Bri From MasterChef: What Happened / Where Is She Now? (2023)

Bri Baker was a contestant on Season 10 of MasterChef US who captured the audience’s attention with her excellent plating technique. Sadly, Bri was eliminated from MasterChef Season 10 in 8th place.

However, Bri made a return to MasterChef in Season 12. Sadly, her Season 12 appearance ended a bit earlier, when she ranked in 13th place.

As such, you might be wondering what happened to Bri from MasterChef Season 10. That’s what this post is all about!

You’ll learn everything about Bri Baker during MasterChef and after the show ended.

Here’s everything that you’ll find in this article:

  • A quick summary of Bri Baker on MasterChef Season 10, including her best dishes.
  • Details on the return of Bri Baker in MasterChef Season 12
  • What happened to Bri Baker after of her MasterChef appearances

Bri Baker on MasterChef Season 10

Bri Baker originally appeared on MasterChef US Season 10.

The first Bri Baker MasterChef appearance lasted until week 12, when she was eliminated from the show.

As I mentioned, Bri was known for her plating skills during the season.

Bri MasterChef Season 10

Even though she was eliminated in week 12, she also tied for the most Team Challenge wins in her season (with Nick and Fred).

Another interesting fact is that Bri was the youngest chef in Season 10 to receive a white apron.

She was also the only Season 10 contestant from Texas.

To give you an example of Bri’s style, here’s one of her plated dishes from MasterChef US Season 10:

Bri MasterChef Season 10 plating

Bri Baker Returns to MasterChef In Season 12

After the Bri MasterChef Season 10 appearance, Bri’s MasterChef career was not over!

She returned two years later as part of MasterChef Season 12, which was unique in that it featured 20 returning MasterChef contestants, rather than new contestants.

Bri Baker MasterChef Season 12

When she made her MasterChef Season 12 appearance, Bri was 27 years old, which was still one of the youngest contestants for that season (though Shayne Wells was the youngest by far at age 18).

Bri wasn’t the only MasterChef Season 10 contestant to return in Season 12 – Fred Chang and Michael Silverstein also made return appearances.

Sadly, the Bri MasterChef Season 12 experience lasted pretty much the same length as her appearance on Season 10 – she was eliminated in Week 11.

Bri Baker After MasterChef: Where Is She Now?

Though Bri Baker wasn’t able to win either of the MasterChef seasons where she appeared, she has had a successful career in the food industry.

Let’s go over the main areas where she’s been focusing her efforts since MasterChef:

  1. The Bri Baker Instagram page
  2. Bri’s private chef services
  3. Bri’s non-culinary jobs
  4. Bri’s now-defunct YouTube channel

Bri Baker Instagram Page

First off, Bri has a popular Instagram page where she has over 70,000 followers. 

Bri Baker Instagram

As you’d expect from Bri, the Instagram feed showcases lots of her plated dishes.

In fact, Bri’s Instagram handle is Plating Queen, so she’s really leaning into the plating again.

That makes sense given that she was pretty universally praised for her plating technique when she was on MasterChef USA.

Beyond many shots of her plated dishes, Bri also shares some photos of herself, though these are most professional photos (not day-to-day photos).

Bri Baker Private Chef Services

In addition to her Instagram page, Bri Baker also offers her services as a private chef via her website –

Bri Baker website

I can’t find any information about what the service includes or how much it costs, but you can get in touch with Bri if you’re interested in hiring her as a private chef.

Working As a Mortgage Sales Manager (and Other Jobs)

While Bri does have a successful Instagram page and her private chef services, she doesn’t seem to be working full-time in the culinary space.

According to the Bri Baker LinkedIn page, Bri has been working as a bilingual mortgage sales manager in Texas since October 2020.

Before that, she worked as an event coordinator from December 2017 to July 2020

Bri Baker YouTube Page (Abandoned For Now)

In addition to her Instagram page, Bri had a brief attempt at a YouTube channel. However, the YouTube channel doesn’t appear to be a serious focus as she’s only posted a few videos and the most recent one is from more than 9 months ago (as of early 2023).

If you want to check it out, she also uses the Plating Queen moniker on YouTube – here’s a direct link to her channel.

Final Thoughts on Bri from MasterChef Season 10 and 12

Overall, Bri Baker captured MasterChef audiences because of her beautiful plating technique.

While she wasn’t able to break through and make it to the end, Bri Baker did have fairly successful runs on both MasterChef US Season 10 and MasterChef US Season 12.

Where is Bri Baker now?

After her MasterChef appearances, Bri has grown a large Instagram following where she showcases her plating technique. She also offers private chef services.

Beyond her culinary work, Bri also works as a mortgage sales manager in Texas, so she’s not full-time in the culinary space.

Bri also started a YouTube channel, though it seems to be defunct because she hasn’t posted a new video in a long time.

If you want to learn what other contestants from her season are up to, you can check out my full MasterChef Season 10 where are they now post.

If you want to discuss Bri Baker’s MasterChef appearances, you can use the comments section below.

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