SacTown Bar / Brannan Manor Bar Rescue Update – Open or Closed?

Is Brannan Manor still open in 2022?

Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 7 | View All Season 7 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: March 1, 2020
The Bar's Original Name Was: SacTown Sports Bar
Brannan Manor Address: 106 J St Sacramento, CA 95814

SacTown Bar / Brannan Manor Bar Rescue Update

Episode Recap

Brannon Manor, originally known as SacTown Sports Bar and Grill, was a Sacramento, California bar featured on Season 7 of Bar Rescue.

Though the SacTown Bar Rescue episode aired in March 2020, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place earlier.

It was Season 7 Episode 1 and the episode name was “Sactown Going Down”.

Located in Old Town, Sacramento, SacTown Sports Bar and Grill is owned by Chris Eaton.

Chris is a retired police officer who bought the bar in 2016.

The bar is located in a bustling tourist area, which should set it up for success.

However, Chris has no bar experience and slacks off at work, which is why SactTown Bar has found itself on Bar Rescue and about to get a visit from Jon Taffer and his crew.

Ricardo is a new chef, but Chris won’t let him try new ideas.

Beyond that, the bar lost $8,000.00 the previous month, which is not the direction that money is supposed to flow.

Side note – SacTown Bar has a very interesting location. There is a lot of history within the building, and not all of it is good – a woman once died in the basement during a flood. 

Jon wants to test service and enlists rapper T-Pain for help. An entourage of 40+ people enters the bar.

Jon and T-Pain stay hidden within the crowd.

They notice the bar has a lot of space with a lot of history.

Jon and T-Pain order the wings, New York strip steak, and the French dip. They also order two specialty drinks. 

Jon and T-Pain receive their drinks, and they are too strong.

Ricardo, the chef, comes out to the table and refuses to taste the food he has cooked.

Jon says all the food tastes terrible and asks why he should pay for this meal. Jon and T-Pain walk out. 

Jon then meets Chris and the rest of the staff. They are informed they only have enough money to stay open for two more months.

The bar lost $3,180.00 during the past weekend. Again, that’s not the direction money is supposed to be moving.

The sports bar theme doesn’t fit in with the clientele, even though Sacramento has some pretty diehard sports fans (even though the Kings kind of suck).

Sports radio is ranked #21 in Sacramento, but Chris swears there is a huge sports fan base in the city.

Jon wants to retheme the bar. As part of that, he has the staff remove all the sports memorabilia. 

Tommy Palmer, a mixologist, trains the staff. The bartenders are known to overpour, and he tries to get them to correct that.

Chef Tiffany Derry teaches the team a new chicken recipe. T-Pain returns for the stress test. 

Chris is very nervous, and it takes 9 minutes for T-Pain to get his drink. But at least T-Pain likes the food and beverages.

Tommy Palmer then trains the staff on new glasses with a haunted theme.

Chef Tiffany Derry teaches the team a high-quality meal, toasted bone marrow.

She tells the staff that you can use the luge for luge shots to upsell drinks. 

The bar was renovated and renamed Brannon Manor. The historic roots really stand out in the bar.

Harbor Touch has installed terminals so customers can charge their phones.

Chris is very helpful to customers during the relaunch. The customers are happier, and Ricardo is given more freedom. 

So was the SacTown Bar Rescue episode a success? Keep reading our update to learn what happened and how the bar is doing in 2022 and beyond.

Brannan Manor Update - What Happened Next?

So, how is SacTown Bar doing since the visit from Bar Rescue and the rebranding to Brannan Manor? Let’s find out!

The staff and customers love the new concept.

More importantly, sales at the bar are way up after the Brannan Manor Bar Rescue episode aired.

Chris has kept the sports memorabilia far away from the renovated barn and he also kept the new name.

A lot of bars go back to their old names after Jon Taffer’s visit, so it’s nice to see an owner actually trust Jon’s advice.

Is Brannon Manor from Bar Rescue still open?

As of 2022, Brannon Manor is still open and serving customers in Sacramento, CA.

With that being said, the reviews are not good. Brannan Manor has just a two star rating on Yelp with lots of different complaints.

There are some complaints online about waiting a long time for food, poor food, poorly followed directions, and so on.

There are also complaints about loud music being played in the club during the daytime.

So, while SacTown Bar / Brannan Manor is still open for now, I have to wonder how long the bar will last, especially with the added stress of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If anything changes or if Brannan Manor closes, we’ll be sure to update this page.

If you want to see another Sacramento Bar Rescue episode, you can read our Leia’s / The Grant update, which is in nearby Tracy, CA.

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  1. Sure hope he was a better cop cause even after John Taffers visit this place was sad! Very sad!!! I’m a cross country truck driver so I live in places like this cause I know what to expect at a truck stop so two to three times a week I go to restaurants or bar serving food so after watching bar rescue I thought it be good, right? WRONG!!! NY STRIP med well NO PINK got a raw steak cold tater’s. Oh well not on my visit again list. I will say the waitress was real cool but she was the only bright spot. Good thing Taco Bell was on the way back and the cabbie was hungry so he accepted 3 taco’s for his tip. Waitress & cab driver were the best part of this visit!!!


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