Chappy’s Kitchen Nightmares Update – Still Open in 2023?

Is Chappy's still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 6 | View All Season 6 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: May 3, 2013
Chappy's Address: 1721 Church St Nashville, TN 37203
Chappy's Kitchen Nightmares Update

Episode Recap

Chappy’s was a Nashville, Tennessee restaurant featured on Season 6 of Kitchen Nightmares.

Though the Chappy’s Kitchen Nightmares episode aired on May 3, 2013, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place in December 2012.

It was Kitchen Nightmares Season 6 Episode 15.

In this episode of Kitchen Nightmares Chef Gordon Ramsay takes us to Chappy’s, a Cajun restaurant in Nashville, Tennesse.

Soon after his arrival, we meet the owners, John Chapman (AKA “Chappy”), and his wife, Starr.

The restaurant’s full name is Chappy’s on Church, but most people just call it Chappy’s restaurant for short.

Chappy’s first opened in Long Beach Mississippi, but was destroyed by hurricane Katrina so the couple relocated to open a Chappy’s in Nashville, Tennessee.

The restaurant suffered as a result of the move, and John blamed the customers for not understanding Cajun cuisine.

On a daily basis, customers frequently send their food back with complaints.

However, John is not accommodating of their feedback, and has even kicked customers out of the restaurant for complaining.

I guess the customer is always wrong at Chappy’s haha.

Overall, the difficulties that the restaurant has experienced after the move to Nashville are a big part of why the Chappy’s Kitchen Nightmares episode exists.

Upon arrival, Gordon Ramsay is greeted by a mannequin dressed in Mardi Gras apparel and the restaurant has an obvious New Orleans theme.

With that bit of awkwardness out of the way, Gordon sits down to order food from the menu.

Immediately, he notices that the lunch and dinner menus are huge, and there are 15 specials that aren’t even on the menus.

The server, T.J, informs Gordon that the only difference between the lunch and dinner menu is the price, with dinner prices being triple what they are on the lunch menu.

That’s a bit of scam, right? I dunno, I think that’s kind of messed up to handle pricing that way. Supply and demand I guess…

Gordon orders the fried green tomatoes, chicken and sausage gumbo, and steak and lobster rocket from the giant menu.

The fried green tomatoes are bland; the gumbo is watery, messy and cold; both the lobster and steak are grisly, chewy, and tough.

When Gordon gives his feedback to the owners, John is not receptive and comes up with an excuse for everything.

It seems like John doesn’t value Gordon Ramsay’s opinion any more than the opinions of his customers.

Gordon then arrives to observe what the restaurant is like during a dinner rush.

While watching, he spots an open pot full of oysters that is being kept at room temperature.

Gordon then checks the fridge only to find lukewarm seafood, meat that looks “off”, and some disgusting mold forming in the corners.

Gordon also finds yellow mayonnaise that expired three years ago amongst moldy and rotten food, and raw meat being stored next to cooked meat. It was disgusting!

Gordon demands the owners and the staff to clean the freezer that night, and I absolutely agree with Gordon.

Overnight, Gordon‘s team transformed the restaurant by changing the décor to a more modern dining room.

He had the walls brightened and made the décor less busy by giving the restaurant lots of space and adding pictures of Louisiana to give the restaurant a relaxed ambience.

Gordon also changed the menu, reducing it from 100 items to 22 items, and giving it a more modern twist.

By slimming down the menu, it should be easier to keep fresh ingredients in stock, as well as easier to cook food faster because of less complexity.

On the night of relaunch, customers are left waiting and Gordon has to give John a pep talk on the side.

Afterward the food starts leaving the kitchen quickly and the customers love the new dishes.

Things seem to be looking up for Chappy’s restaurant…

So was the Kitchen Nightmares Chappy’s Nashville episode a long-term success? Keep reading our update to learn what happened next and if this Nashville, TN restaurant is still open in 2023 and beyond.

Chappy's Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Chappy’s Kitchen Nightmares episode, let’s talk about what happened to the restaurant after Gordon Ramsay and his crew left Nashville, Tennessee.

First off, John and Starr Chapman, the Chappy’s owners, most definitely did not have a good experience with Gordon Ramsay and Kitchen Nightmares.

After Gordon’s visit, John and Starr quickly returned the restaurant back to its previous décor.

They also got rid of the new menu from Gordon and went back to their old menu.

I guess that makes sense – it’s not like Gordon Ramsay knows anything about food, right?!?! Haha.

With that being said, Chappy’s Yelp reviews do show that people both loved and hated the new changes, so it’s not like all of their customers were fans of what Gordon did.

Beyond that, John Chapman talked to the press a lot about how he felt that Gordon Ramsay ruined Chappy’s.

He had a lot of quotes about how Gordon Ramsay “destroyed” Chappy’s or “wrecked his business.”

Here’s the full quote from his print interview with The National Enquirer:

It was truly a kitchen nightmare for me. Gordon Ramsay destroyed my business.

Basically, the Chapman family was not happy, which shows because they got rid of most of Gordon’s changes.

So – were the Chappy’s owners right about Gordon’s changes being a negative?

Well, apparently not…

Is Chappy’s still open in Nashville?

Chappy’s closed in 2013, just a month after the Chappy’s Kitchen Nightmares episode aired on TV.

Given that the episode was filmed earlier, this means that Chappy’s stayed open for about six or seven months after Gordon’s visit.

Why did Chappy’s close?

Chappy’s closed in June 2013 because the Chappy’s restaurant was seized by the state of Tennessee for failure to pay taxes.

The building that house Chappy’s on Church was sold at a foreclosure sale for $1.3 million in February 2012, but Chappy’s remained as a tenant of the building before eventually closing without giving any warning.

As of 2022, the restaurant is still closed, with no signs of a return.

The old Chappy’s Nashville TN location seems to be empty, as the building was demolished in 2019.

A July 2022 check on Google Maps street view just shows an empty lot with a concrete foundation and nothing else.

If they build something interesting at the old Chappy’s restaurant Nashville plot of land I will update this post.

What happened to Chef John Chappy Chapman?

So – where is Chappy now after Chappy’s on Church closed?

As of 2022, John “Chappy” Chapman is still a chef and restaurant owner.

He’s the owner and head chef at a restaurant called Pier House Orange Beach in Orange Beach, Alabama, which he opened in February 2021.

He also works at Rum Kitchen in Waveland, Mississippi and was previously the head chef at Chappy’s Bistro in the Almanett Hotel in Gulfport, Mississippi.

You can learn more about John Chapman and his new restaurant on this page of the Pier House OB restaurant website.

Chef John Chapman new restaurant

For another look at what he’s up to, you can also check out this 2019 interview from a local YouTube channel:

What happened to Starr Chapman?

According to her LinkedIn page, Starr Chapman is the managing partner at the Rum Kitchen, which Chappy is also involved with.

She also seems to be active in politics, with participation in a number of local political groups.

Is the Rum Kitchen owned by Chappy from Kitchen Nightmares?

In addition to the new restaurant in Alabama, Chappy also has a restaurant called Rum Kitchen in Waveland, MS that he opened in 2016.

The older Chappy Rum Kitchen restaurant also seems to be doing well – it has a four star rating on Yelp and a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor.

Final thoughts about Chappy’s on Church

Overall, the Chappy’s Kitchen Nightmares episode was definitely not a success, as the restaurant closed very shortly after the episode aired on TV.

Since then, the old Chappy’s Nashville location has been demolished and is just an empty concrete plot.

However, Chappy Chapman seems to have had success in the restaurant industry, owning and working at a number of restaurants across various states.

Chappy’s was the only Tennessee Kitchen Nightmares episode. However, if you want to see some updates for other nearby restaurants, you can read the updates for Michon’s Smokehouse in Atlanta and Park’s Edge in Atlanta.

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  1. Starr seemed over the moon about the decor and the lack of 100 menu items, but stand by your man wins in the end and it’s better to blame Gordon than the tax-man. They must have wads of disposable income, though, since leaving Mississippi and being ‘forced’ to Nashville, he has since worked in Mississippi once more, New Orleans, now Alabama. It’s all self-delusions of grandeur and nothing solid to back up his fantasies of culinary excellence.

  2. Gordon wanted to come back to the restaurant and cut the menu further, from 22 items to 1: Cap’n Crunch cereal. Chappy (what an original nickname!) refused and that’s what started the feud.

  3. When a restaurant is failing, there can only be one reason, crap food. If the owner/head chef disagrees with customers it will never be successful. This guy is in denial and unable to take criticism. His wife seemed sensible but is obviously blinded by love as she broke the promise she made to chef Ramsey. These people do not deserve success and I feel for the employees more than anything.


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