Fleming Kitchen Nightmares Update – Open Or Closed?

Is Fleming still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 3 | View All Season 3 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: May 7, 2010
Fleming Address: 8511 SW 136th St Miami, FL 33156
Fleming Kitchen Nightmares Update

Episode Recap

Fleming was a Miami, Florida restaurant featured on season 3 of Kitchen Nightmares. The Fleming Kitchen Nightmares episode aired in May 2010, but the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place much earlier in July 2009. It was episode 10 of season 3.

In this episode, Gordon visits a Miami-based Scandinavian restaurant called Fleming, which is owned by Andy Hall and his wife Suzanne.

Fleming was once the most popular restaurant in Miami during the 1980s. Today though, the clientele and décor are very dated.

Andy and Suzanne have hired a Cuban chef who has a hard time sticking to the Danish menu. 

Andy and Suzanne are not the original owners, but they want to stick with the Danish theme of the restaurant.

As Gordon sits for his meal, he notices many old-fashioned traditions the restaurant still follows.

One of those traditions is being served fresh vegetables with a dipping sauce before your meal.

The server lets him know that much has changed since the 1980s, including the customers.

Gordon orders a sampling of Danish dishes cooked by Orlando, the Cuban chef. 

Gordon’s salmon dish has a bad taste, and a dead fly is on the plate. Gordon is highly impressed with the foil swans used to present dessert. Gordon also orders a duck dish that tastes as if it was made days ago. 

Gordon Ramsay’s appearance draws in huge crowds. All through dinner service, food is being sent back for being too bland.

As Gordon looks through the kitchen, he discovers rotting meat.

He ran out and removed the duck off of a customer’s fork. He then shuts down the restaurant. 

Andy, the owner, gives Gordon a hard time about this, and Gordon then gives him an ultimatum.

Either he will help them, or Fleming can continue the course it’s on (which is headed straight for failure city).

Gordon talks to the locals who say the restaurant was the crown jewel of Miami back in the day, but since the new owners brought it, Fleming has gone downhill. It is not a popular location anymore.

Gordon tells the staff at Fleming how the locals feel about the restaurant.

He lets them know they all feel it doesn’t have the same appeal that it did in the 1980s.

Orlando says he wants to move away from the Danish menu, but Andy is too afraid. He doesn’t want things to change. Suzanne blames Andy as well and wants change. Andy finally gives in. 

Gordon introduces a new menu item, seared tuna. The renovations have given Fleming a more contemporary look, steering away from the pastel colors of the 1980s.

Fleming also hosts a swimsuit fashion show on the streets of Miami to drum up attention for the restaurant. 

On relaunch night, Andy steps up and takes control of his staff. Team members from the Miami Heat basketball team even show up for dinner and to help with publicity. At one point, Chef Orlando messes up the salads. The oven then malfunctions, and a small fire starts. Gordon quickly puts the fire out. Dinner service quickly goes back on track. 

After successful dinner service, Gordon gifts Fleming a brand new oven.

Fleming Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Fleming Kitchen Nightmares episode, let’s talk about what happened to the restaurant after the cameras stopped filming.

At first, the restaurant was keeping with Gordon’s changes and things seemed to be going well.

However, soon after, the restaurant started to shift back to some of the pre-Gordon details. For example, while they did keep Gordon’s menu, they also returned some previous dishes that had been liked by regular customers.

For example, they brought back the dessert bar and started serving soup and salad with every mean again.

I think that’s fair, as long as they kept Gordon’s menu as well.

However, the changes would not help the restaurant last as it would close soon after the episode aired.

Is Fleming from Kitchen Nightmares still open?

Fleming closed in October 2010, about five months after the Kitchen Nightmares episode aired and slightly over a year after Gordon’s actual visit.

As of 2021, Fleming remains closed. The old Fleming restaurant location is now occupied by a gym called Orangetheory Fitness Pinecrest, so there won’t be any food served at that location.

Why did Fleming close after Kitchen Nightmares?

One reason that Fleming closed is that the regular customers didn’t like Gordon Ramsay’s new menu.

Additionally, the owner of Fleming, Andy, said that he spent very little time with Gordon, so it seems like he didn’t actually get much of a chance to learn from Gordon’s expertise.

Was the Fleming Kitchen Nightmares episode fake?

Because Gordon Ramsay spent such little time with the Fleming owner, there were some accusations that the Fleming Kitchen Nightmares episode was fake.

To add more fuel to the fire, a writer for the Miami Herald said that the was at the filming and the Kitchen Nightmares producers were prodding the people at the restaurant to complain.

Is that evidence of a fake episode or just normal reality TV producing style? Well, you’ll have to decide.

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  1. What happened to all of those updates in the kitchen? Everything new, plus the redecorating of the restaurant. Did they just sell it?

    • I would guess all of the equipment was sold at some point given that the location is a gym now and would have no use for it.


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