The Second Line Co / Speakeasy Bar Rescue Update – Open or Closed?

Is The Second Line Co still open in 2022?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 5 | View All Season 5 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: March 19, 2017
The Bar's Original Name Was: Speakeasy
The Second Line Co Address: 4345 Williams Blvd Ste F-1 Kenner, LA 70065

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Episode Recap

Speakeasy Bar & Grill, later renamed to The Second Line Co, was a Kenner, Louisiana bar that was featured on Season 5 of Bar Rescue.

Though the Speakeasy Bar Rescue episode aired in March 2017, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place around half a year before that in October 2016.

It was Season 5 Episode 18 and the episode name was “All Twerk and No Pay Makes Taffer Shut It Down”.

In this episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer is in Kenner, LA to try and rescue the failing Speakeasy Bar & Grill, a bar owned by husband and wife team Amanda and Keith Bellaci.

Keith had managed some bars in the past so he figured he could strike out his own and become a success.

For the first few years, business was good. 

The bar also helped him meet Amanda, who originally helped behind the bar before marrying Keith later on.

They both retired from the bar after their marriage, but they ended up repurchasing the bar in 2015 with the help of Amanda’s mother, named Barbara.

The couple thought the bar would still be profitable, but they quickly discovered that wasn’t the case.

If Amanda’s horrible twerking behavior is any indication, the couple also don’t seem to take the bar seriously as a business.

At the time of Jon’s visit, the Speakeasy Bar & Grill is losing a stomach-churning $5,000 per month.

Tack that on to the fact that the bar is already $250,000 in debt, and things don’t look good for Speakeasy.

As an added bonus, the bartenders can’t even make simple drinks during Jon’s recon session.

The bartenders don’t even have the tools they need to make drinks, relying on awkward workarounds like mixing drinks in plastic cups.

To help upgrade the bar, Jon Taffer called on expert mixologist Ashley Clarke (who was a bartender in the Fort One / The Roc Bar Rescue episode) and chef Aaron McCargo.

As usual, Jon changed the name of the bar during his rescue attempt, renaming it to the Second Line Co.

He also trains up the staff and adds some new drinks.

So was the Speakeasy Bar Rescue episode a success? Keep reading our update to learn what happened and how the bar is doing in 2022 and beyond.

The Second Line Co Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Second Line Co Bar Rescue episode, let’s talk about what happened to the bar after Jon Taffer and his crew left Kenner, LA.

First, let’s talk about the name.

If Yelp is any indication, the owners haven’t fully embraced the name change, as the Yelp still goes by the old name of Speakeasy Bar & Grill.

They also have Facebook pages for both bar names and seem to post on both. So who knows how they act in person.

You can view the Facebook page for Second Line Co here, and the Facebook page for Speakeasy Bar & Grill here.

Eventually, they did ditch Jon Taffer’s name and go back to the original Speakeasy Bar and Grill name.

One change they have stuck with, though, is Jon’s decision to make Speakeasy / Second Line Co non-smoking.

Is Second Line Co from Bar Rescue still open?

Second Line Co closed for good in December 2017, which was around 9 months after the Second Line Bar Rescue episode aired on TV and a little over a year after the actual visit from Jon Taffer.

At that time, the bar was doing business as Speakeasy Bar and Grill, rather than the Second Line Co name that Jon Taffer gave it.

As of 2022, the old Speakeasy Kenner, LA location is occupied by a bar/hookah lounge named Area 504. You can check out the Facebook page for the new bar here.

At the time of the bar’s closure, reviews were ok but not great. It had a 3 star rating on its Yelp page and a 4.2 star rating on Google Reviews.

Here’s an example review that was written after the Second Line Co Bar Rescue episode happened.

2 star review from 2017:

Learned about this place on the current Bar Rescue episode last night. Anticipation ran high but the menu has been greatly reduced from one listed online. Item I wanted today was deleted although listed on present very short menu at the bar. Bartender Jessica was the best part of in-house experience. Take-out order of jambalaya quesadillas was very good, but they discontinued the advertised sauce, adding to my disappointment. Hope the on-line menus and hard copy will be redone soon. Looking forward to trying the hamburger and wings.

Overall, this one, unfortunately, has to go on Jon Taffer’s failure list, though it’s not really his fault because the owners didn’t stick with his concept.

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  1. Should have kept the name Taffer gave it, confusion not good.

    How can people review a company with two names?

    I watched the show, new name and look was Wonderful .

  2. I loved the name that Jon gave them it made the place better warm the place up and the food look like it brought the customers in they should had left the name. P S. Are the owners still married


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