Theory Bar Rescue Update (Paladino’s) – Still Open in 2022?

Is Theory A Vintage Parlor Bar still open in 2022?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 6 | View All Season 6 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: March 25, 2018
The Bar's Original Name Was: Paladino's
Theory A Vintage Parlor Bar Address: 6101 Reseda Blvd Tarzana, CA 91335

Theory Bar Rescue Update (Paladino’s)

Episode Recap

Paladino’s, later renamed to Theory A Vintage Parlor Bar, was a Tarzana, California bar that was featured on Season 6 of Bar Rescue.

Though the Theory Bar Rescue episode aired in March 2018, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that.

It was Season 6 Episode 3 and the episode name was “Weird Science”.

In this episode, Jon Taffer visits Paladino’s, which is located in Tarzana, CA.

If you’re not familiar with California geography, Tarzana is a suburban neighborhood in Los Angeles. More specifically, it’s located in the valley, right near Topanga State Park.

John and Johnathon are the Paladino’s owners. There are a lot of “Johns” in this update, so I’m sorry for any confusion.

The pair are cancer researchers who bought the bar in 2012, which means they’ve owned it for around half a decade at the time of the Paladino’s Bar Rescue visit.

Johnathon was a patron of the bar during graduate school and bought the bar.

The bar doubles as a live venue and many famous bands have performed there, including the Foo Fighters back in 2007. That’s pretty cool. You can see a full video of the Foo Fighters’ performance at Paladino’s in this video:

The bar is in trouble, and the owners can’t seem to increase their customer base.

Putting all the issues together, the Paladino’s owners are dealing with over half a million dollars in debt.

It is also falling apart, and the staff is unmotivated and untrained.

Mary, a bartender, helps the owners with managerial duties. John is overwhelmed. 

Expert mixologist Rob Floyd and Chef Jason Santos assist Jon Taffer with rescuing the bar.

Jon tells the experts the bar has been open since the 1960s and was once a country bar.

The logo is confusing, making the bar look more like a gentleman’s club.

The bartenders are Mary, Wolfie, and Leah.

The kitchen isn’t operational, and the guys watch the bartenders microwave a frozen pizza for a customer. 

Julien Douglas, a promoter, and his friend, Phil, spy on Paladino’s for Jon Taffer.

The spies try to order signature cocktails but are told there are none.

There is also no draft beer, which is pretty weird for a bar.

The men want a Manhattan, but the bartenders have to google how to make it.

They also order an old-fashioned, but they cannot make that either. 

I’m kind of left wondering why they are bartenders if they can’t make these classic drinks.

Finally, Wolfie makes them a cocktail of tequila and tabasco, but it is too sweet.

The spies order a pizza but are told the wait is close to an hour since they only have one small oven and several people waiting.

A band takes the stage to perform even though the bar is empty.

Jon Taffer has seen enough and enters the bar to start dishing out his knowledge.

The next day Jon gives the staff feedback from the spies.

The owners admit they have never made a profit from the bar, and it is stressing them out.

Mary is owed money but still takes on more duties at the bar.

After the experts are introduced, training begins. 

Rob shows the staff how to make a well-balanced tequila drink. Wolfie does well making the drinks.

Al is called in to run the kitchen. John and Al are trained on making fresh pizzas on their new turbo pizza oven gifted by Jon Taffer.

John will work in the kitchen for the stress test, and Johnathon will manage. 

Drinks are dumped right away because they are not well balanced.

Jon Taffer sees the cash bag unattended at the bar and takes it to test the owners.

Mary finally notices, and Jon condemns her for the mistake.

The bar is shut down because too many things have gone wrong. 

Rob shows the staff a scientific cocktail called butterfly pea flower tea. The drink can change taste and color.

Mary is given back pay from the owners. They also apologize to her.

As part of the renovations, Jon Taffer renames the bar from Paladino’s to Theory: A Vintage Parlor Bar. 

The stage now has a curtain to close off when it is not being used.

The bar has been given a new top, glasses, POS systems, and an entertainment system for when they do not have live music.

The kitchen has been given warmers for the pizza. 

The bartenders are making the new drinks with confidence.

The owners are leading the bar, and the customers are pleased.

The spies return and are impressed. 

Theory A Vintage Parlor Bar Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Theory Bar Rescue visit, let’s talk about what happened after Jon Taffer and his crew left Tarzana, CA.

Things started off well for the newly named Theory A Vintage Parlor Bar.

At the six-week check in with the Bar Rescue producers, we learn that sales are up at the bar, including a 30% increase in food sales.

However, the owners seem to be unable to decide on a name, as they kind of used the original Paladino’s name interchangeably with the new Theory A Vintage Parlor Bar name.

On the bar’s social media profiles and Yelp pages, they seemed to stick with the Paladino’s name.

However, they didn’t completely give up the name from Jon Taffer, which led to some confusion.

They seemed to use the Paladino’s name for live music events (which makes sense given the bar’s history as a venue) and then the Theory A Vintage Parlor Bar name when acting as just a bar.

Is Theory from Bar Rescue still open?

Theory A Vintage Parlor Bar closed in July 2018, which is a little over a year after the visit from Jon Taffer and just a couple of months after the Theory Bar Rescue episode aired on TV.

I’m not sure why the bar closed, as the owners didn’t really provide any explanation for the closure. They just stopped posting on their Facebook page (though they do still use the page to promote some events now).

As of 2022, the old Paladino’s / Theory Tarzana, CA location is occupied by a new bar called VLounge Bar & Night Club. You can learn more about it on the new bar’s Yelp page.

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