Prohibition Grille Update – Kitchen Nightmares – Open Or Closed?

Is Prohibition Grille still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 6 | View All Season 6 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: April 26, 2013
Prohibition Grille Address: 1414 Hewitt Ave Everett, WA 98201
Kitchen Nightmares prohibition grille update

Episode Recap

When chef Gordon Ramsay visits the restaurant called Prohibition Grille in Everett, Washington, things aren’t going smoothly.

Owned by a belly dancer named Rishi Brown who has no previous experience of running a restaurant, it was losing large amounts of money.

The year she launched the restaurant, 2008, she hired chef Rocky who was lazy and very keen on taking breaks.

Even though customers describe the food as tasteless and disgusting, she supports him.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, Gordon is surprised to see a belly dancing flyer, but he finds it even more surprising that the belly dancer that welcomed him into the restaurant is also its owner.

After his food order, Gordon rated the food 0/10, as he finds that the oysters are bland, the soup is watery, the greens are mushed, the salmon is disgusting and the filet mignon has a peculiar grey shade.

Rishi is in full denial that there is something wrong with the food.

Later he attends a dinner service and is surprised at the fact that Rishi is performing a belly dance.

The customers are taken aback by the performance and Gordon hides in the freezer to avoid seeing it.

Rishi doesn’t know how to deal with customer complaints when steaks are being sent back because they are raw instead of medium and Gordon aids her in dealing with the customers.

Afterwards, they discover a gravy pot gone sour, and upon further inspection, Gordon finds that the raw food is kept next to cooked food in the fridge.

Gordon stops the customers from eating more food and shuts the restaurant down.

The following day, the staff confesses that Ricky is the major cause of the issues, as he has a tendency to take breaks during busy hours and takes 3% of the tips because he tricked Rishi into thinking it was standard.

Rishi confesses that she is fearful of changes, especially when it comes to Ricky.

With a promise from Gordon to help her find a new chef, she fires Ricky who admits to becoming negligent.

Rishi takes a cooking lesson from Gordon in order to feel more at ease in the kitchen and the restaurant is transformed with a modern new decor and a changed name – Prohibition Gastropub.

The staff is impressed by the simplicity of the items in the new menu. Rishi also receives a makeover and is wearing a sharp suit.

For the relaunch night, Gordon invites bloggers that are local and influential who loved the food.

Rishi promises him that she won’t put on more belly-dancing performances and things seem to be going much better.

Prohibition Grille Update - What Happened Next?

In the following weeks, the transformations were a big success and Rishi runs her restaurant with a sense of more control.

The restaurant receives mixed responses with both negative and positive reviews on websites Yelp and TripAdvisor.

New customers seem to praise the food, relaxed ambiance and attentive personnel.

The regulars, however, seem to prefer the old menu and want it back.

In 2016, Rishi sold the restaurant to a new owner who decided to keep the same name and decor until it was eventually closed in July 2017.

Chef Rocky went on to open up his own restaurant which he named Ole Soul Southern Creole. It received good reviews.

The old Prohibition Grille location was originally occupied by a new restaurant called Abbott’s. However, as of 2021, it appears that Abbott’s is also closed.

It seems that the restaurant wasn’t able to make it through the Coronavirus pandemic.

The building is currently for rent – we’ll be sure to update if anything changes there.

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