Angry Ham’s Garage / Octane Bar & Grill Update – Bar Rescue – Open or Closed?

Is Octane Bar and Grill still open?

Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 1 | View All Season 1 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: September 25, 2011
The Bar's Original Name Was: Angry Ham's Garage
Octane Bar and Grill Address: 2 Beacon St Framingham, Massachusetts 01701

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Episode Recap

Originally named Angry Ham’s Garage, Octane Bar and Grill is a bar featured on Season 1 of Bar Rescue. The episode originally aired back in September, 2011.

In the episode, Jon Taffer tries to help Tim Hanna, Lindon L.B. Meyers, and Richie Olson, the three owners of Angry Ham’s garage. Because Richie and L.B. had some legal problems, the bar couldn’t get a liquor license with him at the helm. So the ownership was put solely in Tim’s name.

The bar had poor management and angry neighbors because of the lack of control exhibited by the owners.

Tim Hanna makes the call to Jon to help save Angry Ham’s Garage from closing. The bar owners don’t even know how much money they’re losing at this point, which is never a good sign.

Jon feels that changing the name is the only way to save the bar, but the owners adamantly refuse because they believe it’s important.

Eventually, Jon convinces them to make the change. In addition to changing the name to Octane Bar and Grill, Jon also remakes the bar and removes much of the existing decor. As part of the changes, he finds out the staff was giving away thousands in free liquor. A massive $2,807 in just four days!

That change, combined with Jon’s other pushing, was enough to get buy in from the owners.

Once the bar is completely changed, Tim and Jon went to the city government to get their buy in as well. With the new decor and name change, the city officials are impressed and happy with the new direction of the bar.

Octane Bar and Grill Update - What Happened Next?

Angry Ham’s is still open but under new ownership and a slightly different name. Nowadays, it goes by Angry Ham’s Grill and has a 3-star rating on Yelp. Also, this Facebook post confirms that the ownership is new.

So for now, we mark this as a partial success. Angry Ham’s is still open…but under new ownership.

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