JF Kicks Bar Rescue Update (Jimmy’s) – Still Open in 2024?

Is Jimmy's still open today?

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Season: 8 | View All Season 8 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: May 8, 2022
The Bar's Original Name Was: JF Kicks
Jimmy's Address: 3345 Lithia Pinecrest Rd, Valrico, FL 33596

JF Kicks Bar Rescue Update (Jimmy's)

Episode Recap

JF Kicks, briefly renamed to Jimmy’s in the episode, was a Tampa / Valrico, Florida bar that was featured on Season 8 of Bar Rescue.

Though the JF Kicks Bar Rescue episode aired in May 2022, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that in February 2022.

It was Season 8 Episode 19 and the episode name was “Working to Death”.

In this episode, Jon Taffer and his crew visit JF Kicks in Valrico, Florida.

Valrico is located just to the east of Tampa, which is the city that hosted a number of Bar Rescue visits in early 2022 during Season 8.

The official population of Valrico is 35,000, but it obviously can draw a lot more people from Tampa.

Note – the actual JF Kicks Bar Rescue visit took place from Feb 6 to Feb 11 in 2022.

You can see the JF Kicks owners confirm this in a Facebook post here:

we are shooting an episode of “Bar Rescue” from Feb 6th until the 11th…

We’re not sure what that means yet for our customers and normal service hours but we’ll post that info soon on our page.

The bar is owned by Johnny Spieldenner, who bought the bar in 2019.

JF Kicks owner

That means he’s owned it for about three years at the time of the JF Kicks Bar Rescue visit.

The original JF Kicks owners called Johnny asking if he knew anyone who would want to buy it; and that turned into Johnny buying the bar himself.

You can see a post on the JF Kicks Facebook page about the purchase here.

It seems like Johnny was originally planning to change the name of the bar to Lord Bradley’s Tavern, before deciding to keep the original JF Kicks name.

Johnny worked as a contractor before purchasing the bar, so he doesn’t have any direct experience with the bar industry.

He wanted to get out of the construction space, which is one reason he decided to go ahead and purchase JF Kicks.

To help make the bar a success, Johnny had the help of his brother Jimmy Spieldenner.

Jimmy helped with the original money to purchase the bar and also played a role in running it when it came to day-to-day operations.

At first, the new JF Kicks was a smashing success, as Johnny and Jimmy had almost doubled the sales that the previous JF Kicks owners were able to achieve.

Sadly and tragically, Jimmy passed away soon after due to cancer in ~2020/2021.

The loss of Jimmy was not just an emotional blow, but also a blow to the bar as Johnny was now responsible for running everything by himself.

To help with short staffing, Johnny brought in his 18-year-old son Tanner.

Tanner basically had to learn on the job as there was no one there to train him.

JF Kicks son

Even with Tanner’s help, Johnny is still overworked, which is why the episode name is “Working to Death“.

There’s just not enough of Johnny to go around. Often, he’s working in the kitchen, which means that the bar gets neglected.

Johnny is basically everything from the line cook to the dish washer to the general manager and more.

Tanner and the rest of the staff think Johnny works too much.

Johnny even had stroke at the bar as a result of all the stress, which led to a three-day hospital stay.

Tanner is also working every day with his dad, so both father and son are investing everything in the bar.

If all those issues aren’t enough, Johnny is in over $300,000 of debt, which is another reason he needs the JF Kicks Bar Rescue visit to be a success.

To save the bar and create a more sustainable business, Johnny reached out to Jon Taffer and the team.

To help with the recon for JF Kicks, Jon Taffer had some help from professional wrestlers Britt Baker and Adam Cole.

The two are a “power couple” in AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

As part of the renovations, Jon Taffer changed the name of the bar from JF Kicks to Jimmy’s.

The new name is obviously in tribute to the owner’s brother, who sadly passed away around a year before the Bar Rescue visit as I mentioned above.

So were the changes from the JF Kicks Bar Rescue episode a success?

Keep reading my update to learn how this Valrico FL bar is doing and if it’s still open in 2024.

Jimmy's Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Jimmy’s Bar Rescue episode, let’s talk about what happened to the bar after Jon Taffer and his crew left Valrico, FL.

First, let’s talk about the name, because the bar had already switched back to the original JF Kicks name at the time that the JF Kicks Bar Rescue episode aired on TV.

I was scrolling through the Facebook page and it seems they used the Jimmy’s Kicks name until around the end of March 2022.

Since then, they’ve stuck exclusively with the original JF Kicks name.

You can see the owners confirm that they will be using the original JF Kicks name in this Facebook post. Someone asked why they aren’t using the Jimmy’s name and they responded with this:

decided against it…

sticking with JF Kicks.

In that same Facebook comment thread, they also confirmed that they’ve made some changes to the Bar Rescue menu:

We have made a lot of changes to the menu over the last year including some of the [Bar Rescue] menu items.

Here’s another post where JF Kicks addresses the name change:

Bar Rescue changed our name but we changed it back.

In the end, it seems like JF Kicks didn’t really love their Bar Rescue experience.

Here’s another post from that thread, where they responded about why they went on Bar Rescue if they weren’t going to keep the changes:

The juice just wasn’t worth the squeeze.

We thought things were going to go much differently.

In a response to a customer review, they also had this to say:

Bar Rescue was a setback…

Don’t always believe what you see on TV.

Thanks for the great feedback.

They provided even more context in a Facebook comment right after the JF Kicks Bar Rescue episode aired on TV:

our experience with BR just wasn’t a good one.

Having them rip out so much of the work I put in over the last 3 years and put in such a bland theme wasn’t what we expected.

We are a music and sports venue that serves great food.

I loved the tribute to my brother but it just wasn’t a fit for Kicks…

And, yes, I didn’t want my business to make me feel sad every day.

I’m sure that wasn’t their intention but I need more positivity going forward.

JF Kicks name change

That whole post includes a bunch of comments about the bar’s experience.

For example, Johnny said that he lost $20,000 in missed revenue during the six days that the bar had to close to film the episode.

This lost revenue actually offset the benefit of any renovations from the Bar Rescue crew, even though those renovations don’t cost anything.

Overall, the JF Kicks owners don’t seem to feel like they got value from Jon Taffer’s visit.

Despite that, JF Kicks seems to still be doing pretty well.

They seem to have a pretty loyal group of regular customers who are fans of the bar.

For example, the Facebook post where JF Kicks announced the new Jimmy’s name and menu generated a lot of questions from people asking if JF Kicks would still serve their favorite menu items.

Here’s an example:

Not loving the new name or menu.

Not sure why changing a wonderful place was necessary.

Bourbon salmon was amazing.

And another one:


Love you but Y’all are going to chase your loyal customers away with those high prices l!!

However, it seems like JF Kicks did keep a lot of the menu items even when going by Jimmy’s:

yes we still carry our old items.

These are in addition to what we have been serving.

Despite all that, the bar did host a Bar Rescue watch party.

If you want to connect with Johnny, you can find his Facebook page here.

Is Jimmy’s from Bar Rescue still open?

As of 2024, Jimmy’s is still open and serving customers in Valrico, FL, though it’s doing business under the original JF Kicks name instead of the new name that Jon Taffer gave it.

Again, you can see Johnny’s reasoning for not using the Jimmy’s name from Jon Taffer in the comments above.

The bar is very active on its Facebook page, regularly posting events and specials.

JF Kicks seems to have free live music on Wednesday nights and a trivia night every Monday night.

When the weather is good, they also have live music on the patio on Sunday afternoons.

Here you can see an example of the schedule:

JF Kicks Bar Rescue live music

And then here’s what the JF Kicks Valrico FL location looks like in the most recent picture from Google Maps street view…

This picture is from January 2022, so you can see that they’ve gone back to the JF Kicks sign and branding.

Reviews After the JF Kicks Bar Rescue Episode

Despite going back to the original name, reviews for the bar generally seem good as there are more positive reviews than negative ones.

However, they did seem to be having some issues with being short staffed in April/May 2022, which I guess is pretty common for bars and restaurants at that time.

Some reviews do mention the Jimmy’s name from Bar Rescue, which shows that JF Kicks did try it out before moving back to the old name.

Overall, as of early 2024, the bar has a 4.1 star rating on Google, but just a 3.2 star rating on Yelp (which isn’t that good).

Here’s a sampling of some of the reviews that were written after the JF Kicks Bar Rescue episode:

5 star review from March 2022:

First visit post Bar Rescue.

Subtle changes in decor and menu – all improvements, though nothing drastic.

You still get what you see – local sports bar with decent food and drinks.

Great service, good live entertainment.

Food order took a while, and was less than hot when it arrived, so not sure if was a case of having an over-worked waitress, or she was slow on delivering – suspect the former.

Prices, especially Happy Hour, are some of the best anywhere, and you can frequently find a discount coupon online.

Will be back, hopefully for hot food.

4 star review from April 2022:

First time at this location.

A group that I belong to held their monthly meeting there.

Seated quickly, friendly staff, service and food very good.

Tables in the main room and bar area , bar seating is available.

There’s a patio area as well.

They have a stage for live music 🎶 but none played this night.

Probably on weekends. Big screen TV s on the walls.

5 star review from April 2022:

New name, Jimmy’s, Bar Rescue went through it, changed name amongst other things, good food, good time

5 star review from March 2022:

Great. I went to the taping of Bar Rescue and enjoyed the beverages and sandwiches.

The mahi had nice flavors although it was a little dry; I mentioned to the bartender, so hopefully he relayed that to the cooks.

Our group tried most items on the new limited menu (see picture).

All were good.

Congratulations to Jimmy’s on the makeover and new name!! Best of luck!

5 star review from April 2022:

I haven’t been there in a while but I can see the changes, used to go there years ago to play poker.

I loved the atmosphere, the food was hot and very tasty, we had steak and cheese subs and chicken subs.

We ate all of it meaning it was portioned right where there’s no waste or doggy bag.

We’re be coming back again, but maybe to join in on some events next time.

Hang in there Jimmy, can’t please everyone.

Though the bathrooms didn’t change. Haha

With that being said, there were also several mediocre or negative reviews.

2 star review from January 2023:

Been coming here for a while.

Before, during, and after Bar Rescue.

Great setup. Patio. Live music et cetera.

But every time I come the service sucks.

The bartenders stand around talking to the regulars while you have an empty drink, wait to order, or wait for a check.

I’m done with the place.

And by the way, if any cops need a place to hang out and bust coke dealers, this is your place.

Sad thing is I overtipped because I got tired of waiting for the bartender to come back so I could get change.

3 star review from March 2022:

Not that impressed considering it just went through renovations.

Service was slow, tables were dirty (with staff constantly walking past it) and I never saw a host at the host stand.

Nice outdoor patio, but it was a little too chaotic.

1 star review from April 2022:

Water down drinks, bad and slow service. Grease cold food.

I returned a drink because it had no flavor was watered down and they still charged me for it. The second drink was worse.

We just ordered a pretzel and onon rings took almost 40 mins onion rings were super grease and not even crunchy. Pretzel was cold and hard.

First and last time going there. Bar rescue can help cosmetically but you gotta have a chef and team to do the hard work.

2 star review from March 2022:

Great little place to grab a drink on s weekend ride. Awesome outdoor seating in the back

***UPDATE: If this is the new and improved “Jimmy’s” I’m not impressed.

It took forever to get food and drinks. The food was just terrible.

I understand it was just the 3 for $5 Taco Tuesday special 3 of us shared for an appetizer but it was so bad that we didn’t order dinner and left to eat somewhere else.

We were so excited to see the new place. All that I saw that was new was a couple of tv’s and some bar stools.

Everything on the tables the walls inside and even the menu still says JF Kicks. So disappointed!

1 star review from February 2022 (just a week after the Bar Rescue visit):

We went to Jimmy’s formally JF Kicks on the 18th of February 2022 walked in very nice looking place inside the restaurant.

Sign said seat yourself we sat down not the first person acknowledged we where there.

12/15 minutes passed still no one said anything at all. We got up and left made eye contact with 2 of the wait staff neither one said a word.

Good luck Jimmy’s John Taffer gives you the tools to be successful it’s up to owners to follow threw. Very disappointing for Valrico.

Final thoughts on the JF Kicks bar

Overall, despite not keeping the name from Jon Taffer, JF Kicks seems to be doing fairly well as a business (though the reviews aren’t always amazing).

If you’re in the Tampa area and you want to check it out, you can head to the official JF Kicks website to learn more and see the bar’s menu.

Prices seem fair, as a sandwich will run you between $11-$14. You can also get a quarter-pounder burger for $6 or a half-pounder for $11.

All the entrees are under $20, as well.

JF Kicks also does delivery via GrubHub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.

Overall, it will be interesting to see if JF Kicks can keep the forward momentum even without Jon Taffer’s changes.

So far, they seem to be doing well. If any thing changes, I will update this post.

If you visit the bar in person, please leave a comment and let me know how it went.

Jon Taffer visited a few other Tampa area bars in the second half of Season 8.

If you want to see those other episodes, check out these posts:

I also have a post that lists all 27+ Florida Bar Rescue episodes – it’s one of the most popular states for Jon Taffer to visit.

And if you want to share your thoughts on the JF Kicks episode, you can join dozens of other commenters in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Why go on the show if you’re just going to ignore Jon Taffer’s changes? Just do your own thing then instead of trying to score a free renovation.

  2. I have watched probably all, Bar Rescue, and think It’s a great concept & I feel grateful for those that received Jon Taffer’s help.

    However I did think from this episode, there wasn’t as much renovation, as usual. I thought the name JF Kicks was cleaver, more than Jimmy’s. Besides we do have other bars here Tampa Bay area named Jimmy’s.

    I also think that here in Florida, thing’s are different than most states. It’s such a mix of people, local, transit, vacationer, young, more mature, it’s hard to find the right recipe, punt intended. I’ve seen in my 30+yrs come & go! Although I understand Valrico/Brandon Area is more local, than here in Pinellas County. Hopefully the locals will continue to go, if they strive to stay open with good food and service.

    • JF Kicks does seem to have a pretty loyal local following. Most of the complaints seem to be about service related to the bar being short-staffed. So hopefully they can fix that by hiring more people, though I know that’s hard right now.

  3. I hope everything works out the bar, after watching it on Bar rescue, I seen the stress J had on himself, I felt so bad for him cause I seen he prolly was the most hardworking owner I’ve seen on the bar rescues, he wasn’t sitting at the bar, drinking his sorrows, he was always working his ass off & never took a break.

    I also seen the look on his face when the bar name was changed, I could tell he wasn’t super happy about it, I don’t blame him!

    I hope to 1 day come visit the bar when I’m in Florida near by! I hope he succeeds!! He seems like a good guy! Sea food Nacho platter would be easy & amazing, wings, pizza subs ham, salami, pepperoni, onion cheese,, tomato paste, onion, mayo, lettuce, with some homemade garlic butter, garlic ,dill weed, salt! All that be perfect for the menu, u can add jalapeños & banana peppers for extra kick on the sub! Brush the garlic butter on the top of bun after it comes out of the baker! Lol..DELICIOUS 😋

    • Yeah a lot of the owners from Season 8 aren’t your typical “incompetents”. A lot of them are people that try hard but are just in a tough situation for some reason, which makes it easier to root for them (though it removes some of the drama from the show).

  4. This breaks my heart that they were not happy. John Knows the business and knows what he is doing! The place looked way more beautiful after the renovation. Taffer had so much respect for Johnny and Tanner as well. Even the bar staff, (who were literally crying because of the confidence Johns team brought them) I know things are not all shown on tv. But I am truly confused as to why the staff would be unhappy and think they know better then Taffer…
    gosh he was so caring to the staff. So sad. Was so rooting for you Jonny but I will never be visiting this place because of the response to Taffer. 👎

    • I truly hope that John is more meticulous in the selection of bars that he tries to save.
      To me, this one falls into the category of owners with a sob story that gets John to engage in renovating their establishment for free.
      I do hope that they succeed, but the aftermath of changes back to the old way leaves me disappointed.

    • KG: I couldn’t agree with you more with respect to the LACK of respect and appreciation given to Jon Taffer and his team. The upgrades made such a huge improvement (how can they say it was a sports bar? Never saw even one indication of such). Then to down-talk the Bar Rescue work. So disappointed in Johnny and his disrespectful FB comments. My husband and I agree, we would never visit that bar.

  5. Probably one of the nicest group of staff and Owner I’ve seen on the show. They really seem to care. I really hope things go well for them. And about the flip back to the original name. I get it. I would feel sad every time I saw my brothers name up there. And the original was cute. Plus new patrons wouldn’t even know what the name was about and my ask to talk to Jimmy…. again a bummer.

    • Yeah I agree with you. It’s a decision Taffer probably shouldn’t have made by himself. If you’re going to use a personal name like that it should come from the owner.

  6. So if you need help and get it from the show and you get all the changes done and a remodel of the bar/restaurant is it because you need a remodel and publicity to get people back in the establishment? Be proud that you got the help because alot of bars right now need it. BE THANKFULl for what you were able to get.THE HELP!

  7. I personally know Johnny, being someone who has made deliveries to his bar since he owned it and even before. The amounts I deliver after he took over increased almost every week. Of course with COVID yes things did take a hit as it did everywhere. But once things started to get back going, so did his orders. I seen him after finding out about his brother and I know it took an extreme toll on him. I didn’t know about the stroke, but I know he’s working hard to keep this place going. You all can call him what you want, but when you get to know Johnny and not what you see on TV, he’s a really cool guy who’s just dedicated to what he has.

    • I don’t think anyone has said anything negative. Johnny seems like a nice guy and I hope the bar is successful.

    • I was happy to read your positive feed back (so many people are so quick to bash). I understand the stress of losing someone so close & he sounds like he does not need the added stress of having to see that name everyday, not only when he walks in but all over including paperwork in the office. It would be never ending. I will be honest I am not done watching the episode yet, but I already feel like I am team Johnny and hope his dream lives on for many years. I will end this by saying I was just in Tampa last week & wish I saw this episode before I went. But I will be back & I will definitely be checking it out

      • Yeah I think it was totally reasonable for Johnny not to want that name. I feel like Jon should’ve asked about using such a personal name. I know that some people would like having that name, but I also think others (like Johnny) wouldn’t want to be reminded about it every single day when they walk into work.

  8. All I know is you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

    If owners cannot operate a successful business, all the makeovers in the world aren’t going to change them.

    They have to change and then be that change. They could do that even without the makeover.

  9. I was disappointed that they didn’t even mention the outside patio in the episode! The patio and live music is one of the biggest appeals to this bar. Also the increase in menu prices is kinda disappointing, I guess that’s one way to make more money but not sure if the audience for this bar (far out suburbs of tampa) is keen to pay the increases…might be oversight by Taffer.

  10. I imagine it was too personal to name the bar after his brother and that’s a family issue.
    That said this place looks amazing and when I this area I will be happy to stop in.
    How many people can say an 18 yr. old could be so talented and respectful. Great family values.

  11. I have to agree with you on your issues. I have been watching Bar Rescue that now airs on Paramount Cable Channel. Die hard fan I guess you would call it. I just saw this episode and rated it as one of the best especially for the smooth route everything seemed to be going. Since I live in Broward County Florida, I pass through that area from time to time. I was going to stop there on one of my trips but from some of this information, I may just keep driving. I do wish the Restaurant and staff better but not staying with Jon Taffer should have been thought through.

  12. Did you get out of debt of 300000 or you still working on it.

    Maybe you didnt like the experience with John Taffer and thats ok.

    I hope you were able to get more employees so you could run the business and not do all the work. Watching the episode I got the feeling you were more into doing everything and not having anyone but your son cooking. It looked to me you and your staff wasnt buying into the different cocktails.

    Reminded me of another bar rescue where the owner didnt want to change anything but just wanted to tweak what he was doing. All about egos.

  13. I guess I don’t understand why these bars call to be on the show, accept the help from Jon Taffer, then complain and change it all back. If they were doing so well in the first place why bother to call? I thought this was a great episode and then to read this update. What a bummer.

    • Normally I agree. But this is one where I understand the owner wanting to change back to the old name.

      He said that he doesn’t want to go to work every day having to think about his dead brother, which I think is fair.

      I know that some people would like the tribute aspect of the name, but I also understand that some people wouldn’t and I think that’s fair.

    • That’s exactly how my husband I felt after reading the update. Why ask for help? Jon Taffer’s remake of the bar was far and away better than the mismatched mess they had before… and probably do again. Such a waste of Jon Taffer and his team’s time, money and energy.

  14. Totally agree. The unilateral name change without owner input rarely works well, especially when it has such personal loss
    And tragedy attached. Side note: all these comments pretending a reality show that benefits from businesses failing is somehow being done wrong or not shown enough gratitude (various comments in thread) is really weird. They make alot of money off making people look bad, granted, many deserve it, but it’s still weird how people go after owners based on a freaking reality show production CO’s portrayal. Gullible

  15. While understanding that a “reality” show is going to take liberties, the owner acknowledged on the show that he was $300k in debt. If he wasn’t, then why lie on TV?
    Also, the owner states that the show contacted him, he didn’t ask to be on. Yet, he agreed to be on the show and that they’re going to make changes to your restaurant (surely you had an idea, no?). 🙄

    Lastly, if your business was doing so well, why not decline?
    I know if my restaurant was doing very well and making good money, I wouldn’t need to be on a tv show trying to get out of a financial hole. You reap what you sow. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. This episode and their reaction to the changes off of TV confuses me. I can understand the name change thing and that being difficult to deal with. But complaining about everything else like the remodel? It looked a lot better afterwards, they even said it was less of a mismatch of decor than before on the show. So why complain about it after the fact? It’s sort of weird. Good luck to them anyway, seems like a great father-son relationship there.

  17. I’m curious to know what specifically about the physical changes he didn’t like. I can absolutely understand the name change…he could barely say his brother’s name without tearing up…it was just too soon and too painful…but I wonder what else about the bar rescue experience wasn’t a fit.

  18. I went to JF Kicks maybe twice pre-Bar Rescue, and once after, only ever went for drinks. The music has always been way too loud, you can’t hear the person next to you let alone the bartender to order. Sadly that was never addressed or changed. The last time I was there with my brother and I was closing out our tab so we could hop over to our regular fav bar and noticed I never got my card back, so I asked the bartender if he still had it. He basically lied to me and then proceeded to argue with me that he gave it back. I asked for a manger and for them to check bc I did not have my card. The manager found it UNDERNEATH the register. I believe the bartender intended on stealing my card, bc why else would it have ended up under the register. That’s suspicious. Left with a horrible taste in my mouth after that and won’t go back or recommend to anyone else. There’s. A lot of other local bars that are much better in every aspect if I’m being honest 🤷🏻‍♀️ To each their own though

  19. I could absolutely understand changing the name back. I would have too honestly.

    In my culture naming people, animals, things, or even getting tattoos of someone’s name are not ways to honor or respect someone (living or dead). In fact, it’s the opposite. Doing such things are extremely disrespectful and can cause horrible things to happen to the place, thing, person (who bares the tattoo or the child who carries on the name – like a JR, II, or just naming your child after a friend/family member), or animal. It’s like a curse or a hex. Nooooo.

    And I’ve noticed Taffer renames a LOT of bars after people or family members. Like this would NOT be okay with me. So I don’t blame the owner for changing the name back. If it wasn’t a personal name, it’d be a different story, but this was the guy’s brother who had passed. He didn’t even need to explain the reason, it was all over his and his son’s face.

    As for the rest of the renovations and help, I don’t understand his lack of appreciation. That’s the only part I’m lost on. Some of his downright rude responses to people questioning this as well doesn’t leave a good impression either.

    I’m a Florida local myself. I live in an RV so im all over Florida. I also love bar hopping and checking out places. I don’t judge places based solely on TV but the behavior and treatment online says something about the staff and ownership of a business. That is something I can base a judgement on and it just rubbed me the wrong way.

    The owner claims the place was a sports bar prior to renovations. Where? Nothing online or off ever indicates this bar was about sports. Lol So where did that even come from? I’m scratching my chin on that one.

    The renovations were beautiful. Simple, elegant, upgraded, and universal across the bar. Everything went together & was clean & uncluttered, unlike before the renovations. So what exactly was the problem besides the name? I’m confused with the owners issue. I’m not trying to be mean because he and his son, Tanner, were unbelievably impressive and respectable workers. I’m just confused and would like to understand.

  20. He says he lost $20,000 in 6 days and then tore out the free upgrades BR installed. If he was that prosperous then why ask for help. And obviously very ungrateful. I don’t like to categorize people but he seems like a typical carpetbagger and that’s being nice.

  21. $300,000 + in debt and Johnny is trying to do everything himself and ends up in the hospital after having a stroke. He called Taffer for help and Taffer came and gave him the tools to successful manage and run the bar.

    I just finished watching the show, from where i sit he looked pleased at the results when Taffer unveiled the finished remodel.

    Don’t understand the negative comments afterward.


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