Country Nights Bar Rescue Update (Madame Dalia’s Country Bar) – Open or Closed?

Is Madame Dalias’s Country Bar still open in 2022?

Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 6 | View All Season 6 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: March 10, 2019
The Bar's Original Name Was: Country Nights
Madame Dalias’s Country Bar Address: 12130 Oconnor Rd San Antonio, TX 78233

Country Nights Bar Rescue Update

Episode Recap

Country Nights, later renamed Madame Dalia’s Country Bar, was a San Antonio, Texas bar featured on Season 6 of Bar Rescue.

Located in San Antonio, TX, Country Nights opened in 2015.

Owner Dalia Denmore opened seven bars in fifteen years. A bar was bought for Dalia by a millionaire, but after that relationship ended, she was pushed out of business.

Dalia has leased out the bar to a BBQ restaurant due to debt. The bartender Melissa, parties with Dalia during the workday. 

Dalia is a hard partier and embarrassed her daughter, Crystal.

Jon brings in Mia Mastroianni to help him recon the bar. In doing so, they notice the outdoor sign is broken, which is never a great sign for a bar.

Ed is the barback, and Kara is the bartender. Dalia buys the bar a round of drinks and begins twerking on the bar. She even gives out $5.00 shots from her chest. 

Dalia begins talking about her body to Jon, and he is embarrassed for her. Jon is frustrated and walks away from her after offering him a drink.

Jon promises to help is Dalia calms down and stops talking about her chest. As he leaves, she flashes her chest again. 

Crystal is in charge of talking to her mom and will let Jon know that Dalia is ready to rescue the bar the next day.

The next day Dalia is sober, but Melissa is already drinking. Jon has to remind Dalia that Melissa’s boss, not her friend. 

Mia and Kevin Budso, a BBQ expert, come in to help the staff. Jon has the team wear goggles to make them feel like they are drunk and then serve drinks.

Kevin teaches the staff how to make a pulled pork taco.

Overall, the team is really not ready for the stress test, which is about to begin. 

Melissa messes up right away as she overpowers multiple drinks. The kitchen is doing well, though, and holding up under pressure.

Dalia is looking for change for a $10.00 bill and goes next door to retrieve change. She returns with a Slurpee.

Jon shuts down the restaurant as they can’t run if they do not have change. I mean seriously, how is that supposed to work? C’mon guys!

Dalia shows remorse and uses the money she has to pay Melissa for the night. C

rystal, who left her child at home with a babysitter that night, cannot get paid as the bar does not have enough cash in the register.

Mia, the mixologist, then trains the staff on BBQ-based cocktails. Melissa is notably absent during the training. 

Jon tells Dalia she has lost the respect of her staff and daughter and must change for the bar to succeed.

Melissa is fired when she finally arrives and is highly emotional.

The bar is relaunched under a new name, Madame Dalia’s Country Bar. There are warmer tones in the bar now and lots of branding. 

Harbor Touch donates three POS systems. Eastcoast Chair and Barstool provide all of the furnishings. Dalia is also given a lifetime subscription to TVT for training and Bevinco for inventory. All of this equipment is free because bars never have to pay for their renovations.

There is a significant turnaround during the relaunch. 

Madame Dalias’s Country Bar Update - What Happened Next?

Six weeks later, and sales are up. Melissa has stayed away. Dalia removed the “Madame” from the name because she was afraid it sounded like a brothel, which I kind of agree with.

As of 2022, it seems like the bar still uses both names in different spots – both Dalia’s Country Bar and Country Nights.

For example, the Yelp page and Facebook page still use the Country Nights name, but some other places use Dalia’s Country Bar. In recent Facebook posts, they also refer to the bar as Dalia’s Country Nights.

You can see an example of a promo image from late 2021:

Country Nights Bar Rescue promo image

Regardless of the naming confusion, it seems like the Country Nights Bar Rescue episode was a success as Country Nights is still open and serving customers as of 2022.

Reviews have remained positive.

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3 thoughts on “Country Nights Bar Rescue Update (Madame Dalia’s Country Bar) – Open or Closed?”

  1. I think that the owner was not very professional or just acting like a tramp because she knew she’d be on tv. I hope she cleaned up her act. Melissa was an inexperienced bartender and was wanting to much attention. She wasn’t worth the pay she “took” not made that night, so her being fired was or should of been in the works anyway. The owner at the time cared more about partying with Melissa than being her boss. The daughter is who looked genuine is the only reason I’d help. It looked nice after and I hope it stays open. The name I would of changed immediately.

  2. I went to this place a few weeks after the episode aired. I used to work right next door and would frequent Dee Willie’s for lunch. I went on a Friday night during happy hour, around 6pm. And the place was dead. I was there for about an hour and a half and there were total of 5 people in there the whole time I was. All the changes Jon made were still there but it already looked a little worn. The back area where the Top Tables were looked like they already had floor tiles chipped. And a big negative for me is there was no beer on tap; only bottles. No thanks. There was only 1 Bartender there at the time and she was nice enough. But there was no energy there at all. I was bored the whole time and didn’t really care to come back.


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