Sushi Ko Update – Kitchen Nightmares – Open or Closed?

Is Sushi Ko still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 3 | View All Season 3 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: May 14, 2010
Sushi Ko Address: 2200 E Thousand Oaks Blvd Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

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Episode Recap

Sushi Ko Update bar Rescue

We meet Chef Akira, his wife Lisa, and their grown-up children Hana and Sammy in this episode. Things are not going as well as they are supposed to be, either with the restaurant or the family, unfortunately. Named after the popular Sushi Ko restaurant in Bel Air where Akira once worked, Akira’s Sushi Ko, in Thousand Oaks CA was once quite successful. Eventually, crowds started thinning slowly and currently the tables are empty and the business is on the pathway of doom. Chef Akira is understandably depressed about the state of affairs and his wife’s disapproval worsens it. The children are distressed too about the deteriorating business and family relations. The family and the business are steadily moving deep into debt.

After lending a listening ear to the troubles, Ramsay decides to sample the food. Akira recommends a sushi pizza. Ashleigh the server, cautions against it. But Ramsay goes ahead and orders it along with a bowl of miso, green tower and salmon sashimi. He is disappointed to find the soup lukewarm, stale, and salty. The salmon sashimi frozen pizza is revolting and to top it all there is hair in the green tower. Inside the kitchen, he finds the staff moving around without wearing hats to keep their hair in. He gives a piece of his mind to improve the service. Sammy and Hana admit to Ramsay about their dislike of the restaurant and the financial support they had offered to keep everything going.

Thanks to Ramsay, the restaurant is unusually crowded that day for dinner. Ramsay discovers that the sushi sticks are reused to cut down the expenses. And it’s just the starters. Even more grave matters follow one by one. The fryer is faulty and refrigerator is malfunctioning. Then he sees the mayonnaise kept outside that may pose a major health hazard. The pile of mistakes mounts up when dairy, meat and eggs are found in the ice-box apart from vegetables. Lisa begins her verbal onslaught of Akira again. Ramsay advises her to quiet and points out that this is not the way to go about to boost Akira’s confidence. They all give a pep talk to Akira when he returns from his walk.

Ramsay initiates the free installation of a new freezer, refrigeration units, fryers and a hob burner. The décor gets the much-needed revamp with Sammy’s commendable effort. Even the menu gets some new appealing additions. Akira is over the moon! He is all set to don the chef’s apron on the night of relaunch. Sadly, Lisa is quite unsupportive and unenthusiastic and is her usual nagging self. Minor glitches on the orders get corrected and customers seem to be happy with the food.

Sushi Ko opens on the big night of relaunch to the rhythm of taiko drums. Akira starts with remarkable enthusiasm, but soon loses focus. He however returns to his task of cooking following cautionary words from Ramsay.

Sushi Ko Update - What Happened Next?

The days that followed the relaunch feature a business that was on its way to sink deep down turning around to proudly stay afloat. The family basked in the glory of their rediscovered happiness and love.

But alas, the happiness is not meant to last long. The restaurant began to look deserted once again. Everything was forcing them to close the business. With a heavy heart and no options left, that family did just that. Sushi Ko closed in August, 2009.

The Nate ‘n Al Delicatessen that followed Sushi Ko did not survive for long, either. Reviews were bad and it closed soon after taking Sushi Ko’s place.

Currently, the popular burger chain Unami Burger occupies the space.

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