The Lister Bar Rescue Update (Park 77) – Still Open in 2024?

Is The Lister still open today?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 4 | View All Season 4 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: June 21, 2015
The Bar's Original Name Was: Park 77
The Lister Address: 77 Cambon Dr San Francisco, California 94132

The Lister Park 77 Bar Rescue Update

Episode Recap

Park 77, later renamed to The Lister, was a San Francisco, California bar that was featured on Season 4 of Bar Rescue.

Though the Lister Bar Rescue episode aired in June 2015, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that.

It was Season 4 Episode 21 and the episode name was “Sticky Situation”.

Park 77 was a struggling bar in San Francisco, California featured in Season 4 of Bar Rescue.

The owners, two brothers named Tano and Wayne, drank on the job and weren’t serious about making Park 77 a successful business.

Park 77 owner

At the time of filming, Park 77 was a massive $188,000 in debt and in desperate need of help from Jon Taffer and his team.

In order to revive the struggling bar, Jon Taffer rebranded it to The Lister in an attempt to make it the perfect hangout for college students.

Jon and his team did a huge renovation in just 36 hours to make it fit the new theme.

The outdoor design was much more attractive and modern.

Inside, there were also games and heaters to make it nicer for people to hang out.

Of course, Park 77 also got a bunch of new equipment courtesy of Bar Rescue’s sponsors.

As a side note, Park 77 was also known for the skeezy act of filming an…adult film inside the bar.

Jon Taffer was not happy, to say the least!

Despite happening over a decade ago, you can still find a Facebook event for the shoot.

Park 77 film shoot couch

I won’t link you to the video, but it is fairly easy to find on sites dedicated to that sort of thing.

So yes, Park 77 definitely was the bar that had a skeezy video shot in it.

So was the Park 77 Bar Rescue episode a success?

Keep reading our update to learn what happened and how the bar is doing in 2024 and beyond.

The Lister Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Lister Bar Rescue episode, let’s talk about what happened to the bar after Jon Taffer and his crew left San Francisco, CA.

First off, The Lister was the subject of a Back to the Bar episode.

In 2016, Jon Taffer revisited The Lister.

The bar had torn down the pictures Jon put up and put a Ping Pong table in the middle of the dance floor.

The owners said that the remodel “sucks” and that Jon Taffer was “full of shit”.

It doesn’t seem like they were happy, does it?

In an act of rebellion, the owners even brought back the infamous couch from the aforementioned porno that was shot in Park 77.

While I can’t find the full The Lister Jon Taffer revisit segment, I did find a 2.5 minute clip on YouTube that gives you an idea:

Though the owners were unhappy with the remodel, The Lister seemed to be limping on and actually survived longer than you might’ve though.

But first, let’s talk about the reviews…

Park 77 / The Lister reviews after Bar Rescue

Recent reviews were mixed.

Many seemed positive, complimenting the pool table and hookah.

But some criticized the high prices and slow service.

Here’s a sampling of a few reviews that were written after the visit from Jon Taffer…

3 star Yelp review from December 2019:

Came here for Paint Nite over the weekend.

Though I wasn’t here technically for the bar or even during normal business hours, the crowd present was quite loud and rambunctious, shouting profanities every now and then when the play that the football team they were rooting for didn’t pan out the way it was supposed to or whenever the opposing team scored touchdowns.

The bar itself is very spacious and echoed quite a bit, so I could only imagine how much louder it myst be during it’s normal business hours.

A bit cold as well, I don’t think they have any AC/heat systems installed.

Not my favorite sort of ambiance, but they had a pretty large and decent collection of liquors as well as beers offered.

The decor was sparse and the feel was industrial.

I’m sure the bar would be a great place to watch the Superbowl or NBA finals, but it’s just not my kind of scene.

2 star Yelp review from November 2015:

Pretty basic bar.

They had lots to say about joh taffered and bar rescue as well.

Nothing good.

Looks like they just went back to the old stuff.

You could see art work had been removed from the walls as if to try to erase the rescue.

Well the couch is good.

That’s good right?

Bartender was friendly.

No drink specials.

Just standard stuff.

Nothing to tweet about

3 star Yelp review from May 2015:

It’s okay.

I don’t understand this whole “Bar Rescue”.

I liked Park 77 before.

This bar tries to be fancy but fails big time.

The only thing that is saving it is the price of the drinks.

The new pictures are creepy.

I miss the old pin up girls.

They are better to look at than someone’s face in memes.

5 star Yelp review from November 2015:

I agree, all the ‘BAR RESCUE’ visitors are giving this place a bad name, stick to what ever bars you’ve been going to that are supposedly so awesome.

I LOVE this bar, it’s my go to bar.

I like the atmosphere, the fun, the music, the pool, the beer pong, the outdoor patio, the guards, the bartenders, no complaints.

I’ve been coming here for years and have had zero issues.

Can’t wait to try the hookah.

Locals keep coming.

Keep Park 77 alive!!

Is The Lister from Bar Rescue still open?

The Lister would eventually succumb to the Coronavirus pandemic and other issues.

As a result, the Lister closed for good in April 2021.

So, while The Lister did manage to survive for about six years after the Park 77 / The Lister Bar Rescue episode, it has now officially joined our list of Bar Rescue failures.

As of 2023, the old The Lister San Francisco, CA location seems to still be vacant.

When a new bar or business moves in, I’ll update this post to reflect that.

A Google Maps street view shot from March 2022 still shows The Lister Bar sign, with for rent signs visible in the windows:

Retail space for lease by Yousef Realty Investments

Here’s a Google Maps street view embed that shows the Lister San Francisco location as of the most recent photograph:

If you know anything about what’s happening with the old Park 77 San Francisco location, please let me know in the comments.

It’s such an infamous venue – I want to know what’s happening with it!

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. I truly think that Jon Staffer IS the anchor of all the failing spirits establishments. If Jon walks into your bar, give him the utmost respect and honor his gifts as God has given it to him to give to ALL THOSE WHO NEED HIS HELP! Ijs. It’s not about leading the horse to water, it’s about Jon’s experiences given to you that matters. Ms. Ice Cream has spoken.✌️🍦 I love Jon Taffer! He is our pitbull_bar Angel. Love always, 🍦✌️

    • His rescues, unless only marketing oriented, all seem to focus on team building and management at any organization. He knows better than most managers that you create great things through lesser people acting in concert. Sure he blasts the ground out from underneath some of them but most well deserve the shade but even then he is giving the rest a cohesion they could not otherwise possess, thus the team is created.

    • Yes, John gives the tools, a new beginning but most are out for a new remodeled bar, later to be sold. John gives excellent advice, he knows the area, what these lovers do is up to the owners. BTW. What happened to hiring a general manager and putting Anthony out.
      Anthony on the Listner just wanted to spite John but instead cut the whole family’s throat. What a loset

  2. Wasn’t really a big change johns performance was typical on the four 15 min segments its like a sitcom of canned performance. The neck canting, bulging eyes leaning in shaking his head. Don’t forget the finger pointing. Very canned.

    • Cue up the ole Seinfeld audio tracks and yeah his antics lend more towards 90 sitcom than someone trying to help turn a business around.

      They’re drinking behind the bar Jerry! Behind the bar! *Kramer slides out of the SUV and into the bar*

    • His performance is the best of most of the rest of yhe episodes.
      Him screaming and humiliating the people in charge are the best part of this series.

  3. Unless people knew of the College president, the pictures were lame. If he was famous then they were pretty funny. I guess The Lister didn’t want to pay for the license for dancing.

  4. I thought this was one of the weakest remodels John ever did. The basic concepts were good, but the whole “Lister” thing was really stupid.

    • The name was fine, but trying to sell Lister as a been everywhere done everything sort of guy was meh at best.

  5. Sometimes John needs to “feel” his emotion and realize that you cannot please everyone and there are good chance of a failure to re launch even though all is given to them with expert advice they still fail. Maybe a 3 year contract that items will NOT change if buisness is remodeled..then you will see who is honest and them who are NOT>

  6. He has but they ignore them take the lady from wonder bar. If the bar changes they are required to pay back 75% of the cost. This was explained on TV one.

    • That woman was a joke. She would have made bank appealing to the more upscale crowd. Jon told her she could move her bar to some podunk town and make it work but she was trying to do her hippie shit in a place where people want something nicer.

      As for the payback they should have to cover 80% if they change back within a year.

      • I totally agree in regards to paying back a certain percentage if name changed or even a remodel afterwards. He does spend a lot of time and money to remodel these bars. They call him for help and then some do not like the results when he leaves. Why bother having him help to improve the bar and actions of some employees?

  7. John is a genius with his rescues, but when you deal with drunks who ‘run’ a bar, your are fighting a losing battle…

  8. I love the show, but john goes to far with shaming. I don’t like him calling people losers. He he great in rebuilding the bar and getting in management. That bar was hopeless from the st4RT.

    • Only because they let a chump remain as manager. No way three days is enough to take the party out of a party boy. The other owners should have leveraged to get their investment back in exchange for their share of the initial investment and ran. Let the two brothers and dad go under.

    • John is honest, and a lot of people dislike honesty. In case of Angelo of bar Park77 John was to nice, to friendly for that Total idiot. I’am René from the Netherlands and I always look to the show with John Taffer. I think that a lot of bars in the Netherlands can use his great help.

  9. I watched the episode of park 77/the lister. It was a good episode as far as getting the family finally kicking Angela‘s ass in gear. His behavior was a palling he should be embarrassed. It’s really sad to hear that the owners think that the remodel was crap and that they brought that nasty ugly couch back in there. If you don’t listen to Jon Taffer and his many years of experience then you can’t blame him for your bar failing. Most bars that he does remodel do very well if they keep the brand he gives them. The bars that fail go back to their old awful ugly ways. Sad. It seems like if you go back to your old ways what was the point? Oh yeah to get a brand new bar! I think they should sign paperwork stating they cannot change the name back and they cannot remodel the bar for two years after Jon has been there.

  10. I watch his series religiously , why ?? i don’t know because it is plain and simple the bar owners are idiots that is why they are failing . it is obvious when they all drink and party and let a moron run it for them that they will fail again . the majority of the bars are very irresponsibly operated it does not take a rocket scientist to figure them out

  11. I’m just curious…if family dynamics are one of the main reasons a bar is failing, realistically how can that be successfully changed/improved in just a matter of days??

  12. Sue, I often question the feasibility that the behind the bar daily drinkers (hard drinking) can sober up overnight? That doesn’t happen in real life. I often wonder if the rescued folks stay sober…

  13. This ‘kid’ Angelo, Isn’t anymore. He’s a Loser with a Capital ‘Lose’. What a putz his father is for Allowing 25% of ownership to this little, drunken 💩. He was Not doing him a favor by any means. The other two relatives were invisible and irrelevent anywya. They All lost in the End. Good going you blankers. Now You Have Nothing to show for anything But Your Loser Selves.😆😀😂

  14. The problem with Jon’s rename on this one is that people thought the bar served Listerine and were disappointed when they eagerly went in to drink Listerine and found out that the bar did not serve it.

    • Sam Jordan was an example of a correct rebranding. as this Reddit post indicates:

      * Absolutely. Sam Jordan was a local legend and pillar of the community, and his family ran the bar, so it all adds up. That’s how a “tribute” bar should be done. The Lister just seemed like a joke bar making fun of some poor, dead nerd.

      To what would you want your own name or reputation hitched?

  15. Also, the porn couch was iconic and it was wrong for Jon to remove it. Is it a coincidence that the bar managed to stay open for so many years after the owners brought it back? I think not.

  16. This was by far one of the worst remodels I’ve ever seen on the show. That lister crap was so stupid as if these college kids, or literally anyone, are gonna know who he is. Why would anybody think the “fun” theme of a nobody badly photoshopped onto other pictures is what people who go to a bar want to stare at? So odd.

    Those “butt funnels” we’re also quite possibly the dumbest design ive ever seen and he gave them not one, not two but three of them this episode. Why would you want to be forced to squeeze into a small entrance with some probably sweaty and drunk guy who will spill crap on you walking through?

  17. This has to be the worst rescue he’s done. The pictures were extremely weird and dumb. And as someone else mentioned…the butt funnels are not fun. I wouldn’t want to press up against some stranger at a bar…

    I feel like he half assed this rescue.

    But the family was also stupid. Like bringing back the porno couch!? EW! That’s disgusting. And putting a table in the middle of the dance floor? That’s stupid. I do agree with the tearing the pictures down because they sucked.

  18. Those people, especially the drunk ass son, didn’t deserve John and his group’s help. Until they all go through AA and get cleaned up they don’t have chance running a business with alcohol ( or any business I’d want to go to). It was a waste of time and money that should have gone to a more deserving bar- not low class trashy drunks. If you’re not serious about being responsible then you’re not serious about running a business deserving of the public.
    You reap what you see, friends.

  19. 90% of the time I can predict which one of these bars will fold immediately when he leaves! There are losers when he goes in, and they are ungrateful losers when he leaves! They always return to the old loser ways, and they never succeed, and then they blame him and disrespect the gift that he gave them! Most of them are complete, incompetent, arrogant failures

  20. Angelo from The Lister was an immature guy. Get Daddy to take him to rehab and since they didn’t appreciate Jon they can all go in bankruptcy. I think if they want help they have to sign a contract on a partial reimbursement if they decide not continue with Jon’s Rescue.

  21. They deserved nothing more than the crappy remodel that they got. Angelo was such a dopey tool, and the family was just as bad for enabling him all those years. He shoots a porn in your family business and you still allow him to be a manager? What kind of family is this? I am glad they hated the rescue so much – they didn’t deserve anything better!

  22. The drunk son was a complete loser and disgrace to the family. they should of cut him lose from the get go. It’s a shame they actually believed in him. we all saw he wouldn’t never amount to anything

  23. Can’t Make this stuff up, Angelo is such a a ‘LOOOZZERR’, even when Dad(mike)looks at him he sees how pathetic he is! No wonder changes didn’t last, it’s what Angelo wants and dad backs him! Bar rescue did their job, remodel, training, staff.. all worked, left better than before! To see people complain about remodel is insane!! It was free, newer, cleaner, publicity.. ALL FOR FREE!!! Look up pitiful or looser and has pictures of Angelo’s face! This was a joke, scam!


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