The Bradley Bar Rescue Update (City Bar) – Still Open in 2023?

Is The Bradley still open today?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 5 | View All Season 5 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: August 21, 2016
The Bar's Original Name Was: City Bar
The Bradley Address: 1000 E Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89104

The Bradley Bar Rescue Update (City Bar)

Episode Recap

City Bar, later renamed The Bradley, was a Las Vegas, Nevada bar that was featured on Season 5 of Bar Rescue.

Though the City Bar Bar Rescue episode aired in August 2016, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that.

It was Season 5 Episode 3 and the episode name was “12 Beers a Slave” (originally “Whipped Into Shape”).

City Bar is located in Las Vegas, Nevada – good ‘ole Sin City!

Brad Stegman is the owner.

City Bar owner

He previously worked in business management but left the industry to open the bar. It’s a tale as old as time haha…

He wanted a bar that offered great entertainment but has had to cut costs and barely has any staff.

The staff creates their own theme nights like Jazz and Fetish nights. 

Kim, Belinda, Elizabeth, and Meghan are the bartenders’ names.

Neither of the four girls gets along, and they argue regularly.

Brad is within months of shutting down City Bar as he’s losing almost $6,000 per month.

Those issues are why the City Bar Bar Rescue episode needed to happen.

City Bar in Las Vegas

Jon Taffer pulls up to the bar and gives Brad a call before entering the bar.

When Taffer goes into the bathroom, he is disgusted by how dirty it is.

Brad curses and yells at the staff members to clean the toilets and so a bartender goes to clean.

Jon tells Brad that he can’t have a bartender cleaning the toilets as he will serve drinks after. 

Jon is totally right – I don’t want the bartender making my drink after cleaning a toilet.

A mannequin is holding a sign advertising the bar because Brad can’t afford to pay a person as a sign spinner.

Kim and Meghan have begun fighting in front of the customers.

City Bar bartenders

Jon sends in his group’s president and vice president for the recon. 

There is no drinks menu, despite City Bar supposedly being a bar (which usually as drinks, right?).

The bloody mary ordered is too blended, and the Manhattan has too much alcohol.

Meghan is smoking at the bar, which violates many health codes.

Kim makes a dirty martini for one of Jon’s spies but uses her fingers to pick up the olives, another health violation.

Just imagine if she were the one who had cleaned the toilet?

Kim’s husband arrives with props for the fetish night.

Jon shows Brad a video of the fetish night from last week.

Brad gets angry, throws the props at Kim, and shuts down fetish night.

City Bar fetish night

The next day, Kim doesn’t arrive at work.

Meghan has been accused of stealing before by Kim.

Brad is stubborn, but he does love the bar and wants it to succeed. 

David Vaughan is brought in, a mixologist, and he helps the staff learn to make a tequila sunset.

Brad and Jon Taffer get into an angry shouting match as Jon finds Brad’s to-do list with half of the things done.

Things are definitely off to a shaky start…

The stress tests us about to begin. 

Kim arrives for the stress test and starts a fight immediately with Meghan.

Since Kim missed the training, she can’t work the bar to work the night as the bar back, assisting the other bartenders. 

When the stress test starts, they start wasting drinks right away, and many customers are left waiting.

Meghan gets overwhelmed and runs off to the bathroom.

Brad shuts down the bar since the stress test is failing. 

David continues training the staff the next day and teaches them a new cocktail called The Brad.

While the bar is being renovated, Jon takes Brad and the team out to a casino.

Meghan and Kim make up because Kim helped her when overwhelmed during the stress test.

Belinda and Meghan are now fighting. 

As part of the changes, Jon renames the bar from City Bar to The Bradley.

The bar’s new name is obviously based on the name of the owner.

I think it’s an improvement, as “City Bar” just sounded so generic and wasn’t memorable.

There is an Orange Door system for games and trivia.

There are new POS machines and a subscription to Jon’s training program a year. 

Meghan shines during the relaunch and is more confident than ever.

They have made more sales within ten minutes than they did the entire stress test night.

The relaunch is a success. 

So was the City Bar bar Rescue episode a long-term success?

Keep reading to learn what happened next and if it’s still open in 2024.

The Bradley Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Bradley Bar Rescue episode, let’s talk about what happened next after Jon Taffer and his crew left Sin City.

At the standard six-week check-in, we learn that sales at The Bradley were up 10%.

However, keep in mind that this was six weeks after Jon Taffer visited City Bar / The Bradley, not six weeks after the episode aired.

That’s important because of the answer to the next question…

Is The Bradley from Bar Rescue still open?

The Bradley closed in June, 2016, which means that the bar was already closed at the time that the Bradley Bar Rescue episode aired on TV.

It closed because Brad, the owner, sold the bar to The Sahara Lounge before the episode even aired on TV.

Brad announced the sale in a Facebook post on July 2 2016:

To All :

On June 30th, The Bradley was sold to the Sahara Lounge.

To everyone that ever visited City Bar or The Bradley:

Thank you for your patronage and letting us host you.

To all the entertainers that ever perfomed at the bar/lounge:

Your great talents were inspirational and it was a pleasure to have you perform.

To everyone that ever worked at City Bar or The Bradley:

Thank you for all of your efforts.

I hope to see everyone out again soon, only this time as one of the customers.

May peace and good times always be with you all!

Here’s a screenshot of the post in case it gets deleted:

City Bar sold

Up until 2022, The Sahara Lounge was still open and occupying the old The Bradley Las Vegas location.

Reviews for The Sahara Lounge seem good, as it has a 4 star rating on its Yelp page.

The Google Maps Street view from May 2022 did show it as Tempo Ultra Lounge now, but other indicators still pointed to it as using The Sahara Lounge branding.

Old The Bradley location

However, as of 2023, The Sahara Lounge is gone and the old The Bradley Las Vegas location is now occupied by Club Ego.

You can see the new tenant in the most recent picture from Google Maps street view, which I’ve embedded below:

What happened to Megan from The Bradley?

A lot of people are wondering what happened to Megan from The Bradley.

She posted on the Facebook post above that she’s no longer working as a bartender and is instead working as a driver as a shuttle bus company.

You can see the post below:

Megan The Bradley Las Vegas

Megan’s post was from six years ago, though, so I’m not sure if she’s still doing that now.

Overall, though, this one is a pretty unsatisfying Bar Rescue experience as we never got to see if Jon’s changes would’ve worked or not.

This isn’t the only time that an owner has sold the bar before the episode aired on TV, unfortunately.

It also happened with Ace’s Sports Hangar in Texas and maybe some others I’m forgetting.

Or, the Garrison Tavern in Colorado was listed for sale just around a week after Jon Taffer’s visit.

I wish these people wouldn’t go on Bar Rescue if they’re planning to sell the bar so soon, but what can you do.

If you want to see updates for some other Las Vegas bars from Bar Rescue that do have more of a story, check out these posts:

Or, you can check out my full list of all the Las Vegas / Nevada Bar Rescue episodes from every season.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I don’t see how John tapper does it. I’m in he goes in a poor summit money and time into these bars just to have them sold or closed. It’s kind of frustrating

  2. There should almost be some sort of agreement, that if the bar makes money the first few months it can’t be sold. This is a prime example, as are the other ones that get thousands of dollars worth of upgrades and equipment and then sell immediately.

  3. This bar owner was like a lot of these people: Clueless and Delusional. Hopefully, the bartender Megan found employment elsewhere. Continued success to her.

  4. It’s now called Club Ego. Seems like a lot of names in a few years.

    It’s across the street from the pandemic-era Badlands rescue.

  5. Megan apparently spent some time in jail she was apart of some beating they did of some friends ex. She wasn’t involved in the beating but she was apparently “there” and still had to serve. Totally sad story

    • Wow… She seemed more like the quiet type, but it has been said; sometimes they’re the ones you have to watch out for. This episode was on last night. I was also wondering what happened to Kim? She didn’t show up after Brad threw a fit about “Fetish night” which was hosted by her husband. When she did come back, she looked depressed. I always wonder what happened to the people— especially the ones whose homes were on the line


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