Mangia Mangia Update – Kitchen Nightmares – Open or Closed?

Is Mangia Mangia still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
(keep reading to learn what happened)

Season: 7 | View All Season 7 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: April 25, 2014
Mangia Mangia Address: 407 E Grace Ave Woodland Park, Colorado 80863
Mangia Mangia update kitchen nightmares

Episode Recap

Mangia Mangia was a Colorado restaurant featured on Season 7 of Kitchen Nightmares.

Julie Watson, the owner of Mangia Mangia Italian restaurant in Woodland Park, Colorado, United States had wanted to own a restaurant for long, and so when a fast food restaurant was available for sale, she purchased it.

Since most of restaurants in the town served only Chinese and Mexican food, the owner decided that she would serve Italian food, though she had not visited Italy and had less experience in cooking commercially.

When chef Gordon Ramsay of Kitchen Nightmares visits the restaurant, he finds that the takeaway found in fast food restaurants is still operational.

Gordon orders the soup of the day, chicken soup, however Janelle, the daughter of Julie offers him the soup without a spoon. However as the soup is sludge, a fork can be used for eating it.

To check out the menu, Chef Gordon orders popular Italian dishes like spaghetti and meat balls, veal picatta, salmon, mushroom ravioli, lasagna.

The ravioli is covered with a white sauce, which he returns to the kitchen and asks for fresh ravioli to be prepared using the recipe he has prepared.

The lasagna is initially served on a dirty plate, and he also finds that it is frozen in the middle.

Though the meatballs are cooked they taste like foam.

The salmon also appears to be frozen in the middle, and the veal is also partly raw.

The chef Gordon returns for the dinner service and again finds that most of the food is of poor quality.

Speaking to the staff of the restaurant like Janelle, the cook Kevin, head chef Trevor he realizes that the restaurant has a serious management and food related problem as the staff have no formal training at all in making and serving Italian food.

The staff is not motivated, and are rude to Chef Gordon when he complains.

The owner Julie is getting upset when Chef Gordon is criticizing her.

Janelle complains that the cook Kevin and head chef Trevor are not punctual and regular at work, often turn up intoxicated.

The head chef Trevor also has issues with drugs and addiction.

The staff complains that Julie is always shouting at them and the kitchen is stocked with more than 400 servings of precooked pasta, so that the food is served quickly when an order is placed.

To improve the restaurant, Julie is asked to fire the head chef Trevor and got a new chef Don from Denver.

Gordon taught the staff to make some basic and simple Italian dishes without using microwaves.

The menu of the restaurant is revised to include more fresh food and less precooked food.

To advertise the makeover of the restaurant after the Kitchen Nightmares Mangia Mangia episode, Gordon had the restaurant host a family fun day.

The décor is also improved, so that it no longer looks like a fast food restaurant. Julie is also told to modify her management style.

Mangia Mangia Update - What Happened Next?

After the Kitchen Nightmares episode makeover at Mangia Mangia, customers were mostly impressed by the new décor and improved fresh food.

The reviews of the Italian restaurant were mainly positive as the owner following the advice of Chef Gordon and incorporated the changes which he suggested.

However the Kitchen Nightmares makeover could not change the fortunes of Mangia Mangia and it closed in November 2014.

Part of the reason that the restaurant failed is that Julie decided to revert some of Gordon’s new menu changes and go back to a menu that was a hybrid of the original dishes and Gordon’s suggestions.

While we can’t say for certain that these menu changes are what led to Mangia Mangia closing, they probably didn’t help.

As of 2022, the old Mangia Mangia Colorado location is now occupied by a Jimmy John’s sub shop.

So while it’s not exactly fine dining, you can at least grab a sandwich!

What happened to Trevor from Mangia Mangia?

Some people are wondering what happened to Trevor from the Mangia Mangia Kitchen Nightmares episode and whether he was able to overcome his issues.

According to a post from Trevor’s father on the Kitchen Nightmares Facebook page, Trevor went through a rehab program and was nine months clean at the time of his dad’s comment.

Trevor was also planning to enroll in culinary school to continue his career in the restaurant industry.

According to the LinkedIn page of Trevor Peterson, he’s employed as a sous chef at a Fort Collins restaurant called Sundance, so it appeared that his culinary school investment paid off.

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45 thoughts on “Mangia Mangia Update – Kitchen Nightmares – Open or Closed?”

    • Here it is ~8 years since 2014.
      I was moved to see the transformation that took place in this restaurant.
      Well, MsJulie, take what U have learned and keep trying!
      U have the best advice from Gordon.I bet you will succeed , if you were to rewind and go at it again .
      The entire show was quite moving.I wish everyone involved health and goodness !
      Seeing the faces after the revamp was a kind of bright success in itself.Bless all of you.
      + A guy in NY, April 2022+

  1. Yes, wonder why it closed if they continued to use Ramsay’s changes. They had a good chef that chef Ramsay put there temporarily. Maybe they couldn’t find another good chef or went back to their old ways. Hope Trevor got the help he needed.

      • He’s clean and sober and doing well. I think he was treated poorly in the episode. He needed help and everyone, including Gordon Ramsey, left him to sort it all out on his own. Thankfully, he did and I’m proud of him.

        • He was trying to punch a girl, throwing pans against the wall, telling the lady that owned the restaurant to kiss his a** on camera, he was high on drugs, he was over 18, the guy needs to get his act together. If I was there I would step in and handle things. If you are proud of him, I’m sorry

          • While he didn’t behave well in the episode, Trevor seems to be clean and doing much better after rehab. Drugs can make people do things they wouldn’t normally do.

          • That’s messed up to say, when someone is on drugs they are not themselves and they need help and support no one supported or helped him. The owners daughter also I thought contributed greatly to his downfall , when you work in a restaurant your first thing to say to someone is they’re worthless really? Like no common sense would be to calmly say hey you’re scaring the customers maybe chill she obviously wasn’t that scared herself if she could go up to a guy who was being violent and say things that couldve literally caused him to hurt her more than trying to punch her . That’s her fault honestly , she didn’t handle that well and the fact they all blamed him he obviously was depressed and needed help. People who are on drugs need help and become different because the drugs effect them. They didn’t even give him a chance or try . So I dont fully blame him

  2. The owners daughter greatly contributed to the issues with the staff. She was bad at her job, bratty, arrogant, and obviously too involved in others personal lives. Acting like you’re the boss because your mom owns the restaurant is a key ingredient to failure. Good riddance.

    • Blaine. Your intelligence seems to be on par with that of a mentally challenged dormouse . I hope YOU seek help on your own as you surely need some R-Tard.

  3. This business was in Woodland Park, Colorado. From my experience in watching this show and working in a kitchen things have to change. Like the menu to draw the locals and visitors in. Can’t continue with same old menu items.

  4. I’m British and have been to Woodland Park annually to visit my folks.
    I never had the opportunity to visit Mangia Mangia however I have seen the premises . The location within Woodland Park did not go in favour of passing trade and was left entirely to local interest. The building itself was uninviting,more like the fast food/drive thru it presented in the opening of Kitchen nightmares.
    Woodland Park is a quaint Colorado community with a busy highway US24 east. Over the past few years the volume of passing trade has increased significantly .
    One problem. Woodland Park has several places on par with Mangia Mangia .
    The ambience,menu presentation and food are uninviting.
    Nothing appears to be fresh. Most is served up after 3 minutes in a microwave.
    I have several unpleasant visits to several premises and one even ended up giving members of my family a serious bout of food poisoning.
    I could not and did not find one place that has given me any reason to return.
    As iv said. Woodland Park is a lovely place with so much potential yet it has nothing to offer its community or passing trade anything in the way of a good dinning experience.
    So sad.

  5. I am a member of the local community near Woodland Park and I am embarrassed to add to Gordon’s comment above. It’s hard to find a good local restaurant in the area. Mountain towns find it difficult to get fresh ingredients to due to road conditions in winter. A lot of frozen ingredients are used because of that. There isn’t much storage space in our small buildings so it’s hard to store enough ingredients to meet the influx of people that come up the roads and stop in to eat in the summer. In my town, we have 300 people in the winter. In the summer, it jumps to thousands. It’s a challenge that we will always struggle with and will never make everyone happy.

      • The town is in a semiarid climate that is very cold for all but three months of the year, so almost none of the crops necessary to pull off a restaurant (especially an Italian one) would be able to grow there. They would need to build a massive greenhouse. None of the produce in Colorado Springs or the mountain towns west of it is grown locally, for this reason.

  6. I couldn’t stand the owner’s daughter. She seems like an instigator, manipulator and an overall bad person. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree huh

    • Pen, I 100% agree with you. I wanted someone to tell her to shut up and stop acting Ike she’s right and is the boss and knows everything . She also was terrible to Trevor so I’m not surprised someone in a bad mood would try to punch someone who comes up and calls them worthless and tells them to kill themselves basically she was terrible

  7. Well pen you summed that up!! Just right!! I couldn’t agree more everytime she talked my head started hurting her ignorance made me crazy and not in a good way. To put that kids business out their was ridiculous. And the fact that Gordon Ramsey didn’t even have the decency to help this kid was even more ridiculous. He cares for nothing more than himself and his show. That’s what’s wrong with this country. Pathetic people like that!

  8. I’ve watched Kitchen Nightmares for years. The owner is one of the most unlikable characters ever. She’s a Real Estate Agent, her mentality is to exploit and profit.
    Her daughter, a privileged girl, looking for an opportunity to showcase her imaginary hyper victim-hood. It was really a shame, that the owner, Julie, exploited the situation of her 21 year old Head Chef, Trevor, and threw him under the bus.
    Ewwww. She underpays her employees, exploits their desperation in their current market, and it’s hard for me to imagine how such a greedy and despicable person managed to get approved by Chef Ramsay’s staff.

  9. I don’t understand why she didn’t fire all of them. Having kids still cooking in her restaurant after all she went through…. I love Ramsey and always get why he says everything he does. The lack of common sense people have is breathtaking: buying a restaurant when you don’t know how to cook , never working in the industry before,having to be told to keep it spotless… but for the first time I didn’t agree with something he advised. When he told her to hire that kid back in the future I thought I’d flip. Out of respect for her daughter alone , he’s a kid ( and an incredibly disrespectful one, you get the point; you could go on about that one for another paragraph. I have compassion for people with problems but this woman’s life is on the line here she’s trying to run a business, not a nursery hangout for the lazy.

    • I guess you weren’t listening, Sarah. She couldn’t fire ANY of them, because it’s a small, relatively isolated town and there’s basically no one else available to hire.

    • The fact that you call it “the crack” just shows how little you know about drugs. And no, you don’t need to actually use drugs to know something about them.

      How people can walk around in the real world and remain so utterly ignorant is a complete mystery to me.


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