Rescue Update (Van Goghz Martini Bar) – Still Open in 2022?

Is Crafted still open in 2022?

Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 4 | View All Season 4 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: March 13, 2016
The Bar's Original Name Was: Van Goghz Martini Bar and Bistro
Crafted Address: 3200 Shenandoah Ave St. Louis, MO 63104

Crafted Bar Rescue Update (Van Goghz Martini Bar)

Episode Recap

Van Goghz Martini Bar and Bistro, later renamed Crafted, was a St. Louis, Missouri bar that was featured on Season 6 of Bar Rescue.

Though the Crafted Bar Rescue episode aired in March 2016, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that.

It was Season 4 Episode 44 and the episode name was “Dragon Lady”.

In this episode of Bar Rescue, Van Gohz Martini Bar and Bistro is visited by Jon Taffer.

The bar is located in St. Louis, MO.

Dani Davis is the owner, and she bought the bar in 2013 because she had worked there previously.

That means she’s owned the bar for about three years at the time of the Van Goghz Bar Rescue episode.

At first, things were very successful. Now, things are too stressful for Dani, and she fights with the staff and is rarely at the bar. 

To help rescue the Van Goghz bar, Jon Taffer brings mixologist Lisamarie Joyce with him and Chef Pink.

When they arrive in the SUV, they see Dani drinking and smoking vapes at the bar.

There is also a dog in the bar, which is against the health code.

Two local mixologists head into the bar as Jon’s spies. 

The spies hate the martinis they order. For a martini bar, you’d expect the cocktails to be great…but they aren’t.

They also order Italian sausage owned by Dani’s family in Kansas City.

As the spies wait for their food, they catch Dani yelling at the chef in the kitchen. She yells a lot, which is why the episode’s name is Dragon Lady.

The spies ordered food is excellent, which is a rarity for bars that are featured on Bar Rescue.

However, the camera notices an egg being cooked on a dirty grill, so things still aren’t perfect.

Jon Taffer goes inside and brings Dani into the kitchen to inspect the grill.

Rob, the chef, admits the grill is dirty, and Jon blames him and Dani.

As Jon walks out of the bar, he yells back that there should not be a dog in the building because it’s against the health codes.

Jon arrives with his experts to inspect the bar and kitchen the next day.

Chef Pink sees a roach in the kitchen as well as a freezer with fiberglass on the food and a dirty preparation area.

Lisamarie is in the bar and sees a sharp counter edge, which has injured patrons in the past. 

Jon has a meeting with the staff, who all blame Dani for the state of the bar.

Dani doesn’t take responsibility and says the team does not respect her or her equipment.

There are obviously some issues that need to be worked out if the bar is going to be successful…

Lisamarie leads the bar staff in making cotton candy-flavored cocktails with Smirnoff.

Chef Pink is training the chef on a corn dog made with Dani’s family sausage in the kitchen. 

During the stress test, Jon gives the customers flashing badges to be removed once they are served.

Drinks take a long time to get to the customers because there are no more martini glasses.

Some of the guests’ badges begin to run out of batteries before they are ever served their drinks. Yikes…

Rob is doing well in the kitchen, but the servers are backed up due to the bar.

Jon ends the test and meets with an emotional Dani.

Jon and the staff meet the next day, and he informs them how Dani is going to try and be better.

Chef Pink trains the staff on making sausage ravioli while Lisamarie shows the bartenders how to use a cocktail press to infuse flavors into drinks.

While that’s happening, Jon Taffer and his crew get to work on revamping the bar.

Within thirty-six hours, the bar is renovated. 

As part of the changes, Jon renamed the bar from Van Goghz Martini Bar and Bistro to Crafted.

I think the new name is much better as it’s shorter and easier to remember (and pronounce).

Beyond the new name, the interior of the bar now looks more upscale.

There is a new fryer from Perfect Fry and two new POS machines.

At the relaunch, the bar and kitchen are keeping up with the orders. The customers are pleased. 

So would the changes from the Van Goghz Bar Rescue episode last? Let’s talk about what happened next in our update.

Crafted Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Crafted Bar Rescue visit, let’s talk about what happened to this bar after Jon Taffer and his crew left St. Louis, MO.

Things start off very well.

At the normal six-week check-in from the Bar Rescue producers, we learn that sales as the newly christened Crafted are up by almost 50%!

Mia Mastrionnani also revisited the bar in 2017, a year after the Crafted Bar Rescue episode. She learned that Crafted has a rotating, seasonal drink menu, which is pretty cool.

And that’s just the start – Crafted has shown no signs of slowing down since then, even powering through the Covid-19 pandemic (which took out a lot of bars from Bar Rescue, such as The Kasbah in Denver).

Is Crafted from Bar Rescue still open?

As of 2022, Crafted is still open and serving customers in St. Louis, MO. The bar has very good reviews, with a stellar four star rating on its Yelp page.

Most of the other bars on Bar Rescue get 3-3.5 star ratings, so the Crafted Yelp rating is quite good.

People seem to praise both the food and drink and the negative reviews are few and far between.

Overall, Crafted is definitely one of the biggest Bar Rescue success stories as the bar has already survived for over five years with no signs of slowing down.

If you’re in the St. Louis, Missouri area and you want to pay it a visit, you can learn more and see the menu at the official Crafted website.

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