Kingston Cafe Update – Kitchen Nightmares – Open or Closed?

Is Kingston Cafe still open?

Current Status: >> OPEN <<
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Season: 4 | View All Season 4 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: April 15, 2011
Kingston Cafe Address: 333 S Fair Oaks Ave Pasadena, California 91105

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Episode Recap

Kingston Cafe Update kitchen Nightmares

This episode of Kitchen Nightmares moves around a Jamaican restaurant, Kingston Café in Pasadena, California. The owner, Dr. Una Morris runs it with an iron fist. A radiologist and former Olympian, she barely listens to anyone’s opinion, not even to her own son, Keone who is the manager of the café. Keone personally meets chef Gordon Ramsay and tells him about the situation.

When Chef Gordon Ramsay decides to visit this café, he finds its entrance rather dull and unattractive, one any person would mistake for a house. He tries out a few dishes like Jamaican patties, Jerk Chicken and finds them equally gross. On trying to work with them, he realizes that the chief problem is with Dr. Morris managing every single detail of the restaurant. The menu is decided by her, the head chef has no say in it. The ambiance, the look is way too formal, just like an office block. The servers, too are in formal shirts and ties! But another major issue was that they weren’t serving fresh food. Ramsay tries to make Dr. Morris see sense, but she wouldn’t listen.

Ramsay realizes that the only way the restaurant could work would be to revamp it. He personally confronts Dr. Morris and soon understands that she has a lot of burden on her shoulders. She’s in huge debt, the restaurant would barely run one more month and she’s fast running out of money. After much hesitation, she agrees to take his help.

The first step which Ramsay took was to introduce a fresh barbecue in the patio. This was much loved by the customers. But it wasn’t the same inside. The indoor restaurant continued to run as clumsily as before. The food was dry and cold. Keone was told to get much more responsible with his work. Ramsay finally decided to do away with all the packeted foods. He brought out all the stored and frozen food and threw them away. The restaurant now needed to provide only fresh and authentic Jamaican food.

Now it was time to totally redo the food joint. The look was totally changed. The formal tablecloths were all gone and instead replaced by casual and trendy table mats. They got some new china sets. Every table now had a special bottle of jerk sauce. The dress code of the servers was changed too. Ramsay brought in new t-shirts for all the servers. But most importantly, new fresh Jamaican dishes were introduced in the menu with inputs from Ramsay. Finally, Ramsay brought a huge signboard for the restaurant to make it much more visible to passers-by.

Kingston Cafe Update - What Happened Next?

The restaurant was reopened in November 2013 and runs to this day. A new team of servers and chef was hired. With an extended bar, a new dance floor and some new and fresh authentic Jamaican delicacies, the restaurant is now running well. Keone has left the business to focus on his education and the business is still run by his mother. The customers have left positive reviews and the food quality has upped a lot.

Kingston Cafe has a bustling Yelp page. And while the reviews aren’t amazing (it only has a mediocre 3-star rating), the restaurant seems popular and like it gets tons of traffic.

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