The Greek at the Harbor Kitchen Nightmares Update – Still Open in 2023?

Is The Greek at the Harbor still open?

Current Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 5 | View All Season 5 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: October 28, 2011
The Greek at the Harbor Address: 1583 Spinnaker Dr Ste 101 Ventura, California 93001

Episode Recap

The Greek at the Harbor was a Ventura, California restaurant featured on season 5 of Kitchen Nightmares.

Though the Greek at the Harbor Kitchen Nightmares episode aired on November 18, 2011, the actual filming and Gordon Ramsay’s visit happened in August 2011.

It was Kitchen Nightmares Season 5 Episode 7.

In this episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits the The Greek at the Harbor in Ventura, California.

This restaurant is owned is Makis Mikelatos and his wife Lynn.

Makis Kitchen Nightmares The Greek

They opened the restaurant all the way back in 1994, so it’s been around for almost two years at the time of the Greek at the Harbor Kitchen Nightmares episode.

As you’d expect from the name, this restaurant offers Greek food and has an amazing view of the Ventura harbor.

At first, the restaurant was a success and things seemed to be doing well for The Greek at the Harbor.

However, over time, things have started to go sour and standards at the restaurant have dropped.

Sadly, they are running out of money, which is a big part of why the The Greek Kitchen Nightmares episode exists.

First off, Makis just seems exhausted at running the business – he’s lost his passion and it shows in how the restaurant has run.

This has led to a noticeable drop-off in food quality, which is obviously a problem for any business.

Makis’s son, Aris Mikelatos (Aristedes), does want to be more involved in running the restaurant, but Makis struggles to let that happen.

Aris Kitchen Nightmares The Greek

When Gordon Ramsay arrives, he discovers that The Greek at the Harbor hasn’t made money in years.

It’s honestly surprising the the restaurant is even still open.

To kick things off, Gordon Ramsay decides to get a feel for the food.

He sits down and orders calamari, sampler platters and beef moussaka.

After tasting the food, he is forced to say that the food was “dreadful” and an embarrassment to Greece.

He also calls the beef moussaka “shocking” and an “insult to the Greek isles”.

Gordon Ramsay eating food at The Greek

Not a greek start to the The Greek restaurant Kitchen Nightmares episode, right?

Ramsay goes on to take an inspection of the kitchen and finds out that all the food items are pre-cooked, and are just reheated.

Although they serve the food quickly, most of the dishes are sent back by customers.

Ramsay sat in a meeting with the family members in order to discuss the possible ways to improve the condition of the hotel and get it back to its lost charm.

Thanks to Gordon Ramsay’s help, the restaurant gets a huge makeover (at no expensive to Makis), including all-new menus.

Aris also gets involved in the business, which brings fresh ideas and takes some of the pressure off Makis.

At the relaunch, the customers love the new menu at The Greek at the Harbor.

When Gordon Ramsay leaves, things seem to be looking up for the restaurant.

The Greek Kitchen Nightmares episode ending

He said that the restaurant has “every chance of not becoming a Greek tragedy”.

Gordon always has a way with words, right?

So – was the Greek Kitchen Nightmares episode a long-term success?

Keep reading to learn what happened next and if this Ventura, CA restaurant is still open in 2024.

The Greek at the Harbor Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the The Greek Kitchen Nightmares episode, let’s talk about what happened to the restaurant after Gordon Ramsay and his crew left Ventura, CA.

Due to the helpful interference by Chef Gordon Ramsay, The Greek restaurant seems to have gotten back its old charm.

Aris was in-charge of the reopening ceremony of this restaurant.

At the check-in from the Kitchen Nightmares producers, Aris seemed to be doing a good job of managing the kitchen at The Greek.

The restaurant also seemed to be full of new customers.

At the time, the producers hinted that Makis was considering retiring from the restaurant.

This wouldn’t happen, though – Makis seems to still be involved in the restaurant as of 2023, which I’ll cover below.

I’ll also share updates for what Aris is doing in 2024, as well as some example reviews for the restaurant.

But first, let’s get to the most important question on your mind…

Is The Greek at the Harbor still open in 2024?

As of 2023, The Greek at the Harbor is still open and serving customers in Ventura, CA.

It’s doing business as The Greek Mediterranean Steak and Seafood and still occupies the original Ventura Harbor location.

Reviews for the restaurant are pretty good but not amazing.

It has a 3.5 star rating on Yelp and a 4.4 star rating on Google – I’ll share some real The Greek reviews below to give you some examples.

There’s also an official website for The Greek Ventura restaurant.

Here’s a screenshot of part of The Greek dinner menu to give you an idea of what it looks like in 2023:

The Greek at the Harbor menu

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the Greek Ventura Harbor location on Google Maps because street view doesn’t go to where The Greek is.

But I will embed the street view map of the entrance to the harbor so that you can explore the area:


The Greek at the Harbor reviews after Kitchen Nightmares

As I mentioned above, the Greek at the Harbor has an overall 3.5 star rating on Yelp and a 4.4 star rating on Google.

That includes reviews from both before and after Gordon’s visit, but mostly after.

In general, I would say that most of the reviews are positive. But there are some negative ones mixed in.

One common complaint is issues with the service, which is disappointing.

However, this doesn’t seem to be universal.

Some regulars also complained about the new menu from Gordon Ramsay – it seems like The Greek did later bring back some older menu items to please these people.

In terms of the food, people mostly seem to like it, which is good to see.

Here’s a sampling of a few The Greek at the Harbor reviews that were written after the visit from Gordon Ramsay…

5 star Yelp review from January 2021:

This spot is great if you want to feel like you’re in Greece.

A Harbor view and santorini pasta brings me back to when I was 6 and my grandmother would tell me to come inside for hummus and pita.

The hostesses are so friendly and kind.

They definitely deserve time and a half for their customer service.

I also love their Instagram, where they post some delish dishes that make me want to drop everything I’m doing and dine here!

Don’t go to nick the Greek.

Go here, this place has always been the local spot.

Sure this place has been on kitchen nightmares in the past, but they’ve really cleaned it up since then.

Kitchen nightmare? More like kitchen go-here! Yum yum!

3 star Yelp review from December 2011:

Ever since I saw the Kitchen Nightmares I wanted to try this place.

They have the new decor but we were seated outside apparently that’s all they had open.

The server was prompt on bringing our water and bread but he waited a little long to take our order.

And it took almost 30 minutes to get the food.

My wife had a Gyro and my mother in law had a fish sandwich that was dry.

I enjoyed the Mezze platter.

It was fantastic, I really enjoyed the spanakopita and the hummus.

I usually do not like hummus but this was good.

The olives were not pitted and the grilled artichoke hearts were served cold.

I will go back maybe at night to see the show the son puts on which was featured on Kitchen nightmares.

5 star Yelp review from February 2023:

The food is awesome, the service superb.

Every server treats you like family.

First time was New Years eve, food, service, was great had a blast!

Came tonight because a friend was playing, once again great service and food

2 star Yelp review from November 2011:

I’ve dined here since Kitchen Nightmares came through hoping that Chef Ramsey helped bring something a little more transcendent to the mediocre ventura Harbor scene.

I looked forward to a new look, whittled down menu, and fresh take on Greek food.

Unfortunately, the service was severely lacking.

Servers, though plentiful, seemed to be avoiding the dining area like the plague; management seemed non-existent.

I had to ask the host for us to be taken care of.

Food came out after 25 minutes and either stale or lukewarm.

Quite the bummer.

And then here’s a review where someone initially complained about the new menu but was then happier when The Greek brought back some old menu items:

The Greek at the Harbor review

What happened to Makis from the Greek at the Harbor

As of 2023, Makis Mikelatos is still the owner at The Greek at the Harbor and highly involved in the restaurant.

While the Kitchen Nightmares producers hinted that he was considering retirement at the end of the episode, I don’t see any indication that he’s fully retired from The Greek at the Harbor.

According to his LinkedIn, he’s the President at The Greek at the Harbor.

Many reviews also mention seeing Makis at the restaurant.

I’m glad he was able to regain his passion and stay involved with the restaurant.

If you want to see Makis today, this 2022 video from popular YouTuber Brennen Taylor includes an interview with Makis at The Greek.

I’ve configured the video embed to start at the part where they talk with Makis:

What happened to Aris after Kitchen Nightmares?

Soon after the Kitchen Nightmares episode, Aris Mikelatos seemed like he was more involved with The Greek at the Harbor.

As of 2023, Aris’ LinkedIn Page still lists him as the Entertainer/Manager/Server/Bartender/Expeditor at The Greek at the Harbor.

However, I don’t believe that Aris is actually involved in the restaurant anymore – I think he just hasn’t updated his LinkedIn page.

Why do I say this?

Well, in the interview with Makis that I embedded above, Makis says that Aris is no longer involved with The Greek at the Harbor.

Instead, Aris is working in “cryptocurrency”.

After digging around a bit, it seems like Aris might be an NFT artist.

I found this Medium post that references him as a “Twerpz Master Artist”.

That’s all I’ve got – but yeah, it seems like Aris is more interested in crypto than working at The Greek.

With that being said, The Greek Ventura website “About” page does say that Aris “is a bartender, server and weekend dancer with his three tables and double wine dance”.

Aris Kitchen Nightmares The Greek website

I’m not sure how up to date that is, but maybe Aris is still involved sometimes.

Final thoughts on The Greek at the Harbor Ventura

Overall, The Greek at the Harbor seems to be a real Kitchen Nightmares success story.

It’s been over 12 years since The Greek Gordon Ramsay visit and it’s still going strong in the same location at Ventura Harbor.

While the reviews aren’t amazing, they are generally quite good.

Beyond that, it seems to be a very succesful business and Makis seems to have his passion back.

It’s great to see and congratulations to all involved.

If you’re in the area, check out the Greek at the Harbor Ventura CA location and let me know how it goes in the comments section.

If you want to see some other nearby California Kitchen Nightmares episodes, you also might want to check out my updates for Mama Rita’s in Newbury Park, Sushi Ko in Thousand Oaks, and The Secret Garden in Moorpark.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Per the owner in a youtube interview, Aris is not involved in the restaurant at all anymore (and never really wanted to be involved) and they only did the show to get a free restaurant make-over. The owner said that after they got the makeover they went back to mostly the old menu. One thing I noticed was in the youtube segment, people were served “calamari” that were large and uniform in shape meaning it was cuddle fish and not calamari. So it seems like the owner is not to be trusted on more than one front.

  2. Aris was a POS son anyway, he had no interest in working and made that plain. The only reason he was involved at all seemed to be because his mother shamed him into participating.

  3. I usually don’t comment, but I had to this time…
    I absolutely love the new renovation and the new menu that I saw in the episode! This is my favorite renovation! I’m so happy that they are still open! When I will be in the area I will definitely visit the place! Hopefully they don’t disappoint in real life!

    P.S. I get very happy when restaurants, in the end, are able to get out of the debt and survive! It’s a shame and upsetting when those who gone thru such huge changes had to close anyway due to finances. They had (somewhat) fixed relationships, new decor, new menu, and some even got new equipment! And at the end – they still closed. Like they got all the tools to succeed and probably could have survived if not for the unbearable debt. It’s unfortunate. Sometimes Chef Gordon arrives too late…


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