The Lister / Park 77 Bar Update – Bar Rescue – Open or Closed?

Is The Lister still open?

Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 4 | View All Season 4 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: June 21, 2015
The Bar's Original Name Was: Park 77
The Lister Address: 77 Cambon Dr San Francisco, California 94132

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Episode Recap

The Lister Park 77 Bar Rescue Update

Park 77 was a struggling bar in San Francisco, California featured in Season 4 of Bar Rescue.

The owners, two brothers named Tano and Wayne, drank on the job and weren’t serious about making Park 77 a successful business. At the time of filming, Park 77 was a massive $188,000 in debt.

In order to revive the struggling bar, Jon Taffer rebranded it to The Lister in an attempt to make it the perfect hangout for college students.

As a sidenote, Park 77 was also known for the skeezy act of filming an…adult film inside the bar. Jon Taffer was not happy, to say the least! Despite happening almost five years ago, you can still find a Facebook event for the shoot. I won’t link you to the video, but it is fairly easy to find on sites dedicated to that sort of thing. So yes, Park 77 definitely was the bar that had a skeezy video shot in it.

The Lister Update - What Happened Next?

In 2016, Jon Taffer revisited The Lister. The bar had torn down the pictures Jon put up and put a Ping Pong table in the middle of the dance floor.

The owners said that the remodel “sucks” and that Jon Taffer was “full of shit”. It doesn’t seem like they were happy, does it?

In an act of rebellion, the owners even brought back the infamous couch from the aforementioned porno that was shot in Park 77.

Though the owners were unhappy with the remodel, The Lister seems to be limping on. They’re still open, though only sporting a 3-star rating on Yelp.

Recent reviews are mixed. Many seem positive, complimenting the pool table and hookah. But some criticize the high prices and slow service.

But at least for now, The Lister seems to be alive, though struggling and without many of the changes that Jon Taffer put in place.

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