Pastimes on 4th Bar Rescue Update (O’Kelleys Irish) – Still Open in 2024?

Is Pastimes on 4th still open today?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 4 | View All Season 4 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: April 3, 2016
The Bar's Original Name Was: O’Kelleys Irish Pub
Pastimes on 4th Address: 756 S 4th St St. Louis, MO 63102

Pastimes on 4th Bar Rescue Update (O’Kelleys Irish)

Episode Recap

O’Kelleys Irish Pub, later renamed to Pastimes on 4th, was a St. Louis, Missouri bar that was featured on Season 4 of Bar Rescue.

Though the Pastimes on 4th Bar Rescue episode aired in April 2016, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place a few months before that in late 2015.

It was Season 4 Episode 47 and the episode name was “Land of the Beer and Home of the Misbehaved”.

O’Kelley’s Irish Pub is in St. Louis, MO, right near where the St. Louis Cardinals stadium.

That should give it a huge clientele on game days.

The bar is owned by Andrea and Lance Ervin, who have a lot of experience in the restaurant industry.

In fact, they own a restaurant named Mama Campisi’s, which was featured on Restaurant Impossible a few years before the O’Kelley’s Bar Rescue visit.

They bought the sports bar in 2011, which means they’ve had it for about five years at the time of the episode.

At first, O’Kelley’s was successful under Andrea’s ownership, but after the manager quit at her other restaurant, she had to spend most of her time there. 

Cameron, Andrea’s nephew, was named head bartender, and Kim, a bartender, was promoted to manager.

Kim and Cameron do not get along as Cameron plays pranks behind the bar, and Kim doesn’t implement any of her management skills.

The bar is losing money, and Andrea is in severe debt. 

Jon meets with Andrea, and she tells him about herself.

The two of them watch footage from inside the bar.

Kim is working the bar and wearing a big hat which bothers Andrea.

Cameron is giving away free drinks while fighting with the customers and Kim. 

Chris Long, a pro football player, and Dan Katz, from Barstool Sports, spy on the bar for Andrea and Jon.

Barstool Sports has made a few appearances on Bar Rescue, including Dave Portnoy visiting Gil and Rick’s in Season 6.

The spies order Budweisers since it comes from St. Louis, but the beers are flat.

The men also order food, and the cook microwaves the burger. 

The camera shows Cameron and his friend dumping drinks on each other’s heads, and Andrea gets angry.

She walks into O’Kelley’s to confront him. Cameron walks out when Andrea starts yelling at him and when Andrea turns to talk to Kim, she is crying. 

Jon Taffer comes back with experts Shawn Ford and Chef Mike Ferraro the next day.

Shawn sees insects floating in the liquor bottles (a classic Bar Rescue problem), and the bar is covered in mold.

The nacho cheese is not stored correctly in the kitchen and the cook confides in Mike that he has never been trained.

They use a digital thermometer to discover that the nacho cheese is a whopping 104 degrees!

O'Kelley's Bar Rescue nacho cheese

Tina, an employee, tells Jon that she has experience as a supervisor, making Kim cry. 

To prep for the stress test, Chef Mike trains the kitchen staff on making a burger with Budweiser.

The bartenders are taught how to pour correctly at the bar, and Tina does an excellent job.

During the stress test, Jon Taffer wants Andrea to go where she is needed. He wants Kim to manage and Cameron to not play any pranks and behave. 

Everyone is given fifty dollars; each time a mistake is made, they will lose money.

Cameron and Kim make mistakes immediately.

Beer experts come for the stress test and give negative feedback about the beer’s pour.

Kim makes a mistake and leaves in tears, so Jon shuts down the stress test. 

The next day after talking with Jon, Andrea promoted Tina to manager.

Back at the bar, Shawn shows the unique bartenders cocktails using Budweiser.

Chef Mike shows the cook Anthony how to make BBQ using Budweiser.

Jon pulls up to the bar in a Budweiser horse-drawn carriage and reveals the bar’s new name, Pastimes on 4th. 

In addition to a new name and concept, new POS machines and a sign promoting fresh Budweiser are gifted to the bar.

The relaunch starts, and Cameron is doing well and getting along with the staff.

Anthony keeps up in the kitchen and sends out tasty food fast.

Andrea interacts with customers while Tina does an excellent job managing. 

So was the O’Kelleys Irish Pub Bar Rescue episode a success? Keep reading our update to learn what happened to the bar and how it’s doing in 2024.

Pastimes on 4th Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Pastimes on 4th Bar Rescue episode, let’s talk about what happened to the bar after Jon Taffer and his crew left St. Louis, MO.

Unfortunately, Pastimes on 4th did not have a very long history as the owners tried to sell the bar shortly after the visit.

The bar was initially listed for sale in April 2016, which is the same month that the Pastimes on 4th Bar Rescue episode aired on TV (though around five months after the actual visit from Jon Taffer).

Is Pastimes on 4th from Bar Rescue still open?

Pastimes on 4th closed in July 2017. The bar closed because it was sold to new owners who didn’t want to continue with the Pastimes on 4th concept.

As of 2022, the old Pastimes on 4th St. Louis, MO location is occupied by a bar named The Honky Tonk STL.

That was the bar that opened right after Pastimes on 4th closed, so it seems like the new owners have been successful with that concept.

Review for The Honky Tonk STL seem good as it has a perfect 5 star rating on its Yelp page.

Here’s a view of what the old building looks like after March 2022:

The old Pastimes on 4th building after Bar Rescue

Pastimes on 4th reviews after Bar Rescue

There weren’t really any reviews for the new Pastimes on 4th concept, so I’m not sure how that compares to Jon Taffer’s ideas.

There were only a couple of reviews written after the Pastimes on 4th Bar Rescue episode, but both of them were negative.

Here are both reviews – they’re both rated one star.

Review #1:

We tried to come to this bar tonight but the doors were locked at 9 there were three people sitting at the bar and the bartender was behind and waved at us like ot was funny to see us trying to get in.

You would think on a cardinals game night they would like to have people in their bar.

Now i see why broadway oyster bar was packed.

Review #2:

Was curious about the place after seeing it air on “Bar Rescue”.

It was much bigger than I expected, very well decorated, but it could have been a little cleaner.

Of course, the place would also be busier if the staff would stop screwing up orders & serve fresh lettuce, not wilted.

Then there is the surrounding neighborhood, kinda sketchy, go during the day or with a group!

So yeah, it seems like this one never really had a chance to get off the ground as the owners were already working on selling it shortly after Taffer’s visit.

Interestingly, the owners also managed to get a restaurant featured on Restaurant Impossible.

That restaurant, Mama Campisi’s, is still open. So, it seems like they had better luck with the restaurant than the bar.

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  1. I dont know what’s better, the actual show or these updates! You do such a great job giving us Bar Rescues junkies something to look forward to after the episode is over! Thank you!
    Also, Kim wins the award for the biggest basketcase EVER featured on ANY episode!

    • AB employs over 10,000 people at its St Louis brewery, so they probably have some fond feelings for the different items that they produce😂🤣

    • That nephew was a goof, I knew this bar didn’t have a chance after the first 5 minutes if the aunt didn’t fire him.

      • Exactly. Certain tells that reveal doomed judgment on part of owner. Plus, Taffer is wrong more than right when declaring the villain the first 5 min. If ever a “fire him now” moment it was that punk frat boy Cameron. He didn’t give af and zero respect for anyone. People like to at make the worst employees. That manager could have been trained, because loyalty is a dying trait, but it served the shows narrarative to blackball her. She was incompetent, but with a two week online training course could have been a manager. I dunno why people think it’s such an easy business. Really hard work to do it right. Any drink or drug habit guarantees a swan dive failure from the top platform. Skills can be taught, loyalty cannot. Any teaching on this show is Jerry springer fakery for the cameras. This show makes Renegade 83 look ethical.

    • American whizz water. Only thing worse? Utahs 3.2 alc whizz water. I’d rather high highjack a lab services truck and drink every single urine sample on there.

  2. If ever a bar rescue seemed staged it was this one- how does an owner with a supposedly successful restaurant not know or care to know whats going on at her other business and why its failing .
    Why not go and see whats going on some evenings, and if sales seem higher the night you were there as opposed as when your not maybe a tell tale sign.
    Personally I think she knew the writings were on the wall and chose to stay at the successful restaurant and let this one go and then looked to Jon to put lipstick on a pig and hope to sell it !

    • Research past BR participants, they’ll tell u 3/4 was staged and even rehearsed. Production feeds lines and scenarios and encourages outrageous drinking before cameras roll. I had to watch the show 3x to recognize how fake it was. These comments show I’m an anomaly, obviously.

      • I’ve worked on 3, been to few more. Lot is staged, it’s behavior science, verbal judo, many common psychological tests for hundreds years. This is a scam on bar rescue for free makeover, publicity to sell. Simple, you can’t script human behavior! You can scam for cameras too. Bar rescue job is leave it better than when came, 100% successful on that. Yes people know cameras there, Joh coming, stress test is hand picked..! but people are who they are, filth and loss was there, not fake! Have to edit all into one episode so people watch, worked on you too lol

    • I think she only did the show because she was already looking to sell and she probably thought she’d get more money after a BR makeover.

  3. I dont understand why Jon didnt nail Cameron for his drinking, language and attitude. He contributed to the manager’s failure. He’s the one that should have been fired!
    They owner used Jon so she had a bar to sell.

    • I never understood this one either. At any other rescue Jon would’ve been all over him! But for some reason he chose to focus on Kim. So weird

      She might have been incompetent – which she was never trained- but at least she wasn’t drinking on the job!

      I think Jon totally dropped the ball on this one

  4. I would have fired Cameron. That puke thought because he was related to the owner he was entitled to party in the bar. Putting his dirty shoes on the dashboard should have Earned him a long walk home in the dark. Aunt Enabler excused his pompous behavior.

  5. The “Owners & Fam” Including the “Nephew” Are Obviously Cons & Scammers who Received Not Just ONE Remake, Worth Thousands of Dollars but She ? Got 2 By Going on Restaurant SHOW Also. What Cons. While the Crying MGR. had been at her wits end because of the POS “Nephew” Knew He Wasn’t Ever going to be Fired being “Related” To the CONS Who Were Already Planning on Selling That bar AFTER She got All the FREE MAKE OVERS. Disgusting, Truly.

    • You’d be surprised at the number of bar owners who do the show because they Plan to sell the bar. This isn’t anything new

      Plus I don’t believe Jon doesn’t know that because most Of them had them up for sale before they did the show.

  6. I’ve worked on 3, been to few more. Lot is staged, it’s behavior science, verbal judo, many common psychological tests for hundreds years. This is a scam on bar rescue for free makeover, publicity to sell. Simple, you can’t script human behavior! You can scam for cameras too. Bar rescue job is leave it better than when came, 100% successful on that. Yes people know cameras there, Joh coming, stress test is hand picked..! but people are who they are, filth and loss was there, not fake! Have to edit all into one episode so people watch, works


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