Mojito Kitchen Nightmares Update – Open Or Closed?

Is Mojito still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 3 | View All Season 3 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: February 25, 2010
Mojito Address: 82 Washington Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205
Mojito Kitchen Nightmares update

Episode Recap

Mojito was a Brooklyn, New York restaurant featured on season 3 of Kitchen Nightmares.

The Mojito Kitchen Nightmares episode aired on February 25, 2010, but the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay happened earlier in May 2009. It was episode 4 of season 3. 

In this episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Gordon Ramsay takes us to Mojito, in Brooklyn, New York, where we meet the owners, Marcelo and Katalina, a previously married couple who are now recently separated.

The estranged couple are now $300,000 in debt and on the brink of losing the restaurant. When Gordon arrives at the restaurant, he meets Katalina and is updated about the estranged couple’s personal situation.

Upon observation of the restaurant, Gordon compares the interior décor to that of a garage sale with clutter all over the place.

Gordon then sits down and orders the chicken soup, and despite it coming out fast, it is cold so he returns it to be warmed.

The second meal arrives, the black beans and rice, and to Gordon’s disgust it is way too salty.

Gordon has Katalina taste the dish and she too agrees that the dish is way too salty.

When Katalina returns the dish to the kitchen, Gordon can hear an explosive fight break out between Katalina and Marcelo.

Next to arrive is the tilapia meal and Gordon states that the fish is raw, so he doesn’t even taste the dish.

Katalina returns the dish to the kitchen, and once again, Gordon can hear another explosive fight break out between Katalina and Marcelo. You can see some of the insane arguments in this video:

Gordon talks to Eduardo, a chef, and Eduardo claims that they always fight like this in front of diners.

Afterwards, Gordon goes into the kitchen to meet the kitchen staff and communicates that the food they served him was disgusting and horrible, and that while he was trying to dine he could hear their raised voices after he had the food returned to the kitchen.

Gordon returns that evening to observe the dinner rush, and Gordon can tell that Marcello has no control over the kitchen as the food moves out slowly and meals are returned from the unhappy customers quickly.

Gordon then decides to check the fridge and sees an outrageous amount of fresh produce, with fresh in front and older produce at the back.

That night Gordon and his team give the restaurant a makeover with decor that is more open and adding a lot of natural light. The menus have also been cut in half and features new and exciting dishes.

The night of relaunch both Katalina and Marcelo decide to stay out front, leaving Eduardo alone in the back. At first the food is coming out slowly, but Gordon restores order in the kitchen and tells Marcelo to return to the kitchen to help call out orders.

Overall the relaunch night was a total success, and the owners are left happy that the restaurant has a future.

Mojito Update - What Happened Next?

After the Mojito Kitchen Nightmares episode, things seemed to be going better for the restaurant.

They put in place new policies to ensure fresh food and limit wastage and the reviews were doing ok. Not great – Mojito only had a three star rating on Yelp.

The Mojito owners said that business had increased by more than 25%.

While improved business took some stress off the relationship, Marcelo and Katalina were still separated after the episode aired.

For some time, Mojito managed to stay open. Gordon Ramsay came back and revisited the restaurant in episode 4 of season 4, which was the same revisited episode where he went back to Flamangos and Bazzini, both New Jersey restaurants.

You can see Gordon’s revisit to Mojito in this video (the Mojito segment starts at 9:26):

Unfortunately, the good times would not last, however, and Mojito closed in March 2nd, 2016. They posted on Facebook and said that the Mojito Brooklyn location was officially closed. You can read the full post here.

Why did Mojito close?

The Mojito owners didn’t provide specific information about why they closed, but it’s likely that the heavy debt load and strained relationship between Marcelo and Katalina probably didn’t help.

What happened to the Mojito restaurant owners?

A lot of people are wondering if Marcelo and Kata got back together after Gordon’s visit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like their relationship worked out and they remained business partners.

What happened to Katalina from the Mojito Kitchen Nightmares episode?

Katalina, or Kata for short, has appeared on a few other cooking shows since Mojito’s episode on Kitchen Nightmares. She has appeared on a number of shows including Chopped, Cut Throat Kitchen, and Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell. So, it’s good to see that Katalina is doing well even if the restaurant is closed.

Kata also shares a lot of posts on the Mojito Facebook page, even though the restaurant is closed now.

Did Marcelo and Kata get back together?

Marcelo and Kata did give their relationship another go, but it didn’t work out. As of 2022, they are no longer together as far as we can tell.

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