Giuseppi’s Trattoria Update – Kitchen Nightmares – Open or Closed?

Is Giuseppi’s still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 2 | View All Season 2 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: September 18, 2008
Giuseppi’s Address: 46712 Hayes Road Macomb Township, Michigan 48044

Episode Recap

Giuseppi’s Trattoria was a Macomb Township, Michigan restaurant featured on season 2 of Kitchen Nightmares.

In this episode of Kitchen Nightmares Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Giuseppi’s, a family owned Italian Trattoria located in Michigan.

Chef Ramsay is forced to confront not only truly awful Italian food and dated décor in the restaurant, but he is tasked with uniting a fractured and feuding family.

Chef Ramsay arrives as Giuseppi’s and is treated to a bland, out-dated, and sloppy lunch as he samples the potato skins, octopus salad, and Eggplant Rollatini.

Father and son pair Joe and Sam have clearly given up on their standards and their dream.

Chef Ramsay experiences a menu that lacks a true Italian sensibility and later returns for dinner service to see how the restaurant operates on a daily basis.

During dinner service, Chef Ramsay witnesses how many of the problems originate from laziness in the kitchen.

Sous chef Brian sends entrees out to customers that are heated in a microwave and Joe neglects focusing on the front of the house to hover in the kitchen around Sam creating a tense atmosphere during service.

Despite diners returning their entrees to the kitchen complaining of everything from food being cold to dishes tasting bland, Joe and Sam can’t seem to get things together.

After this disastrous dinner service Chef Ramsay confronts Joe and Sam and the pair have an emotionally fraught conversation about the direction of the restaurant and their relationship as father and son.

While Sam commits to taking charge of the kitchen and says he wants to cook fresh and flavorful Italian food, Joe abdicates responsibility of the problems.

The next day Chef Ramsay devises a cooking competition between father and son to help reignite their passion. E

ach man creates a dish to potentially grace the menu as a special during dinner service.

Joe crafts a sophisticated pork dish that beats Sam’s salmon entree, but Chef Ramsay decides to feature both plates.

During service that evening begins by Sam cooking in the kitchen and Joe expediting, but pace of food leaving the kitchen quickly slows down.

Eventually Chef Ramsay has to step in himself on the line to get things moving.

That night Chef Ramsay’s team does a re-design of the dining room featuring a photo series of the family to make Giuseppi’s feel like the family-centered restaurant the pair always dreamed of.

During re-launch night the evening begins well, despite Joe having to take a breather from the line.

Surprisingly Brian begins to revert to his old messy habits and after a confrontation with Chef Ramsay is ejected from the kitchen.

Joe and Sam have to work together to finish service but are able to make it through the night while successfully executing a new and modern Italian menu.

Giuseppi’s Update - What Happened Next?

After the Kitchen Nightmare’s intervention in 2008, Giuseppi’s continued to stay in business until July 2009 when the restaurant finally shut down.

Despite a turn-around in business and several new positive reviews for the restaurant the family could not succeed in keeping the place open.

Why did Giuseppi’s from Kitchen Nightmares close?

In explaining why Giuseppi’s closed, Joe and Sam cited an economic downturn in Michigan and troubles attaining a liquor license. That combination meant the restaurant couldn’t stay afloat and had to close its doors for good.

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  1. I think Gordon is a very successful chef and business man! He should be listened to very hard by restauranteurs and not leave it until they are in dire straits before he is asked to sort them out. I love Gordon’s programmes😘

  2. Joe the owner “Diabetes is the worst disease you can have…”
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