Ninja Karaoke Bar Rescue Update – Las Vegas – Still Open in 2024?

Is Ninja Karaoke still open today?

Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 8 | View All Season 8 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: August 1, 2021
The Bar's Original Name Was: Ninja Karaoke
Ninja Karaoke Address: 1009 S Main St Las Vegas, NV 89101

Ninja Karaoke Bar Rescue Update

Episode Recap

Ninja Karaoke was a Las Vegas, Nevada bar that was featured on Season 8 of Bar Rescue.

Though the Ninja Karaoke Bar Rescue episode aired in August 2021, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place a few months before that during Bar Rescue’s Covid-19 inspired focus on Las Vegas.

It was Season 8 Episode 10 and the episode name was “Ninja Karaoke’s Swan Song”.

Ninja Karaoke is in Las Vegas, Nevada, just like all of the other bars from the second half of Bar Rescue Season 8.

The bar has a lot of live music and dance events and, as the name suggests, customers can also rent private karaoke rooms.

Steve Corral and Mami Kanemitsu are Ninja Karaoke’s owners.

Ninja Karaoke owner Steve

The newlywed couple, who are also dancers, purchased the bar in 2017.

That means they’ve owned it for around four years at the time of the Ninja Karaoke episode.

For the first two years, Ninja Karaoke was successful.

The owners created special themed nights like open mic, karaoke, and dance parties.

Sadly, business at the bar declined due to the coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions.

It’s not really fun to sing karaoke with a mask, right?

Many of the staff members had to be let go, which meant Mami and Steve ran Ninja Karaoke by themselves.

Since it is only the two of them, it has stressed their marriage and the bar.

There are also other personal issues.

Mami’s father lives in Japan and is suffering from cancer, and she can’t afford to see him before he passes. 

Ninja Karaoke owner Mami

Derrick Turner joins Jon Taffer to recon the bar and give him a rundown on Ninja Karaoke.

Michael and Leann accompany Jon’s wife, Nicole Taffer.

The three of them spy on the bar.

There is a QR code for the menus at the table, but none are located at the bar.

The drinks the spies order are too strong.

The bar is packed with people, which means the wait staff ignores those in private karaoke booths. 

There is no kitchen at Ninja Karaoke.

The only food options are ramen and chips.

Jon Taffer enters the bar, meets with Steve, and tells him that he is impressed with the bar’s theme.

The owners tell Jon that they do not offer any food because they have seen other bars lose money on inventory, but Jon reminds them that money is to be made if they do it right.

The next day Jon returns for a staff meeting.

Justin, a server and friend of the owners, comes.

Lonnie is the bartender who has worked for Steve and Mami for a long time.

Jon brings in chef Anthony Lamas to help with the food and menu at Ninja Karaoke.

Steve is still not open to serving food but says okay anyway. 

Derrick trains the bartenders on their pouring skills.

He then shows them how to make signature cocktails with a Japanese twist.

The stress test begins, and customers are let into Ninja Karaoke.

The bar is simulating a pre-pandemic Friday evening rush.

The staff is told they only have thirty minutes to serve the customers. 

The bar is trying to keep it up but can’t.

Only seven drinks have been made in ten minutes.

When the timer went off, the staff did not meet their goal since they had to dump many beverages.

Derrick then continues to train the employees on more Japanese drinks.

Chef Anthony meets with the staff in the kitchen and teaches them a simple chicken dish with Japanese flavors. 

After thirty-six hours, the bar is renovated.

Ninja Karaoke Bar Rescue renovations

The staff gathers at the bar, which has kept the name Ninja Karaoke.

Standard Restaurant Supply has gifted the bar kitchen appliances, including a Turbo Chef, so it’s all ready to serve food.

Michael Goddard, a famous artist, created a custom piece for the bar and signed it.

The customers are happy with the food, drinks, and karaoke. The relaunch is a success.

So was the Ninja Karaoke Jon Taffer visit a long-term success? Keep reading to learn what happened next and if the Ninja Karaoke Las Vegas location is still open in 2024 and beyond.

Ninja Karaoke Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Ninja Karaoke Bar Rescue visit, let’s talk about what happened to the bar after Jon Taffer (and later Covid-19) left Las Vegas, NV.

Overall, things seem to be doing great for Ninja Karaoke, and it’s thriving since the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

Let’s go over the current status of the bar, along with some real customer reviews after Taffer’s visit.

Is Ninja Karaoke from Bar Rescue still open?

As of 2023, Ninja Karaoke is still open and serving customers in Las Vegas.

The bar is quite active on its social media profiles and regularly posts events and results from karaoke competitions.

I also found a promo video they shared on YouTube that shows a bunch of shots from the bar:

They also have a dance battle competition on the first Friday of every month, with the winner getting a $100 visa cash card and a $300 karaoke package.

There’s also a family karaoke on Sundays from 6-10pm where families can book an entire party.

And if that’s not enough, there’s a Ninja Karaoke reward card where you get your sixth hour of karaoke free.

So if you’re a hardcore karaoke fan, you’ll want to check that out.

Ninja Karaoke rewards card

Unfortunately, I can’t show you what the Ninja Karaoke Las Vegas location looks like today because Google Maps hasn’t updated its street view picture since 2015.

However, the bar also has an official website that provides details about its offerings.

You can either rent rooms by the hour or pay a flat price for multiple hours.

The cheapest room costs $35 per hour for up to 6 people.

You can also reserve the entire bar area for up to 80 people for $300 per hour.

Ninja Karaoke prices

However, the bar no longer seems to be offering food. At least it’s not listed on the Ninja Karaoke menu.

So it seems like Steve and Mami didn’t follow Jon Taffer’s advice in that respect.

A reviewer did note that Ninja Karaoke has a food truck on the premises sometimes.

It seems to serve tacos.

Speaking of reviews…

Ninja Karaoke reviews after Bar Rescue

In general, customer reviews that were written after the Ninja Karaoke Bar Rescue visit seem to be quite popular.

Overall, the bar has a 4.5 star rating on both Yelp and Google Reviews, which is quite good.

Here’s a sampling of real customer reviews that were written after Taffer’s visit.

5 star Yelp review from June 2022:

You must go to this place First Fridays!!!

It’s the After Party with the perfect vibe.

Inside is a karaoke stage with an awesome singer belting out tunes between patrons’ karaoke picks.

This is also the place to get your drinks .

Just beware of this $20 “fish bowl” drink.

It’s so delicious and must have allll the alcohol in it.

Any time a drink comes with 2 straws, you might want to share it.

Reminds me of the easy drinkability of a Long Island Iced Tea, but tastes even better!

Outside you find a canopy with dance floor and a cool DJ blasting dance music.

There’s also a food truck (on the premises) with a limited menu serving up tacos.

…(long review continues)

5 star Google Review from February 2022:

Super fun, drinks were delicious and not just sugar bombs

Service was incredibly friendly and fast, the karaoke and dance battle made this a lively and fun environment, and the look of this place is just so cool.

Overall a great bar and I can’t wait to go back!

5 star Google review from January 2022:

They have good drinks, great vibes, great choice of indie artist performing every Thursday.

The entry is only $10.

The staff are awesome.

The area is beautiful.

5 star Yelp review from September 2021:


Best night out was the night we came here.

Me and my friend are karaoke fiends so we split from the group and came here while everyone else was on the strip.

We rented a private room and got the anime room.

They give you an iPad that is easy to use and pick the songs that pop up on the TV.

It lets you queue songs too.

They will come to your room and take your drink orders or you can go order drinks from the bar.

Friendly service.

Would definitely come back if I was in Vegas again.

Overall, it’s tough to find negative reviews as this place has had pretty much perfect 5 star ratings in 2021 and 2022.

The only negative reviews I found in that time was someone who didn’t even enter the bar because they were complaining about the $25 cover charge.

Some people also complain that the bar is loud…but it’s a karaoke bar, so I’m not sure what they expect.

Overall, the Ninja Karaoke Bar Rescue episode seems like a real success and it wouldn’t surprise me if this one has a long, successful future.

If you’re a karaoke fan and you find yourself in Las Vegas, go check it out and let me know how it went in the comments section here.

If you want to see another karaoke Bar Rescue episode, you might want to check out my update for The Bridge in Tarpon Springs FL.

While that bar did not focus on karaoke as much when Jon Taffer visited it, The Bridge has really leaned into the karaoke angle since its rescue and now calls itself a karaoke bar.

And if you want to see some other Las Vegas Bar Rescue episodes from the first half of Season 8, check out these updates:

Most of the bars from the first half of Season 8 are still doing well.

This is because this season was focused on bars that were impacted by Covid-19, rather than bars with incompetent owners.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’m glad that Taffer gave a solid hand-up to this couple. Their desire to be winners and overcome the pandemic was always obvious, so they represent the American success that the show is famous for showcasing. Best of luck to these good folks.

  2. I hope Mami has been able to get home to see her father! Glad to hear they’re doing so well. If they discontinued the food program, it might have had something to do with health code as it didn’t look like they might have had the most up-to-date kitchen. It probably did make more sense to just pair with the food truck outside while they concentrated on drinks and entertainment inside.

  3. Great rescue! I really enjoyed this episode. Perhaps it was because Mr. Taffer didn’t scream and yell lol But I bet some of you would agree that the yelling gets to be a bit much… even though the ones he yells at really deserve it. Some people are just not cut out to be bar owners. And I agree with Sharon’s comment. Their kitchen wasn’t originally designed to be a kitchen. The walls were not flame retardant and I don’t recall seeing a sink. They were probably breaking all kinds of codes with that oven. But it seems the food truck works well. At least they’ll be able to sell an extra drink or two for customers who choose food☺

    • The food truck idea seems to be working, and still staying with the food idea as recommended by Jon to bring in more income. Regarding Jon yelling there are many times these owners need to hear about the dangers they put their customers in. I always say Jon in many cases acts like a drill sargent to get these owners’ attention, and then Jon builds them up to succeed. Ninja’s business was not in health violation no need to yell. The best to these owners.

  4. This was a good episode, these guys seem to really deserve all the success they are having. I really hope Mami got to Japan to see her father.

  5. I liked the episode very much, and I agree that too many episodes have too much yelling. It’s theater designed to grab eyeballs. Being firm is one thing. Humiliation & abuse are quite another.
    It’s the Gordon Ramsay syndrome.

    This episode proves that the show can demonstrate tough love without the “You are idiots” approach. The producers obviously decided that the yelling was what the audience wanted but I disagree. Those episodes are difficult for me to watch and I’ve worked in restaurant kitchens both higb-end & low end most of my life. Every restaurant I’ve ever cooked in would be considered a partial disaster by Gordon Ramsay & the same goes for the establishments in bar rescue.

    Reality tv cynically assumes that people want to see the yelling & abuse, but I don’t watch Gordon Ramsay’s shows anymore because I get bored with the over the top non-stop insults.

    . This particular bar rescues episode delivers plenty of action & emotion and I feel like I learned a lot without the degradation & yelling.
    These shows don’t have to be sensationalized to be great.
    Verbal abuse is a cop out.

    • The new season of Kitchen Nightmares that just relaunched is a bit more toned down in terms of Gordon yelling.

      He seems to have calmed down a bit. You might want to give it another shot.

  6. Tom Perri ive been in the resturant indurty for 20 years know i worked every were from FL to now NYC to her you say I don’t watch Gordon Ramsay’s shows anymore because I get bored with the over the top non stop insults? smh i dont no what restaurant kitchens you been at but i deal with that with all tips of chefs in every restaurant i been at and see them insult the co-works and customers some times as well the big differnts is john and gordon do it to see if they have anymore fire in them to turn things around so they beat them down to build them back up just like we do in the military. see when they do it is to make them stronger and to open up they eyes when it comes to their bar or restaurant business because they go into it thinking its going to be easy money making than have no clue how to run a business so they need a kick in the ass for not learning what they should have non befor they bought they bussines those two guys who pay to rebuild they business to put them back on track to help them grow to forward their business the best way they can they really care to help these people they have to be hard on them because nobody else around them will tell them the hard truth. so if you cant deal them them always insulting owners whos killing they own business and dont have some one to wake them up with a good kick in the ass than maybe its not them its you? who cant see why these two men love the hospitality business its not about it being a tv show its about saving people and familys the truth hurts and they not afread to speak it sorry for this comment being so long but its stupid comments like this that bugs me smh lol sometimes they dont go to hard on owners because some owners are doing not to bad so not much insults is needed to happen. i love both shows and i understand them both


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