Ruby Tates Kitchen Nightmares Update (Love’s Fish Restaurant) – Open or Closed in 2022?

Is Love's Fish Restaurant still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: UK | View All Season UK Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: October 30, 2007
Love's Fish Restaurant Address: 40 St James Street Brighton BN2 1RG, United Kingdom
Ruby Tates Kitchen Nightmares Update (Love's Fish Restaurant)

Episode Recap

Ruby Tates, later renamed Love’s Fish Restaurant, was a Brighton, England restaurant featured on Season 5 of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares in the UK.

Though the Ruby Tates Kitchen Nightmares episode aired in October 2007, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place much earlier in 2007. It was Episode 1 of Season 5 on the UK version.

In this episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Ruby Tates in Brighton, England.

Ruby Tates opened one year before the Ruby Tates Kitchen Nightmares visit occurred, so it’s a relatively young restaurant by the show’s standards.

Allan Love, a former actor, owns the restaurant.

Allan believes people come into Ruby Tates for the great food and dining experience.

Allan trusts his chefs to cook a great meal but does agree that they are lazy.

Jamie, a cook, is only there for the money, and Alex, a French cook, has a terrible temper.

Jamie even admits if he were Allan, he would have already fired everyone. 

Two people go undercover to do recon at the restaurant.

Gordon wants to eat what is served daily and doesn’t want any special treatment.

Fruit de mar is ordered, and Gordon comes to eat.

The dish is served warm instead of cold and on ice.

The oysters that Gordon ordered smell as if they had gone bad. 

The seabass is served frozen and shipped in from Greece.

Gordon tells Allan if the fish is not locally sourced, it should be taken off the menu.

He says the whole meal was disgusting.

Gordon meets with Allan and tells him the restaurant is failing because people don’t want to eat expensive and bad food.

I’d say Gordon is pretty accurate there – there’s nothing worse than paying a lot of money for food that sucks.

Allan breaks down in tears, saying the restaurant won’t make it to summer without Gordon’s help. 

Gordon meets with cook Jamie and tells him he has a bad attitude.

Jamie tells Gordon he is only working at Ruby Tates for a paycheck.

He wants to travel. Gordon says he needs to find some passion.

Gordon asks why they use frozen fish, and Alex informs him that it is hard to find fresh fish in Brighton. 

Most locals think the restaurant is a curry house.

They are confused about the concept of the restaurant.

Customers tell Gordon during the dinner service that the lobster is tasteless and cold.

Gordon finds out the lobsters have been pre-cooked.

The master chef then finds mussels that were supposed to be used that night that had gone bad. Gordon throws them in the trash. 

Gordon talks to Allan and tells him he is in denial.

Allan tells Gordon he is not in denial; he just didn’t know the situation in the kitchen was that bad.

Allan takes Gordon to his home, and Gordon sees how bad things are for Allan. He will lose everything if he can’t save the business. 

Gordon takes Allan to a local fish restaurant.

He tells Allan he must choose a head chef to ensure the kitchen will run smoothly.

Allan agrees to let Gordon change the décor. In addition to changing the look, Gordon also reveals a name change – from Ruby Tates to Love’s Fish Restaurant. 

Local celebrity guests come into the restaurant for the relaunch, while Jamie struggles in the kitchen.

Eventually, Jamie gets it together and everything goes fairly well.

Everyone enjoyed the relaunch. Gordon comes back a revisit. Alex was fired two days after Gordon left. The restaurant closed in 2009 and is now an Indian restaurant with very positive reviews. 

Love's Fish Restaurant Update - What Happened Next?

So – was the Love’s Fish Restaurant Kitchen Nightmares episode a success? Let’s talk about what happened after Gordon Ramsay left Brighton.

Things started off very well, as Love’s Fish Restaurant went from losing money to making over £10,000 per week.

Gordon Ramsay revisited the restaurant two months later and ordered a covert takeaway using the name “Jimmy” so that he could get the real experience.

Gordon also put on a fake Scottish accent to complete the disguise.

Ramsay discovers that the restaurant is still a success.

Additionally, he learned that Alex was fired two days after Gordon’s initial visit after he was late for work and disrespected Allan.

Gordon Ramsay and Allan eat fish and chips on the beach and then Allan ends by singing My Way.

Unfortunately, it would not last forever.

Is Love’s Fish Restaurant from Kitchen Nightmares still open?

While Love’s Fish Restaurant started strong, it eventually closed in 2009, about two years after the visit from Gordon Ramsay. During its two year run, the bar had generally positive reviews and seemed to be doing well.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Allan said that Love’s Fish Restaurant closed because of the poor economy during the global financial crisis of 2009.

As of 2022, the old Love’s Fish Restaurant Brighton location is occupied by an Indian restaurant named Pavel.

Reviews for Pavel seem good, as it has a 4 star rating on TripAdvisor and a 4.5 star rating on Yelp. You can learn more at the official Pavel website.

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  1. I don’t like to put anyone down, but I remember this episode having watched it years ago, and my goodness Allan Love was pathetic. Sorry, I hope he was able to get some money when he closed down.

  2. I watched this episode when it aired and again today. I never liked Love or his scummy chefs. They all deserved to crash and burn, IMHO. Where is Love now,? Is he in a nursing home or the cemetery?


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