22 Klicks Bar Rescue Update – Open or Closed?

Is 22 Klicks still open in 2022?

Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 3 | View All Season 3 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: August 18, 2013
The Bar's Original Name Was: Cliques
22 Klicks Address: 3109 S Main St #110, Hope Mills, NC 28348

22 Klicks

Episode Recap

In season three of John Taffer’s, Bar Rescue, Taffer was in Hope Mills North Carolina at Cliques, which would later be renamed to 22 Klicks.

During Taffer’s recon, he and his experts witnessed a bar that had no leadership, a frat house environment, a room full of testosterone, and an angry owner $140,000 in debt.

The owner of 22 Klicks, Todd Harr, was deployed by the military two years after opening Cliques.

When Harr returned to Cliques from overseas found his establishment run down and his employees out of control.

Harr made no attempt to or was unable to reign his employees in so he joined in on the fun and turned his bar into a boys club.

The kitchen, bar, and food were roach infested. The liquor bottles, mugs, and coolers were also roach infested.

The decor in the bar made no sense. The most offensive decoration was the punching bag machine.

Testosterone was flowing like the beer should have been and during the episode, a patron was hurt.

Jon came in questioned Harr about his lack of leadership and discipline, told him about his bad food and drinks, as he always does, and told him the first thing to go was the punching machine and the next, the name.

22 Klicks, Cliques new name, brought with it pride and significance.

In a community that caters largely to the military, it just made sense. 22 Klicks Bar & Grille is 22 Klicks from Fort Bragg.

The 22 Klicks décor pays homage to the military and features a model tank instead of the punching machine.

The tank, walls, and memorabilia have become popular conversation pieces.

The food served is great bar food with a bar that serves military-themed drinks.


22 Klicks Update - What Happened Next?

22 Klicks is among the rescued bars that remain open and they are doing well. They are following Taffer’s lead and following their leaders.

They have not fallen back to their old ways and they continue to update their skills.

22 Klicks has maintained its standard of cleanliness, discipline, and professionalism.

The menu at 22 Klicks remains bright and fresh with an exciting presentation and the drinks served by the bar still carry their military-themed names.

The servers are friendly, fun, and accommodating.

The atmosphere at 22 Klicks is relaxed, fun, and inviting to men and women.

It is a regular meeting place for locals during the week and weekends.

They are serving Fort Bragg soldiers and civilians with the same sense of pride.

Everyone enjoys and discusses memorabilia. 22 Klicks is no longer a boys club.

Ladies are being hit on, figuratively, instead of a punching bag.

It’s mind-blowing, watching people ask Taffer to bail them out and when he gets there they are so resistant., and when he leaves they go back to their old way.

What’s more, it was reported that Taffer and Harr were seen hanging out together at the Nightclub & bar convention in 2015, so it seems like these two have maintained their connection.

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5 thoughts on “22 Klicks Bar Rescue Update – Open or Closed?”

  1. Love seeing owners & staff come together to try really hard to turn things around by putting broken systems in forefront & fixing them. Staff & owners come together, put their egos away, fix the hurt feelings & continue using the new systems long after Taffer has left. Hope 22 Klicks has maintained everything they were taught in the Rescue.

  2. I went last night to 22 klicks. It has become a dive bar. I waited over 10 minutes to be greeted. Another 10 or 15 just to get a beer and another 20 before I ordered food. I believe they had to go to Louisiana to catch the frog legs for my “ Swamp pot.” Table was dirty, painting was hap-hazard (at least in the Men’s bathroom) Not a good experience.

  3. Went to 22 Klicks last night. Went at about 6pm. Sat ourselves and waited about 5 minutes before a waitress took our drink order. Then we order 2 appetizers. Fried Mushrooms and Boom Boom Shrimp. No mushrooms. Evidently the supplier doesn’t supply them anymore. So take it off the menu. Shrimp was good. I had Wings. They were good. Wife had Philly Cheesesteak, it was dry. Daughter-in-law had Alfredo with shrimp. No garlic on the bread. Alfredo was so so. Son had the Swamp bucket. He enjoyed it. Overall food was ok. Didn’t WOW us. We ordered common drinks. But no Pinot Grigio and waitress didn’t know if they had mint for a Mojito-but they did. Bathrooms need work. Sign in womens bathroom that my wife didn’t notice until leaving to use upper lock. Door handle lock didn’t work. How hard is it to fix or change out? Decor of the bar. Pictures were crooked, blinds were messed up. Cleanliness was fine. We left about 7pm. Not many patrons in the bar at that time. The tank that Jon Taffer put in is gone-well the barrel is hanging from the ceiling. My son said Ft Bragg doesn’t have tanks so may be the reason replaced with a chinook helicopter paining and a parachute. Overall not bad but not the way Jon left it. Probably won’t go back.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! Always interesting to hear from people who visit the bars in person.


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