Canyon Inn Bar Rescue Update (Canyon Saloon) – Open or Closed In 2022?

Is Canyon Saloon still open in 2022?

Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 1 | View All Season 1 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: September 18, 2011
The Bar's Original Name Was: The Canyon Inn
Canyon Saloon Address: 6821 Fairlynn Blvd, Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Canyon Inn Bar Rescue Update

Episode Recap

The Canyon Inn, later renamed Canyon Saloon, was a Yorba Linda, California bar featured on Season 1 of Bar Rescue. Though the Canyon Inn Bar Rescue episode aired in September 2011, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that. It was Episode 9 of Season 1.

In this episode, Jon Taffer and the Bar Rescue crew visit The Canyon Inn in Yorba Linda, CA, which is owned by New Yorker and former minor league baseball player Pauly Ambrus.

He bought the bar in 2004.

Johnny, the general manager, says Pauly is a New York thug and an alpha male.

The bar was successful at first, but then Pauly refused to upgrade the bar to keep up with the competition, so business dwindled. 

Pauly won’t take Johnny’s advice. He keeps telling Pauly the customers want something more modern, but Pauly won’t make the upgrades.

Pauly is also reluctant to run specials and deals.

To make matters worse, the regular customers at the Canyon Inn make newcomers uncomfortable. It definitely has a very “clique’ish” feel to the bar.

Yorba Linda is a very affluent area, so the bar should be able to do very well if it can improve the atmosphere.

Jon’s wife Nicole is with him in the SUV as they stake out the bar.

Yelp reviews of the bar say that customers feel uneasy due to the clientele.

Nicole does recon and notices the bar has two pool tables that can be moved out of the way to create a dance floor. 

The bar is horseshow-shaped. Nicole orders a Stella Artois and a round of shots for the bar.

Nicole sees that the bar uses disposable plastic cups for shots and notes that it is highly dangerous to do that.

Nicole asks for a cup of soup but is told by the bar staff that the soup is not good.

A male customer continually harasses Nicole and asks her to kiss him. She leaves before she punches him. 

Jon apologizes to his wife for what happened while in the bar.

Pauly tells Jon he had no idea about the issue or would’ve taken care of it.

Jon informs Pauly that Pauly is one of the most challenging people Jon has ever worked with. He then gathers the staff for a meeting. 

Jon says he might have to apply a whole new theme and concept to the bar. They also need a name change.

Pauly gets defensive and tells Jon he can be like him and rescue bars too. Pauly also doesn’t want Jon to change the name of the bar. 

Jon brings in expert bartender Michael Tipps and Chef Eric Greenspan to help in the bar and kitchen.

The expert chef finds frozen food and canned soups in the kitchen.

As has been the trend, Pauly refuses to accept responsibility for the bar’s poor state.

While that’s going on in the kitchen, Michael has the bar staff make basic drinks to assess their skills. 

Jon has the staff hit the soup cans with baseball bats.

Pauly says any changes that Jon makes, and he will tear down. Most bars are happy to get the renovations and equipment from Bar Rescue at no cost, so it’s really odd that Pauly is so against improving the bar.

Training begins, and the liquor bottle now has proper pour spouts.

This practice will help the bartenders decrease over pouring. By eliminating over pouring, they can reduce wastage and therefore make the bar more profitable.

The staff loves the new items and changes that Jon has made.

Jon did change the bar’s name to Canyon Saloon Spirits and Steaks.

Pauly hates the new name but loves the interior, even though he was so against changing anything earlier in the Canyon Inn Bar Rescue episode.

So – how did things work out for the newly named Canyon Saloon after the episode aired?

Let’s find out…

Canyon Saloon Update - What Happened Next?

Around two months after the episode aired, Pauly decided to ditch the new name from Jon Taffer and change the name to Canyon Inn Sports and Grill.

The reviews have been mixed since Bar Rescue. People seem to love the low drink prices and the regular music acts, but there are also a lot of negative reviews about the food.

Put the good and the bar together, and The Canyon Inn only has about a 2.5 star rating on its Yelp page.

A lot of people are also confused about the name because The Canyon Inn isn’t actually an inn and there are no rooms for rent.

I gotta be honest – the name that Jon Taffer chose makes a lot more sense for a bar.

Is The Canyon Inn / Saloon still open?

As of 2022, The Canyon Inn in Yorba Linda, California is still open and receiving customers. If you want to see the menu or make a visit, you can go to the official Canyon Inn Sports Bar and Grill website to learn more about the bar and see a menu.

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19 thoughts on “Canyon Inn Bar Rescue Update (Canyon Saloon) – Open or Closed In 2022?”

  1. The name is stupid and I think pauly got hit in the head to many times with a baseball. His arrogance serves him well. Taffer has encountered a few fruit cakes like pauly.

  2. The most arrogant, unappreciative bar owner ever who, like so many others, just USED Taffer for his own purposes. The new name was PERFECT; the old one was STUPID. It’s not a damned INN, it IS a Saloon.

    IDIOT, you did not deserve being rescued, and I am amazed you are still open at all.

    Learn to LISTEN to experts. Moron.

    • Very disappointed that Taffer didnt walk away right after his wife returned to the car.
      Pauly didn’t deserve the updated effort that Taffer gave him.

  3. Should have kept the name it was way better than canyon Inn so stupid. I think some people just use the rescue to get stuff for free. People like that are what hurts the people that actually want to change and needs help.

  4. That guy was an idiot, your bar was failing you asked for the help and when they give you the tools to be successful you spit on it and go back to that dumb name. They should have bought you a dictionary to look up what an INN is. When these bars get rescued and go back to the old names and old ways what happens? They should be charged and all the perks repossessed…lol

  5. Pauly deserves to lose another $100k, his ego is obviously larger than his bank account. Some people deserve to fail, but they never learn anything from it. Never saw such arrogance for receiving such a gift.

  6. The Owner did not deserve to be bar rescued and I hope it goes under for good.
    The most arrogant hard headed stubborn bar owner ever!!!
    No bar should be named after a hotel.
    If you can’t get the food right, he should just change it pub or an inn & charge $39 for a night, $9 an hour for a cot.
    If you can’t understand that, you don’t understand business.
    I hope to see the Owner the next time I go to McDonald’s.

  7. Just watched that brain dead owner Pauly in action:the quintessential arrogant narcissistic dickhead whose ego is so big he refuses to acknowledge his blatant failure (he’s the only one in the whole room who doesn’t see it)resists and blocks the incredibly patient and tolerant efforts of a WORLD RENOWNED expert who’s struggling to make this shithead MONEY and when everything goes perfectly from the rescue, like some little stubborn brat he changes the name back to a stupid moniker, his original INN. You can surely imagine the morale of the staff suffering from this petulant punk’s imbecilic behavior and bitch attitude. He’s not even a bush league owner-sure didn’t have the skills as a player!

  8. Once a dick always a dick!
    Taffer should have walked away, when he calls back begging, offer him pennies on a dollar and put him out of him misery!

  9. I wouldn’t care what the name is I would have checked it out and if I didn’t like it I would have never came back and I would not have came back and I would not have told anyone your an idiot dumbacrat stupid!!!!

  10. This owner is a complete idiot. Jon Taffer needs to stop rescuing bars that have owners that act like this. I would have left after the first encounter. What a waste to spend all this money, and time for someone who could care less. He knows so much but is in the hole … where he deserves to be.

  11. Needs some brain imaging done. “[said on the show] If I change the name on the sign, it will be admitting that I failed…” WTF? First of all, the two are unrelated. Businesses under new management or rebranding change the name all the time. And second, The failure is obvious in the financials of the business and his management style. If he can’t see that and has impaired memory for the comments from his staff, get a second brain scan to check for damage. My gf watched this and said, “wow, what a p***y he is!”

  12. Its Amazing he hasn’t been sued for False Advertisement saying hes a INN and he not one. That wouldn’t fly here. I should go on a trip head that way get there with my Family. I could use extra money hmm do i want a new Truck or RV .


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