Charlie’s Italian Bistro Kitchen Nightmares Update – Open Or Closed?

Is Charlie's Italian Bistro still open?

Current Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 5 | View All Season 5 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: February 17, 2012
Charlie's Italian Bistro Address: 2445 Foothill Blvd Ste A La Verne, CA 91750 United States
Charlie's Italian Bistro update

Episode Recap

Charlie’s Italian Bistro was a La Verne, California restaurant featured on season 5 of Kitchen Nightmares. The episode was originally filmed in October 2011 but wasn’t aired until February 17. The Charlie’s Italian Bistro Kitchen Nightmares episode was episode 12 of season 5.

In this episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Gordon Ramsay takes us to Charlie’s Italian Bistro, owned by former waitress, Tatiana Leiva, in La Verne, California.

Tatiana was given the opportunity to purchase the restaurant in 2008 and sought financial assistance through her mother and sister, Pat and Val, who placed their houses as collateral to help Tatiana achieve her dream of owning a restaurant.

Since becoming the restaurant’s new owner, Tatiana has done nothing to change the menu and has kept the same mediocre at best chef, Casimiro. On most days, the restaurant remains empty.

The staff sees Tatiana as the restaurant’s number one problem, due to her inexperience and inability to properly run a restaurant, disrespectful attitude towards her staff, and her bad habit of drinking wine on the job.

Tatiana’s relationship is also strained with her mother and sister because if the restaurant fails, they both lose their homes.

Upon arrival Gordon chats with Tatiana, Val, and Pat and learns of the financial burden Tatiana’s dying restaurant has placed on the family.

Gordon also learns that the restaurant was doing badly when Tatiana purchased it 18 months ago but Tatiana saw nothing worth changing when she became the new owner.

Gordon then samples the menu by ordering a toasted ravioli, a fruitte de mare, a chicken pizza, a lasagne, and the bread.

Gordon says the bread is dreadful, describing it as a wet and soggy dough ball; the ravioli is served raw; the fruitte de mare and the pasta is too much and the seafood is far from fresh.

The lasagne is served with a disgusting sauce with a pinkish hue, has a strange taste, and shows evidence of being unevenly microwaved; the final dish is the pizza and Gordon says it was frozen as he finds it is too doughy.

Gordon gives his feedback to the restaurant staff that the food was hideous.

Gordon then follows Tatiana in to see the freezer and sees frozen store-bought meatballs, boxes of noodles, and pizza dough.

It is clear to Gordon that Tatiana is in-over-her-head and not only mismanaging her family’s money, but also the restaurant.

During the dinner rush, chef Casimiro insists on working one ticket at a time, leaving Daniella, a sous chef, with the bulk of the work.

When the food finally arrives at the table after a long wait, most customers are left unhappy and unimpressed.

Gordon, being unimpressed with Casimiro, calls him out and Casimiro stops cooking in protest to Chef Ramsay.

Tatiana is upset and reveals to Gordon that she has a sentimental attachment to Casimiro because he has been with the restaurant for 10 years.

Gordon tells Tatiana that her allegiance should be to her family and business, and not to a lazy, mediocre chef.

At the end of the night a tearful Tatiana privately fires Casimiro.

The next day, Gordon has expert chef, Jonathan, come in and train the restaurant’s chefs and Tatiana who makes a delicious lasagna dish. Gordon also changes the menu which now displays delicious Italian meals.

On the day of relaunch the night starts off well, Jonathan leads the kitchen and customers are receiving their food.

However, due to a communication lag between the servers and the pizza oven operators, not all the food is arriving at the same time.

Gordon presses on Tatiana to mend the communication problem between the servers and kitchen staff and things eventually turn around and fall into place and the customers love the food, resulting in a successful night.

Charlie's Italian Bistro Update - What Happened Next?

After Gordon went home, Jonathan stayed on for another month to maintain everything and help the restaurant find and train a new permanent chef.

The restaurant received mostly positive reviews from customers complimenting the food and service. The Charlie’s Italian Bistro Yelp page had a solid four star overall rating and many of the newer reviews were five stars.

However, the good times would not last and Charlie’s Italian Bistro closed in July 2012.

Why did Charlie’s Italian Bistro close?

Unfortunately, Tatiana didn’t provide any information about why Charlie’s Italian Bistro closed. All we can report is that the restaurant is indeed closed.

What happened to Tatiana from Charlie’s Italian Bistro on Kitchen Nightmares?

Since the restaurant closed, Tatiana Leiva has had a few acting roles in movies. She also was a production assistant on Up in Smoke. You can learn more on her IMDB page.

What happened to Casimiro from Charlie’s Italian Bistro?

We can’t find any information on what happened to chef Casimiro from Charlie’s Italian Bistro. If you know anything, please let us know in the comments section!

What happened to Genevieve from Charlie’s Italian Bistro?

We are sad to report that Genevieve passed after the episode due to complications from epilepsy. Rest in peace.

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3 thoughts on “Charlie’s Italian Bistro Kitchen Nightmares Update – Open Or Closed?”

  1. This episode was painful and frustrating to watching. I am sickened by Tatiana’s lack of maturity, naïveté and lack of plain common sense.

    Her sense of sheer entitlement, specifically dragging her mother and sister into her stupid mess and the chutzpah she demonstrates by deflecting the blame for this by saying she didn’t “put a gun to their heads” to put up the money, suggesting it’s their fault (FTR, she’s right but that’s an entirely separate matter). Her colossal failing in (what should have been) the obvious recognition you don’t buy a failing business, then make no changes is inexcusable.

    If you put the issue forward as a story problem for 5th graders, I would bet even the average ones would say this decision lacked good sense. It was really nervy of her to ask her mother and sister to put up their homes to fund “her dream”. No self-respecting person who cared as much about her family members as she does about herself would expect that or dare to ask.

    Why the mother and sister would enter into such a highly risky venture, knowing what they knew about Tatiana, is in comprehensible to me. Even so, I don’t think they in turn deserve the punishment of losing their homes and life savings, especially the poor mother. How is someone like her supposed to recoup what she needs for her retirement? Don’t even start asking me about her blindness (and willful ignorance, IMO) regarding “chef” Casimir’s incompetence, and what possible motivation she had for putting him on a pedestal.

    And when she finally bought a clue to fire him, she was so sorry to do it that she tried to hug him, as though saying “No hard feelings, OK? Please don’t dislike me”. Of course he didn’t want to hug her. I wouldn’t either!

    Lastly, her childish glee when Gordon came up with a new menu and bringing in an experienced chef and restauranteur to advise her was stupidly hilarious. She acted like all her problems were now solved and green street was hers.

    It was no surprise to me “Charlie’s” went under mere months after the KN episode aired. It was nice to hear Tatiana lucked out in finding some acting roles after her business failed.

    Perhaps when she gets her big break in the film industry and gets as rich as Angelina Jolie, she can repay what she owes Val and Pat. Not holding my breath.


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