O Face Bar Rescue Update – Open or Closed?

Is O Face Bar still open in 2022?

Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 3 | View All Season 3 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: March 23, 2014
The Bar's Original Name Was: O Face Bar
O Face Bar Address: 2400 9th Ave Council Bluffs, IA 51501

O'Face Bar Rescue Update

Episode Recap

O’Face Bar is a Council Bluffs, Iowa bar featured on Season 3 of Bar Rescue. The O Face Bar Rescue episode aired in March 2014.

Located in Council Bluff’s, Iowa, O’Face Bar is owned by Karen Overmyer and Matthew Overmyer, a husband and wife duo.

In 2011 they cashed in their retirement funds to fulfill their dream of owning a bar.

O’Face Bar was successful at first, but they have started to decline due to poor management.

Now they are over $250,000.00 in debt and definitely need a helping hand from Jon Taffer and the Bar Rescue team.

To help, Jon brings in Russel Davis, a mixologist.

The two joke about how O’Face means orgasm face.

The exterior is hideous, and Jon says it might be the ugliest bar he has ever seen.

 Two locals help Jon and go undercover to recon the bar.

They order two beers and two orgasm shots. What a weird name, right?

When the recon team drinks the shots, they notice that the shots taste premade. 

The restaurant uses washed plastic containers for shots which is unsafe.

The bartender Dave, is serving the flaming drinks wrong, which is dangerous.

The owner and their friends always get free drinks.

A customer is seen making their drink at one point because there is no one behind the bar. 

Bartenders Cerissa and Amanda get into a physical altercation. J

on and Russel break up the fight.

Amanda is rude to Jon, and he gets fed up. Jon gives Matt an ultimatum, Amanda goes, and he will stay to assist them.

Matt wants her to go, but Karen wants to provide her with one more chance, so they fire Cerissa instead. 

Jon is mad the next day when he returns to the bar and sees Amanda.

Jon wants Matt to admit that the bar’s failings are Karen’s fault as he is seen appeasing his wife.

Amanda is fired, and Jon brings back Cerissa and has the owners apologize for unfairly firing her.

Russel is at the bar watching the bartenders make drinks and evaluating them, but he has to keep dumping the poorly made drinks down the drain. 

The stress test begins, and Matt starts cooking the pizzas.

The pizzas taste awful, and the drinks can’t be made properly. Jon shuts down the stress test.

The next day at training, the bartenders are not taking the bar rescue seriously.

Jon hates the name of the bar and wants it to be changed.

The owners are found gossiping the back by a security guard, Syck. Another argument ensues. Jon is fed up and does a business background check. 

Russel trains the bartenders, but they can’t keep up. Russel doesn’t think that they will be able to handle a full bar.

As Jon looks at the background checks, he notices many criminal offenses have occurred on the bar premises.

There is even a video of Matt assaulting an employee.

Jon questions why he is there and leaves the bar. He does not rescue it. 

O Face Bar Update - What Happened Next?

Because the O Face Bar Rescue episode ended with Jon leaving, you might expect that things were a little chaotic after the episode.

Syck, the security guard, is fired for supporting Jon.

All of the staff still drinks at the bar.

Due to the show, the bar lost its liquor license, but it was reinstated on appeal.

In season 4, Jon does recon once again and sees Matt step up.

Jon says that things are better, but he will never return.

Beyond that, Matthew Overmyer had some legal issues after the show, with an arrest for some pretty serious charges.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years in jail for each charge. You can read about the charges in this article.

There was also a shooting at O’Face Bar in February 2021. You can learn more in this news article.

Despite these many issues, O’Face Bar is still open as of early 2022.

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24 thoughts on “O Face Bar Rescue Update – Open or Closed?”

  1. Im surprised you have anyone that will work for you. Jon was there to help you. Hopefully people see this and don’t go there. Your a disgrace to all bar owners. Jon did the right thing. Can’t help someone that doesn’t want the help. The employees that were hit should sue, I would have because all they did was fire the good employees. If I get any retaliation on my email from voicing my opinion, my lawyer will get in touch. Asking for email is just asking for trouble.

    • I don’t own the bar or have any connection to the bars that I write about 😉 I just post content about the Bar Rescue TV show.

      • I seen some episodes of Bar Rescue, but the O’Face episode was the worst i have ever seen. The people were pathetic. I’m glad Jon walked out.

    • I 💯🎯 agree. I just watched this episode for the first time. And I am in shock. How these people maintain a liquor license, blows my mind. They don’t deserve one. I have worked the service, bar industry for more than 26 years. This establishment is a joke. The owners are a joke. I’m shocked they still have that place. Tells me they have a mommy or daddy paying for it all. I’ve never been more annoyed, by any episode, than this. Mind blown. Smh they don’t deserve the blessing they have or could have had. I’m glad he walked away and didn’t waste 100,000 plus on that shit hole. And I refuse to say what I really think about the wife and “manager” who is allowed to beat up fellow employees.

      To bad the husband doesn’t see through it.
      Almost feel sorry for him. But he has eyes. And I know he watched the episode. So therfore I can’t.

    • Debbie, Can I have your email so I can ask you out on a date? You sound like the feisty-type that I usually date. Whaddaya say?

  2. So sad that the liquor licensing board let them get their license back. I wouldn’t be seen parking there much less going inside. Very sad when owners can’t see what they are doing wrong and strive to do better. Letting the spoiled, entitled brat back in to abuse the help was more than I could take. If I was an employee, I’d be serving them with papers and own the bar!!!!

  3. I went into that bar shortly after Jon had been there and left…it was the nastiest and worst bar I had ever been in..just totally gross

  4. I cant believe that podunk State let them have their liquor license back. How can the State support that? You’re supposed to be responsible when you have one of those licenses. Nothing about those owners was responsible. The husband has criminal charges against him. That license needs to be yanked for good.

  5. I totally agreed that O Face is/was a extremely poor bar….
    My question is
    Why did Jon not look up the background of the bar, etc. and not go there to begin with? It was a waste of time and money to go there and there are definitely other bars that can use his time.
    So yes, 👎bad bar, but also 👎bad Jon

    • I think they just went there for the drama because the Bar Rescue producers knew that there would be fireworks if you put Jon Taffer in the same room with the O Face bar owner.

  6. The bar owners are pathetic, trashy people. Along with that skanky, foul, loud- mouthed ‘manager’ of theirs. If she laid a hand on Me, I would’ve had their bar and then Burn it to the ground. They have No clue on How to treat Cerrissa and Syck decently-their two Good employees. I hope Cerrissa quit and told these Losers to ‘shove it’. I hope Syck did the same. These two bar guzzlers, er, owners are repulsively rotten people. An old whore and a loud mouthed, vicious basta*d should get this bar closed. Now he is in jail on charges of sexual assault?! Is This true?! These two are human stains. I feel sorry for their daughter.

  7. Oface needs to be closed. I hope Amanda met her match and got her ass whipped. Cerrine and Syck should have sued them.

  8. o face bar really so needs to be shut down and bulldozed by the city council of C.B. and, I can’t believe. Especially in a covid pandemic for the past 2 years, this bar still isn’t shuttered ever since the bar rescue Episode aird a couple years ago in 2014. I’m glad Jon walked out on this one. And you though the piratez tavern recuse episode was worse. Thank God that they closed their orginal location in MD back in 2015, and moved down to Florida under a new name bar refuge. ( a pun on the show)
    I feel like o’ face bar really should have Been in a redneck state, Alabama right next to Florida where bar refuge is. my recommendation: Just stay away from that dumpster fire called o face. There are OTHER Bars in council bluffs that are way better than this redneck trailer trash dump you call a bar. 😡 and I’m very glad that (Matthew) the owner of the bar, is now in jail for 25 years for sexual assault. Serves him right.


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