Burger Kitchen Update – Kitchen Nightmares – Open or Closed?

Is Burger Kitchen still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 5 | View All Season 5 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: November 4, 2011
Burger Kitchen Address: 8048 W 3rd St Los Angeles, California 90048

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Episode Recap

Episode 5, Season 5 of American TV reality show “Kitchen Nightmares” (2011-12),was nothing but a brutal, uncompromising and thick action. This time, Burger Kitchen, located in Los Angeles, California, was visited by Chef Gordon Ramsay, host of the show. The restaurant self-proclaimed to be a house of gourmet burgers. It was facing some very serious issues since its inception almost a year ago.

The restaurant owner Alan Saffaron, an Australian migrant, had used his son’s Daniels inheritance money without taking him into the confidence. Further, Daniel was not given a proper partnership. Further, he was not being properly briefed about Burger Kitchen’s financial matters. Resultantly, other than strain in family relationships, kitchen matters were also worsening. It was left unsupervised and quality of food was suffering badly, though the interior and location impressed Chef Gordon. The owners claimed of suffering a loss of $6000/month.

Gordon ordered a meat pie and some burgers but found them to be totally bland and under-cooked. Whole blame was put on Chef David, who on his part was not ready to accept any of the charges. He also claimed of not getting his wages on time. On the other hand, Daniel was angry with his father for using his inheritance money without his permission. He was also unhappy about being dragged forcibly in this family business.

Such a mess of affairs. Nothing seemed right. Want to know what happened next?Shocking truths kept piling up one after the other. Apart from swindling his son’s inheritance money, Alan was also accused of using pre-made and dry patties, not allowing the cooks to use salt in the burgers and unfair financial transactions. The head chef, Alan’s wife and Daniel all joined the screaming match. If all that was not enough, endless shots of half-cooked burgers slashed the plates brought the remaining carnage.

After things cool down a bit, they all were invited by the Gordon to a theater. He tried to lead a talk between Allan and a website owner whose negative reviews Allan believed had ruined the business. As a next step, Gordon tried to strike reconciliation between Daniel and his father. Things seemed to go in the right direction and attention finally shifted on food again.

For the dinner Daniel took the lead and came out decently despite few glitches. Restaurant was also given a makeover overnight by Gordon. Menu was also updated. Not only this, but a surprise was also planned by him and food critics and bloggers were also invited on the re-opening. Daniel was made in charge of the matters but it was not easy for Alan to surrender so easily. Eventually, he promised to let Daniel deal with the things in his own way. This is where the show ended.

So what happened to Burger Kitchen after the cameras stopped rolling?

Burger Kitchen Update - What Happened Next?

This was a happy ending for the show but could not prove to be a new beginning for the Burger Kitchen. The restaurant claimed to change ownership in August 2011. In October 2011, new management, new chef and new menu were introduced. The restaurant also gained sudden popularity after Gordon’s show. A

lot of people went there out of curiosity, yet the reviews continued to be negative. People kept complaining of burnt, tasteless, stone cold burgers, grease loaded fries and slow service.

All these things could not stop the closure of the Burger Kitchen in February 2012. Currently, the location is occupied by a Tokyo cuisine eatery. It appears that Alan’s dream of amazing burgers is gone for good.

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