LIV Bar Rescue Update (Halo Nightclub) – Still Open in 2024?

Is Halo Nightclub still open today?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 6 | View All Season 6 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: May 5, 2019
The Bar's Original Name Was: LIV Bar and Restaurant
Halo Nightclub Address: 2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 120 - 122 Las Vegas, NV 89102

Halo Nightclub

Episode Recap

Halo Nightclub, AKA Halo Restaurant and Bar, was a Las Vegas, Nevada bar featured on season six of Bar Rescue.

Though the LIV Bar Rescue episode aired in May 2019, the actual visit from Jon Taffer happened before that.

It was Season 6 Episode 34 and the episode name was “LIV’n on a Prayer”.

The bar was originally known as LIV Nightclub (or LIV Bar and Restaurant), but during the rescue episode, Jon Taffer would later rename it to Halo Restaurant and Bar.

However, while that’s the official name, many people just referred to the bar’s name as Halo Nightclub, which is what we’ll use in our update.

LIV Bar and Restaurant is owned by Michelle, who opened the bar in 2017.

LIV Bar owner

The bar started with a Filipino theme, but Michelle kept trying a bunch of different concepts as she couldn’t seem to find one that got any traction.

Overall, she’s just not very experienced, which is leading to some major problems at the bar.

All these issues led to Michelle being in massive debt – over $350,000 to be exact.

That means she definitely needs some help from Jon Taffer and the gang.

As part of his team, Jon Taffer brought along Ryan Scott as the rescue chef and Charity Johnston as the rescue mixologist.

To recon the restaurant, Jon sent in a few social media influencers to see how things were.

There were no beers on tap and the service was just generally pretty dreadful – all stuff that you’d expect from a bar making an appearance on Bar Rescue.

LIV bartender

Michelle is clearly lost and has no idea how to manage a restaurant or bar.

The next day, Jon Taffer and his team jumped into action.

As part of their rescue, Jon discovered that there was a large discrepancy between what drinks were poured and which drinks were charged.

The difference was over $300, which means that Michelle’s staff were likely leaking money.

It seems like Janette, a bartender, was overpouring drinks in exchange for getting high tips, which is a pretty classic scam in the bar industry.

Are there any bars on Bar Rescue where the staff don’t overpour?

It seems like something Jon Taffer is always having to deal with.

During the stress test, things were still rocky but seemed to be a little better.

Patrons thought the food was fine but the service still kind of sucked.

If you want to see a recap of the stress test, it’s available on YouTube here.

To relaunch the bar, Jon decided to rebrand it to Halo Nightclub with a brand new dance floor, lighting, DJ system, POS system, and more.

There are also new uniforms for the bartenders and chef – it was a big change.

After the relaunch, things seemed to be going well.

However, did the Halo Nightclub Bar Rescue episode end in success?

Well, let’s find out what happened next in our update, including whether it’s still open in 2024 and beyond.

Halo Nightclub Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the LIV Bar Rescue episode, let’s talk about what happened after Jon Taffer and his crew left Las Vegas.

At the six-week check-in, Michelle seems to be doing a better job of running the restaurant.

However, suffice it to say, Halo Nightclub did not have a successful rescue.

This is one of our easier updates to write because the bar actually closed before the Halo Nightclub Bar Rescue episode even aired.

Is LIV / Halo Nightclub still open after Bar Rescue?

Halo Nightclub closed in May 2019, which was the same month that the Bar Rescue episode aired on TV.

However, remember that the Bar Rescue episode was originally filmed back in February, 2018.

That means that Halo Nightclub was one of the bars that wasn’t even able to make it to its episode air date – not a great distinction!

There were actually rumors that the bar was sold to new owners before the episode even aired on Bar Rescue, but I’m not sure how to verify that so don’t take it as gospel.

It really does seem like the new bar never got off the ground because the Halo Restaurant and Bar Yelp page only had two reviews, and one of those reviews was left after it was already closed.

Here’s the 5 star review:

Loved this place for good drinks and simple plates!

They have a great light up dance floor too which was really fun.

Can’t believe they don’t have any reviews but I think they changed their name so that can be why.


I would have to visit again to be able to rate them on their consistency but my boyfriend and I popped in on a Saturday night and had a great time.

Very impressed by the garnishes in our drinks and fresh taste.

Will revisit!

And here’s the review that was written after Halo Nightclub had already closed:


Stopped by last night and to our shock Halo is no longer in business.

Watched the Bar Rescue episode and wanted to check it out.

Hope the owners and employees are doing ok.

God bless to all of them especially the owner who seems like such a nice lady.

As of 2022, a new restaurant had taken over the previous Halo Nightclub location.

The restaurant is called iSeafood Grill & Bar (formerly The Boilery) and is rocking around a 4-star average on Yelp.

You can see this in the Google Maps street view picture of the old Halo Nightclub Las Vegas location (which shows The Boilery signage):

However, as of early 2023, the old Liv Las Vegas location seems to be empty as the seafood restaurant is now marked as closed on Yelp.

If you know anything about what’s happening in that complex, please leave a comment below!

If you want to see updates for some other nearby Las Vegas Bar Rescue episodes, you can check out my updates for Capo’s Speakeasy, The End / Underworld Bar and Grill, and Griff’s Bar & Billiards.

All three of those bars are located just a couple blocks away from Halo Nightclub.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This show is a prime example of several of the above mentioned reasons. In this case the owner sold before the episode even aired. The owner(s) had already planned on dumping their bar/club but would face a financial loss in the condition it was in. So why not contact Jon & his team to come in and give the whole bar a beauty facelift to make it much more appealing to a prospect. And it this bar did look 100% better after renovations. Again, an example of why 60%-80% of these places close after being renovated and property values go up 20%-50% higher, or even more!
    Strategic deception to increase selling value which generates bigger profits.

  2. Jon Taffer needs to start charging these user bar owners for the time, equipment, and materials he, the experts and his construction crew wasted.

    • Why? The show is making him rich just the way it’s run now, I’ve seen reports of multi-millions. You think he’d keep doing it if that weren’t true?

    • The ton of commercials you watch every 8 minutes pays everyone’s salary and the bar rescues / decor. That’s where the money comes from on any show.

    • The goal is to create a show that people will watch. Drama is everything. It doesn’t matter if the bar even makes it to the traditional 6-week check-in.

      There have been rumors that some of the new equipment is actually leased, so when the place closes, anything that’s leased gets returned.

      No one is losing out when a rescued bar is sold, or closed.

      And while it may not help Jon’s reputation to have so many bars that he’s rescued failing, it’s also pretty clear that the deficiencies of the owners is how they got to the brink, and why they’ll fail no matter how much help they get. People spend years in therapy to change. It’s unrealistic to think they can change after a couple of days of staged rescue. So I’m actually surprised at how many bars *don’t* fail after the rescue.

      I think that the best thing for most of these bars is that they become saleable after the rescue. New owners taking over is the best route to continued success for most of them.

      • My thoughts exactly Warren. I’d go even further and say that most of the bars that do succeed probably played up the problems and drama looking for a face lift for their bar and advertising. I left out the word free because I assume and have read several places that Taffer gets a piece of the made over bar and would imagine the same would apply if the owner sold the bar.

      • Exactly. A few days of staged drama and phony epiphany and they go from lazy clueless, often alcoholics, to efficient managers? Nope. One of the faker “reality” shows. I know, my little brother worked for the production company and 3/4 of is faked. Taffer thinks the average American TV viewer has about a 75 IQ & therefore pushes the emotional manip angle. It’s entertaining, and someone always gets rich off the marks believing it’s real.

        • Worked on a few rescues, they know cameras there, yes people for test is hand picked ect.. but what you see from owners, employees, guests.. on video, they are acting themselves! The dirty ness is real! Just uses basic simple verbal judo, discipline.. search it! Even if your false view is true, who wouldn’t want a remodel of over $100,000? Also research bars that closed! Closed due to licence issues, landlord sold, owner sold, murders, gambling operations run from bar, human behavior… Don’t look at “closed” look at why!

  3. One thing I noticed is the owner and the female server kept calling it “Hollow”.
    Someone needed to explain to them what a “halo” is and how to pronounce the new name of their night club! Lol

  4. I don’t understand how Jon doesn’t see that he’s being played.

    This is like the third bar that I researched that they sold before the episode even aired they know exactly what they’re doing.

    When Jon want to Puerto Rico for the second time the family he helped out their story was so full of crap the fact that he didn’t know this before coming to Puerto Rico was really sad.

    When he went to the restaurant to look at the water damage there was barely had any water damage they just abandoned the restaurant made up some BS story called and asked for his help and then after the show aired they sold the restaurant.

    I tried looking for the big time cheft the owners brother was on social media and found out that he doesn’t spell his name with a C it’s Cruz he spells it with a K so not just anyone could find him and it turned out him and the restaurant manager are together & he does not talk about his time on Bar Rescue whatsoever…

  5. Never IN MY LIFE have I encountered anyone as ignorant and conceited as Janette. What a waste of human flesh and organs. “I used to be a showgirl.” Lie. she’s too short, stocky AND could never remember a dance routine, let alone a table’s order!
    The owner was a bimbo too! Maybe potential bar owners should have to prove competence first…

    • No kidding, she doesn’t have the body or intelligence for being a showgirl in anything, her IQ is MAYBE 60. And her face is offensive to even look at with that constant frown. Where she comes off having that ‘I’m entitled’ attitude is FAR beyond me!

  6. Have to remember most of these owners have no idea what they’re doing, and in many Cades don’t even care. John can fix it in 4 days, but that’s not enough time to teach someone how to run it. Most of these people have no business owning a business

  7. Only runner up to idiot Janette is Tracy from Win Place or Show, the wife of fat ass “rock star” wannabe Rudy. Every shot of her, look at her eyes; she doesn’t even know where she is!

  8. Hilarious that people think Taffer is getting “played”. He’s created a successful TV show that’s been on the air since 2011. He has no elite cast members requesting huge salaries like a typical long running “reality” show (Kartrashians), the equipment used in the renovations is probably free to him since the manufacturers and contractors are using the show as an advertising opportunity, and the re-runs are on 24/7. It wouldn’t matter if 100% of the bars failed. John sleeps on a mountain of money every night.


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