Sebastian’s Update – Kitchen Nightmares – Open or Closed?

Is Sebastian's still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 1 | View All Season 1 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: November 7, 2007
Sebastian's Address: 10057 Riverside Dr Toluca Lake, California 91602

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Episode Recap

The restaurant Sebastian’s is located in California near Warner Bros and Universal Studios. The owner, Sebastian De Modica has varying mood swings and fired well over fifty people in the past year. Consequently, the restaurant was experiencing huge losses and needed Chef Gordon Ramsay to intervene. Well, Gordon did arrive and he did not like the outward appearance of the restaurant from the first look. He branded it tacky.

When Gordon got in to sample the foods, he was quite shocked to learn that Sebastian actually says hi to every single customer who arrives. Gordon was also disappointed in the menu’s pictures, something that he considered to literally tell the customers “get out of here”. The menu had a combination of sides, sauces, meats and more. Gordon chose the calamari, something that Sebastian said was fresh. As the order was being placed, Gordon had a little chat with Sonia the waitress.

She stated that the calamari had actually been frozen and true to her word, Gordon asked to be provided with a sick bag the moment he took a bite. The next thing to be served was the “Popeye Pizza”. Chef Gordon found it watery and doubted whether the base was fresh. His steak also arrived, already cut into pieces and he claimed it looked like dog food. Sebastian tried to defend himself by saying that he did not have enough money to make fresh dough or purchase fresh calamari. This eventually led to a huge argument and Chef Gordon thought Sebastian was delusional.

During the night of the relaunch, Gordon rolled out a red carpet just like the one in the Academy Awards. As the kitchen was preparing, Sebastian was shouting at the staff and when the customers started to arrive, Gordon, asked him to take full control of his kitchen. The new menu turned out to be a hit and even the customers were ecstatic with the relaunch. Sebastian was somewhat not pleased and so he pulled out food from the freezers and reverted to the old menu. The whole kitchen became confused since the two menus were conflicting and it was quite obvious that this old menu would jeopardize the relaunch. Chef Gordon tried to talk some sense into him but Sebastian just kept shouting. Gordon later returned and Sebastian realized that he needed to change.

Sebastian's Update - What Happened Next?

Well, after Chef Gordon left, Sebastian returned the old menu. Later on, in January 2008, the restaurant was closed. The owner claimed it was due to “family reasons” since the whole family had to go back to Boston. Chef Q was actually seen in the fourth season of the series Kitchen Nightmares. He was the Head Chef at the restaurant Casa Roma and he stated that Sebastian simply disappeared. However, it looks like he (Sebastian) is currently running a landscaping/tree removal company and a business firm together with his wife Nichole. He also had a movie role in 2013 for the film Angels around Me whereby he played the detective.

The restaurant Sebastian’s then became Robano’s, a pizza restaurant, which closed in 2014. It is now known as The Red Door. Reviews for The Red Door seem to be solid so far. You can check out The Red Door’s Yelp page here. At least one restaurant was able to make the location work!

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