The Olde Stone Mill Kitchen Nightmares Update – Still Open in 2023?

Is The Olde Stone Mill still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 1 | View All Season 1 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: October 17, 2007
The Olde Stone Mill Address: 2 Scarsdale Rd Tuckahoe, NY 10707
The Olde Stone Mill Kitchen Nightmares Update

Episode Recap

The Olde Stone Mill was a Tuckahoe, New York restaurant featured on Season 1 of Kitchen Nightmares.

Though the Olde Stone Mill Kitchen Nightmares episode aired in October 2007, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place much earlier in March 2007.

It was Kitchen Nightmares Season 5 Episode 1.

The Olde Stone Mill is located in Tuckahoe, New York.

The restaurant opened in 2001 and is owned by Dean and Barbara Marrazzo.

As the name suggests, the restaurant is an abandoned stone mill which Dean renovated. It’s definitely a cool atmosphere.

However, Dean’s poor behavior toward the staff has caused the chefs to become uninspired and for the team to lose morale.

The earnings are low, making it difficult to pay the employees, and the restaurant definitely needs a helping hand from Gordon Ramsay.

When Gordon Ramsay arrives at The Olde Stone Mill Steakhouse, he is surprised at how beautiful the restaurant’s exterior is.

He can’t understand how such an attractive restaurant could be struggling. 

Once he places an order, he starts to figure out why there are issues.

Gordon found none of the food at The Old Stone Mill appetizing.

He ordered a salad that was made using a funnel and crab cakes.

The crab cakes came with canned meat despite the server telling Gordon everything the kitchen used was fresh.

Gordon tells Dean his opinion on the food, and Dean takes offense saying his customers love the funnel salad. 

Gordon sits down with Dean and Barbara to figure out the problem at Old Stone Mill.

It is revealed that Dean never informed Barbara about their financial struggles because he didn’t want to worry her.

They are half-a-million dollars in debt, including multiple mortgages and unpaid wages.

It’s definitely a tough situation to be in with all that debt load, so Gordon has his work cut out for him.

During dinner service, Chef Michael was quickly overwhelmed by the volume of orders coming in.

Dean and manager Tom were found schmoozing in the dining room.

They were not assisting the employees who needed help.

There were various customer complaints regarding the food.

Gordon learns that Dean is more concerned with the quantity of food getting out than its quality.

He is only concerned with the restaurant’s looks, not the food. 

Gordon admonishes Dean for his lack of interest, and Dean fights back, saying he knows how to make his customers happy.

Gordon ends the conversation by saying Dean needs to make some changes if The Old Stone Mill is to succeed.

The next day, Gordon checks out the competition around town so he can better understand the position of The Olde Stone Mill.

He notices there are many restaurants but no steakhouses.

Feeling inspired, Gordon brings a prime rib back to Chef Michael to teach him to cook one properly. 

Gordon will change the theme of The Old Stone Mill to a steakhouse. He also wants to slightly tweak the name to The Olde Stone Mill Steakhouse.

However, Dean is hesitant about the change.

The designers work all through the night, remodeling the restaurant.

As part of the remodel, the designers add photos of the building’s long history to the walls.

This will give the diners something to look at while waiting for their food. 

The restaurant’s interior is much brighter, and the customers love the atmosphere.

The new menu includes steak dishes, seafood dishes, and the infamous funnel salad, only this time it has a better presentation.

During the dinner service, there are some issues but things generally work out.

Tom, the manager, is getting overwhelmed, making a few mistakes.

The ticket machine in the kitchen broke, delaying food.

The mayor came for the relaunch, and he began losing his patience because he had to wait for his food.

But in the end, the employees work together and end up making the night a success. 

So was the Olde Stone Mill Kitchen Nightmares visit a long-term success? Keep reading to learn what happened next and if it’s still open in 2024.

The Olde Stone Mill Update - What Happened Next?

In the weeks after The Olde Stone Mill Kitchen Nightmares episode aired, things were going great.

Dean and the rest of the staff stepped up and the restaurant was working well.

A few weeks later, during the 200th anniversary of the Old Stone Mill building, Dean received the key to the city.

Dean Marrazzo also got a lot of press and appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Gordon Revisits The Olde Stone Mill in Season 2

As part of the revisited episode in Season 2, Gordon came back to The Olde Stone Mill.

This is the same episode where he revisited a number of other restaurants including The Mixing Bowl, Finn McCool’s, Purnima/Dillon’s, Campania, and Peter’s Italian Restaurant.

In Gordon’s visit, it looked like The Olde Stone Mill was doing very well and Dean told Gordon that business was up 30%, which will certainly help with the debt load.

You can see the full Olde Stone Mill Gordon Ramsay revisit at around the 25:54 mark in this video:

Is The Olde Stone Mill Still Open After Kitchen Nightmares?

The Olde Stone Mill closed in 2009, which was two years after the Kitchen Nightmares episode aired on TV.

In 2009, Dean and Barbara sold The Olde Stone Mill to the DiNapoli family.

After the sale, the restaurant was renamed to DiNapoli’s Stone Mill and shifted more towards Italian food rather than Gordon Ramsay’s steakhouse approach.

DiNapoli’s Stone Mill operated with the Italian concept for over a decade.

However, in late-2022, the restaurant seems to have been sold again.

As of 2023, the property is now operating under the name The Wicked Wolf North

Here’s a look at the Old Stone Mill Tuckahoe NY location in the most recent picture from Google Maps street view:

While the beautiful stone mill is still in operation, I’ve marked this as closed because the name and concept are different, and Dean and Barbara haven’t been involved since all the way back in 2009.

What Happened to Dean Marrazzo from The Olde Stone Mill?

After selling The Olde Stone Mill in 2009, Dean opened another restaurant called Siena Italian Trattoria with his friend in 2011.

However, the restaurant closed a few years later in 2015 even though it had a four-star rating on Yelp.

Since then, Dean has had a few acting and stunt roles, which you can check out on his IMDB page.

He was also a co-host of a TV show called Suburban Adventures with Joe and Dean.

You can check out a promo of the show in the YouTube video below:

In 2021, Dean also launched a YouTube channel/podcast named Cigar Talk With Aaron and Dean.

You can check out the full YouTube channel here.

I’ve embedded the first episode below:

Final Thoughts on The Olde Stone Mill Steakhouse

Overall, The Olde Stone Mill Steakhouse only operated under Gordon Ramsay’s concept for around two years after the Kitchen Nightmares episode aired on TV.

In that time, Gordon Ramsay did revisit the restaurant and this clip aired in one of the Season 2 revisited episodes.

In 2009, Dean and Barbara sold the Olde Stone Mill Tuckahoe New York property to new owners – the DiNapoli family.

The DiNapoli family operated it as an Italian restaurant named DiNapoli’s Stone Mill until the end of 2022.

Then, it was sold again to new owners who have put in another new concept and named it Wicked Wolf North.

After selling The Olde Stone Mill Steakhouse, Dean did open another restaurant with a friend in 2011, named Siena Italian Trattoria.

However, Siena Italian Trattoria also closed four years later in 2015.

If you want to see some other nearby New York Kitchen Nightmares episodes, you might want to check out my updates for Dillon’s / Purnima in Manhattan NYC, The Black Pearl in Manhattan NYC, and Trobiano’s in Long Island NY.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is, so far, my least favorite episode of kitchen nightmares. I think the design team messed up with the uncomfortable looking sofas in the dining room and seriously messed up with the illegible new sign.

    I found Ramsey’s advice naught but plattitudes when things got hairy during the dinner relaunch. Then we lept right over how the concrete problems actually got solved and suddenly they made it through the service well enough.

    No fault of the show, it’s a frequent feeling of astonishment how Ramsey’s patients resist all changes. I had a real hard time with this owner’s lack of enthusiasm about the steaks….omg, wtf’s not to like?

    And that poor anxious manager was all uptight about a performance for presenting the available cuts. Poor guy. No, it’s NOT a performance that you have to get right or else. It is knowing, first hand, which delicious meals come from which cut and sharing that information with your guests to encourage some predrooling over their choices. “Dude! It’s totally NOT YOU! It’s the steak and the diners”

  2. I have read that out of the 80% of the restaurants Ramsey visited failing, over half reverted to previous practices, others were bound to fail by bad location/expensive food/too much debt etc, giving Ramsay a kinder probable success rate of more like 75%.

  3. The owners and managers are so disrespectful. Didn’t they ask Gordon to come and help them, then they can’t handle the truth. The statements: every narcissist jerk wants to say they own something to boost their grandiose egos serves true. These guys have no business concept at all.

  4. Gordon should have turned the building back to its original purpose: a mill. That was starting him right in the face, from the name.

  5. Also, what the recap leaves out is that tough competition arrived across the street: The New Stone Mill. Newer is better and more popular, and the Marrazzos were overwhelmed. They tried to fight back by renaming their place The Even Newer Stone Mill but no one was fooled.

  6. By the way, that Google Maps view is fun. For kicks I tried to make it to New York City by clicking on the arrows on the street. I made it out of Tuckahoe but got lost on White Plains Blvd just north of the Bronx border.

  7. So sad it closed only a year later. Dean was given the Key to the city, and even an award. After the transformation to a steakhouse, the reservation book was full, and the owners and employees were content and happy. They had every chance to have many years of success.
    Gordon did well, and must be very disappointed with the sale of the restaurant.

  8. Sounds like a success. Ramsay came in to help the restaurant get on its feet. It worked for 2 years. Then sold, likely for a profit. The owners don’t seem to be doing bad and had enough money to try and open another restaurant. Certainly a better story than most of the other restaurants.

    • Absolutely completely agree. They made it years longer than they first anticipated and sold the restaurant. The filming of the episode was probably produced a year before eit aired, giving them ample time to pay down debt. 3 years extra is a decade in restaurant time.


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