Halo Nightclub / LIV Bar Rescue Update – Open or Closed?

Is Halo Nightclub still open in 2022?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 6 | View All Season 6 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: May 5, 2019
The Bar's Original Name Was: LIV Bar and Restaurant
Halo Nightclub Address: 2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 120 - 122 Las Vegas, NV 89102

Halo Nightclub

Episode Recap

Halo Nightclub, AKA Halo Restaurant and Bar, was a Las Vegas, Nevada bar featured on season six of Bar Rescue.

The bar was originally known as LIV Nightclub (or LIV Bar and Restaurant), but during the rescue episode, Jon Taffer would later rename it to Halo Restaurant and Bar.

However, while that’s the official name, many people just referred to the bar’s name as Halo Nightclub, which is what we’ll use in our update.

LIV Bar and Restaurant is owned by Michelle, who opened the bar in 2017.

The bar started with a Filipino theme, but Michelle kept trying a bunch of different concepts as she couldn’t seem to find one that got any traction.

Overall, she’s just not very experienced, which is leading to some major problems at the bar.

All these issues led to Michelle being in massive debt – over $350,000 to be exact, which means she definitely needs some help from Jon and the gang.

As part of his team, Jon Taffer brought along Ryan Scott as the rescue chef and Charity Johnston as the rescue mixologist.

To recon the restaurant, Jon sent in a few social media influencers to see how things were. There were no beers on tap and the service was just generally pretty dreadful.

Michelle is clearly lost and has no idea how to manage a restaurant or bar.

The next day, Jon Taffer and his team jumped into action.

As part of their rescue, Jon discovered that there was a large discrepancy between what drinks were poured and which drinks were charged.

The difference was over $300, which means that Michelle’s staff were likely leaking money.

It seems like Janette, a bartender, was overpouring drinks in exchange for getting high tips, which is a pretty classic scam in the bar industry.

During the stress test, things were still rocky but seemed to be a little better.

Patrons thought the food was fine but the service still kind of sucked. If you want to see a recap of the stress test, it’s available on YouTube here.

To relaunch the bar, Jon decided to rebrand it to Halo Nightclub with a brand new dance floor, lighting, DJ system, POS system, and more.

There are also new uniforms for the bartenders and chef – it was a big change.

After the relaunch, things seemed to be going well. However, did the Halo Nightclub Bar Rescue episode end in success?

Well, let’s find out what happened next in our update.

Halo Nightclub Update - What Happened Next?

Suffice it to say, Halo Nightclub did not have a successful rescue.

This is one of our easier updates to write because the bar actually closed before the Halo Nightclub Bar Rescue episode even aired.

The Bar Rescue episode was originally filmed back in February, 2018.

By the time the episode aired in May 2019, Halo Nightclub was officially closed.

There were actually rumors that the bar was sold to new owners before the episode even aired on Bar Rescue, but we’re not sure how to verify that so don’t take it as gospel.

It really does seem like the new bar never got off the ground because the Halo Restaurant and Bar Yelp page only had two reviews, and one of those reviews was left after it was already closed.

As of 2022, a new restaurant has taken over the previous Halo Nightclub location.

The restaurant is called iSeafood Grill & Bar and is rocking around a 4-star average on Yelp.

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3 thoughts on “Halo Nightclub / LIV Bar Rescue Update – Open or Closed?”

  1. This show is a prime example of several of the above mentioned reasons. In this case the owner sold before the episode even aired. The owner(s) had already planned on dumping their bar/club but would face a financial loss in the condition it was in. So why not contact Jon & his team to come in and give the whole bar a beauty facelift to make it much more appealing to a prospect. And it this bar did look 100% better after renovations. Again, an example of why 60%-80% of these places close after being renovated and property values go up 20%-50% higher, or even more!
    Strategic deception to increase selling value which generates bigger profits.

  2. Jon Taffer needs to start charging these user bar owners for the time, equipment, and materials he, the experts and his construction crew wasted.


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