MasterChef US Season 10 Contestants: Where Are They Now?

Wondering who was the MasterChef Season 10 winner and what happened to the rest of the contestants from Season 10?

MasterChef Season 10 aired from May 2019 until September 2019, which means all of the contestants have a had a few years after the show to start putting their new-found fame to work.

In our MasterChef US Season 10 where are they now update, we’ll share updates for all of the contestants from Season 10 of MasterChef, including the winner, Dorian Hunter, and other crowd favorites like Bri Baker, Nick DiGiovanni, Micah Yaroch, and Fred Chang.

MasterChef US Season 10 contestants

In total, there are 20 MasterChef Season 10 contestants to cover, so let’s get right into the list starting with the Season 10 winner, Dorian Hunter.

Dorian Hunter – MasterChef Season 10 Winner

Dorian was the winner of Masterchef season 10. She was originally a creeler from Georgia, which made her an underdog compared to some other contestants.

Her winning menu was scallops, lemon blueberry tart, and short rib and the MasterChef judges were amazed by how well-cooked everything was.

Dorian Hunter MasterChef US Season 10 Winner

After winning the show, Dorian has also gone on to follow the path of previous champions.

Currently, she is taking training in the restaurants of the chef judges and is also working on her cookbook.

In the future, Hunter hopes to open her own restaurant.

Bri baker

Before participating in Masterchef, Bri was working as a cocktail server in Dallas.

On the show, she stood out for her elaborate and beautiful plating technique, which was something the judges always focused on and something she put a lot of work into.

Bri Baker MasterChef US Season 10 contestant

Unfortunately, she got eliminated in the 20th episode because of serving raw salmon to the judges.

Since leaving the show, Baker has gone into food styling and photography with her own business called The Plating Queen.

The Instagram page of her business The Plating Queen is filled with pictures of mouthwatering food, so the Bri Baker Instagram is definitely worth a follow as well.

Bri also has a Facebook page for The Plating Queen to round out her social media presence.

To learn more, you can read my full Bri Baker MasterChef update.

Micah Yaroch

Micah worked as a kitchen porter in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He was another very interesting Season 10 contestant because of the sad backstory with his family/parent situation.

Micah Yaroch  MasterChef US Season 10 contestant

Micah was eliminated in the 21st episode after serving poorly cooked lamb and sea bass.

After the show, Micah was facing an eviction crisis, and fans helped him by donating $16,000 via a GoFundMe page that Micah created.

Now he is working as a baker at Field & Fire since September 2020.

If you want to follow Micah, your best bet is Micah’s Instagram page, where he regularly posts updates.

Micah also has a separate Instagram page for his cooking called Chef Yaroch Food.

Nick DiGiovanni

Nick was still studying in college when he decided to participate in the cooking reality show.

He reached the season finale but finished at the third position due to an undercooked bass dish.

Nick DiGiovanni  MasterChef US Season 10 contestant

Currently, Nick is being mentored by Joe Bastianich.

Beyond that, Nick has also built himself a huge social media following – he has over eight million TikTok followers, four million YouTube subscribers, and one million Instagram followers.

If you want to follow Nick DiGiovanni from MasterChef Season 10, your best bet is his social media profiles. Here are the links:

Fred Chang

Fred was an amateur chef when he competed in the reality series.

Before trying his luck on Masterchef he was working as a revenue analyst in Redondo Beach.

He got eliminated after the judges ate the raw meat he served.

Fred Chang  MasterChef US Season 10 contestant

 Throughout his run, Chang was a well-liked participant and Gordon even helped him get a job at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, California.

He now works there as a revenue manager and has also become a food blogger. His official job title is Area Director of Revenue Management for Ensemble Real Estate Solutions (the parent company of Hotel Maya).

Sarah Faherty

Sarah was the runner-up of the MasterChef Season 10.

Faherty was a former army interrogator from California, which is one of the most unique jobs of any MasterChef US contestant.

Sarah Faherty  MasterChef US Season 10 contestant

Now she hosts a podcast about food and drinks, it is called “Everyday Food & Wine”. She’s also an IGTV host, along with that.

Sarah has also developed a large social following, as her Instagram page has over 42,000 followers.

Deanna Colon

Deanna worked as a vocal coach before she joined MasterChef season 10 as a contestant. She came from Simi Valley, California.

Colon got off the show fairly quickly.

When she served a scallop dish with a weird combination of flavors, the judges decided to let her go. A

fter the reality show, Colon has gone back to her old career which was singing and vocal coaching.

The ex-participant also campaigns a lot for body positivity and even co-hosts a podcast titled “2 Plus Sized Divas”.

Evan Tesiny

Eva was working as a sales coordinator in Brooklyn before he got the opportunity to be on the show.

However, his journey was rather short as he got eliminated in the 7th episode.

Currently, Evan Tesiny is a resident manager at XOCO. Before setting on this job, he also worked as a private chef.

Shari Mukherjee

Shari was a homemaker from Rochester, Minnesota.

Her elimination happened in the 22nd episode, her team served overcooked food and she also struggled greatly with a scallop dish.

Today, she has become a food blogger on Spice.

Michael Silverstein

Michael got eliminated in the ninth episode after he got teamed with Liz.

Their poor communication was the reason behind their undercooked food.

Before the show, Michael was a real estate agent in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Currently, he works on creating keto recipes and has even started his own YouTube channel.

Michael also released a keto-focused cookbook in January 2020 called New Comfort Cooking: Homestyle Keto Recipes that Won’t Bust Your Belt or Wallet.

Jamie Hough

Jamie was a fisherman from South Carolina.

In the 19th episode, his sausage dish wasn’t liked by judges and that became the reason for his exit.

Since then, Jamie has gone back to being a fisherman but now he also offers his services as a private chef.

Kenny Palazzolo

Kenny’s journey was cut short when the judges were repulsed by his scallop and mushroom dish, they even called it ‘ugly’.

Before the show, he was a carpenter in Boston and now he works as a YouTuber.

Palazzolo’s YouTube channel is called Live, Laugh, and Cook Italian.

As of 2022, Kenny’s YouTube channel has over six thousand subscribers.

Keturah King

Keturah was a freelancer in London before she got on the MasterChef season 10.

In the 11th episode, her badly cut steak and unimpressive salad became a reason for her elimination.

Since then, she has branched out to TV hosting and production.

Kimberly White

Before Masterchef, Kimberly worked as a shoe designer in New York City.

However, in the 5th episode of the show, her badly made mushroom sauce got her eliminated.

The judges disliked it so much they even compared it to cottage cheese.

After her exit, White went back to her old career and currently works as a design director at Camuto Group.

Liz Linn

Earlier Liz was working as an events consultant in Durand, Michigan.

She got out of the show in the ninth episode after serving raw fish, raw dough, and poorly cooked meatballs.

Since then, she has been working as a private chef and also offers catering services on private yacht events.

Wuta Onda

Wuta was eliminated by judges in the 15th episode because his macarons had way more sugar than required.

After the MasterChef season 10, he went to his previous job of teaching English in the Bronx.

Wuta always seemed like he viewed teaching as a calling, so it’s great that he’s been able to get back to what he loves.

Noah Sims

Noah’s undercooked risotto got him eliminated in the 23rd episode of the show.

Instead of following the cooking path, Noah went to his old career and currently works at the Shamrock Septic Service as the director of operations as of 2022.

Renee Rice

In the 14th episode of MasterChef season 10 judges voted Renee out because her cheesecake base kept falling apart.

Since then, she has gone on to become a full-time baker and also offers a catering service.

Sam Haaz

Sam was a lawyer before he joined the cooking reality show.

However, he couldn’t impress judges much and got eliminated in the 13th episode due to overcooked snapper.

After MasterChef, Sam returned to being a full-time lawyer.

Subha Ramiah

Subha worked as an R&D director in New York.

In the 22nd episode, judges called his langoustine dish raw and duck overcooked, this got him eliminated.

After the show, Ramiah started working for Babylon Health as the senior director.

He also did a lot of fundraising campaigns for Covid relief for India, which is great to see.

Thank you for using your MasterChef platform for good, Subha!

That wraps up our MasterChef US Season 10 where are they now post.

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